Zoom on Roku | How to Install and Use Zoom App on Roku? [2021]

Make your telecommunications with face to face interaction!!! One can make a video call to anyone in this world within a fraction of a second. Face interaction is the secondary thing, but the clarity and impressive feature is contained only in a few of the online services. In the few list, Zoom is a popular one. It grabs millions of users worldwide and useful for business telecommunication, video conferencing, and distance education, and so on. If you have Roku TV, then try out zoom meetings on a big screen. This article going to tell you that how to get zoom on Roku. Don’t skip any section in this article.


  • Zoom is a video-based telecommunication service. It is an American telephonic technology and crossed the 300 million users worldwide. It is a virtual tool to make a web-based video conferencing and chatting with business people, students, clients, co-workers. In this pandemic situation, most of the people are scheduled to work from home. This app satisfies the needs of the workers to conduct online interviews, a part-time or full-time job, online teaching classes, project meetings, and so on.
  • It is available as a compatible service on smartphones, in the form of an android application. So that anyone can easily install the application and join the meetings regardless of their workplace. Zoom works on different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and windows. Unfortunately, it is not available on Roku. But still, there are some alternative ways there to get zoom on Roku. Let us discuss it in a further section.


  • Zoom enhances the quality of the picture format and delivers the content in HD-High Definition resolutions.
  • Zoom supports up to 100 people to present their screen with the best audio audibility and video visibility.
  • It connects the people without considering the place or location free of cost.
  • One can record the meeting or video conferencing in the MP4 format.
  • Users can be supposed to share ideas, In-call messages to the people at the meeting, present the screen, mute and unmute their microphones, turning their cameras on/off, ending the session using the appropriate buttons.
  • Zoom offers the screen sharing feature which is the most wanted option for the users who want to present their presentations.


Zoom For roku
How to Get Zoom For Roku

Zoom cloud meetings are compatible with almost all devices. Especially, the android app of the zoom is most recommended on smartphones which are handy to use at any time. Moreover, it works on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. Sadly, Roku does not provide any official application for Zoom. But it is not meant that you cannot use the zoom on Roku TV. There is a possibility to access the zoom on the Roku device. Keep reading the following section to get zoom on the big screen.


STEP1: Initially, connect your Roku device to the HDMI port of your smart TV. Turn on WIFI access for the Roku device.

STEP2: Secondly, turn on the Roku TV using the Roku remote. Press the Home button on the Roku remote to land on Roku Home Page.

STEP3: Then, go to the settings option and choose System Settings. Under that, you can choose the Screen mirroring option.

STEP4: In that, choose the Screen mirroring mode. It will ask the access permission. Give the necessary one. The prompt option is preferable.


STEP1: Take your android device or smartphone. Go to the Google Play Store and search for “zoom”. Tap on the required term.

STEP2: Click the download button. After finish, the downloading process, click the Install button to install the Zoom application on your device.

STEP3: Now, go to the settings option on your android device. Under that, you should choose the Connection and sharing option.

STEP4: In that, you can select the cast option. It shows the nearby devices connected with the same WIFI connection as your smartphone.

STEP5: Tap the name of your Roku device to enable screencasting service. As soon as enable the screen mirroring feature your android screen will appear as it is on the Roku TV screen.

STEP6: Finally, you can open the zoom app and give login credentials. Then you can start making a video conferencing with your crew. All the action you do it in the android device will display on the Roku TV screen.


Make sure to fix the Roku device and Windows computer on the same WIFI access. Now you can follow the guidelines to cast your meetings on windows.

STEP1: First of all, turn on your computer and switch on Internet access. Open any of the preferred web browsers like Chrome.

STEP2: Secondly, Go to the official website of zoom or click this address https://zoom.us/

STEP3: Then, Click sign-in and give your username/email address and password to get the sign-in zoom cloud meetings.

STEP4: Click the three-dotted button which you can see on the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.

STEP5: In the menu list, you can select the cast option. As soon as clicking the cast option, it displays the nearby devices connected with the same WIFI access.

STEP6: On the next screen, select the Source drop-down box. Under that, choose the cast tab option. Select the name of your Roku device.

STEP7: Now both the Roku and Windows devices are connected and the cast option is enabled. Finally, your windows screen will display on the Roku TV screen.

That’s all. Strat making the video call to anyone in the world and schedule your meetings with them easily in Zoom.


Unfortunately, the official application of zoom is not available on Roku streaming player. But there is a way to arrange a meeting on a big screen like Roku TV.  The only simple and best method to get zoom on Roku is screen mirroring. Conducting meetings on a big screen gives a wider view. So if you are a Roku user then cast your compatible screen to get zoom on the Roku TV screen.


Zoom is available on many platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and mac. But sadly, it is not available as a channel on Roku. But you can use your android phones or laptop as a secondary remote for the Roku TV and mirror your display on the Roku screen. Screen-casting is the easy and built-in option found in the Roku TV. Enable the casting service, to start your meetings on the big screen.


To end up, it is quite easy to make face to face interaction and communication with the zoom app. It provides all the feasible services favorable for the workers. Zoom is an affordable service and offers to make HD calls, screen sharing options for presentations, call recordings, and so on. It is trust-worthy to spend time, to set up zoom on the Roku TV screen. I hope, this article gives enough information to get a zoom on the big screen. If you are stuck with any steps while connecting zoom, check out this article for clarification.

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