How to Download and Install Zoom App on MAC? [Use Zoom on MAC]

Speed up your meetings and video conferences through zoom. Yes! This is a trending one for the people who want to work from home and can able to host meetings, project discussions, and video chatting. Regardless of the place or location, we are staying, zoom makes the face to face interactions through the hand-in compatible devices. It is available on different platforms. This article going to state one of the most recommended platforms named Mac OS. Let us discuss the steps to set up zoom services on Mac. Do scroll your cursor till the end of this article.


Zoom is one of the popular video conferencing services useful for various fields. This is an American video-telephonic technology and works worldwide. Zoom meeting service is a cloud-based peer to peer service which provides all the feasible service to the users. In this pandemic situation, we can see many of the people working from home. For those working men and women, Zoom is a preferable application to host project meetings, business meetings, and video conferences.

Nowadays, there are so many online meeting applications available on the play store. Try out this ultimate cost-effective technology which gives clarity to making video-calling and conferencing. It is better to suggest this application to arrange online classes and distance education for school and college students. Make your zoom meetings on macOS, which is simple and favorable for Mac users.


STEP1: In your Mac computer, tap on the Apple Icon and choose the System Preferences.

STEP2: Next, Click the security and privacy icon. On the next screen click the lock icon to make changes.

STEP3: Type your computer administrator’s username and password. Choose the App Store and identified developers’ radio button.

STEP4: After clicking the Allow button, again click the lock icon to prevent further changes.


Zoom For Mac
Install Zoom For Mac

STEP1: First of all, turn on your mac computer. Connect the high-speed uninterrupted Internet access to the computer.

STEP2: Secondly, open any of the Internet browsers on your computer and go to the Zoom Download Center. Or else, visit this web address to find zoom website

STEP3: In the Zoom Download center, you can see the Zoom Client for Meetings. Under that, tap the Download button which is highlighted in blue color.

STEP4: Now, your browser prompts a pop-up message for confirmation. Click the “Allow” button to start the download.

STEP5: It will take a minute to download. After the successful download process, double click to open the downloaded application.

STEP6: Now it’s ready to download. Click the “Continue” button on the “Install Zoom” dialogue box. If again it prompts the click “Continue” once again.

STEP7: Finally, you will land on the face-to-face interface on the login screen. It shows two buttons. One is to join a meeting and another is the sign-in button.

STEP8: Click sign in and give username and password credentials to get in. Or else, use the meeting URL to join in the existed meeting.

That’s all. Now you can make the zoom calls on Mac computers. It is pretty simple to set up the steps and start making the meetings.


Using the zoom on a Mac computer gives a wider view and comprises of four buttons on a Zoom home screen. The Home page consists of four sections like New Meeting, Join, Schedule, and Share Screen. Users can make use of any buttons according to their use and need.

  • It is nothing but simply making a call on zoom.
  • Using the meeting URL, anybody can connect or join in a particular meeting.
  • This option makes the screen visible to all the people to join in the meeting. So that one can present their screen and start the presentation.
  • The user can able to record the video calls in MP4 format.
  • The user needs to permit accessing camera and microphone settings to turn on the audio and video.


Zoom is not currently available on the Mac App Store. So you need to manually download and install the zoom service from the official website of zoom. Once finishes the downloading process you can make use of the Zoom app at any time on a Mac desktop or laptop. Make sure to grant access permission on a Mac computer before the installation process. Go through the above procedure to set up zoom on Mac operating system.


ZOOM up your meetings on the Mac computer screen. This article is favorable for Mac users and starts to host their business meetings easily on a Mac laptop or desktop. Regardless of the workplace, anyone can join the zoom meetings at any time using the meeting URL. Try out all the fascinating features of zoom on the Mac operating system. Hopping this article gives wider knowledge about the Zoom application on Mac computers.

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