Zoom on LG TV | How to Install Zoom App on LG Smart TV?

Looking for the best video conferencing application? This article going to suggest the most popular video calling app for you!!! The name of the app is zoom. In this pandemic situation, the usage ratio of zoom raised rapidly. Through this application, a lot of services are feasible. One can host meetings, interviews, video conferencing through zoom application. This is the most recommended app for people who want to work and attend meetings from home. If you have a smart TV, then host your meetings on a big screen. Do scroll down to know more about zoom on LG smart TV.


Due to the Covid-19 situation, most of the business people transfer their work from home. At this time everyone is looking for video conferencing online services. For those, zoom gives satisfaction. Zoom is a cloud-based video telephonic technology launched by America. It provides peer to peer service without considering the place or location of the users. This means the user can able to attend the meetings, interviews, project discussions, online education, video conferencing, and video chatting from anywhere.


  • It is quite easy to schedule the meetings on zoom by sync the date and time with people’s emails using the calendar application.
  • Zoom broadly divides its workplace on a big screen with four categories such as New meeting, Join the meeting, Schedule, and share screen.
  • Zoom crossed almost 300 million users across different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • This application allows the user to conduct new meetings, webinars, present their screen to make presentations to the other people joined in the meeting.
  • The recording option is useful to record the on-going video calls in MP4 resolution.
  • Zoom provides a user-friendly interface for arranging meetings and video chat with colleagues, students, co-workers, etc.
  • It allows up to 100 people to present their screen and participate in the meetings.
  • Most of the smart TV’s comes up with zoom application on it and allow to make a video call on the big screen.
  • Simply touching the URL, you can join the meeting. Or else, you can send the URL to your crew to conduct a meeting.


This article is going to suggest the two different methods to get a zoom application on your LG smart TV.

  1. To get the zoom app on LG Smart TV via App Store
  2. To get a zoom app on LG Smart TV via the Zoom Apk file
Zoom App on LG Smart TV
How to Get Zoom App on LG Smart TV


It is easy to download the zoom application on LG TV.  The official app for zoom is available on the LG App store. So it is quite simple to install it. Within a minute you can download the app and start making a call on LG smart TV screen.

STEP1: First of all, switch on your LG smart TV. Make sure to fix seamless Internet access.

STEP2: Then, take the LG remote and press the Home Button to land on the LG Home screen.

STEP3: On the Home page of LG, you can see the LG content store. Click to open the LG store.

STEP4: Next, Go to theSearch tab and search for the zoom application. In the suggestion list, you have to choose the Zoom cloud Meetings.

STEP5: Click the Install button to get the zoom app on your app list. It will take a minute to install and it will place under the app section of the home page.

STEP6: Now, Tap on it to go inside the zoom application. After that, click the sign-in button. Give your username and password for the login process.

That’s all. Now you can start to make a call or meetings with your crew. Enjoy your zoom meetings on the LG TV screen.

How to Install a zoom app on LG Smart TV via the Zoom Apk file?

This section going to discuss how to download the Zoom .apk file and install it on LG Smart TV.

STEP1: Firstly, turn on your personal computer (PC) and connect the uninterrupted internet access.

STEP2: Then, Go to the Google chrome page and search for Zoom cloud meetings on the search section.

STEP3: Now your web browser navigates to the official webpage of the Zoom Cloud Meetings.

STEP4: Here, you can see the download button. Click on it to download the Zoom cloud meeting application.

STEP5: After finishing the downloading process you need to save the file in the “.apk format on your computer.

STEP6: Plug in the Pendrive on your computer and copy the file to the pen drive.

STEP7: After that, eject the Pendrive from the PC,  and plugin it in the Pendrive port of your LG smart TV.

STEP8: Switch on your LG TV, then open the Apk file on your LG TV and install it. Click on it to open the application. Select sign-in, and give all the login credentials like username and password.

That’s all.  Finally, you can access the zoom app on the LG TV using a remote. Take the LG remote to navigate inside the zoom app and you can start making video conferences on the LG Smart TV screen.


Yes. LG App store comes up with the official zoom application. So, now it’s easy to download it and install the app on zoom within a minute. If it’s not found in your channel store, then try the second method. Download the .apk file and launch it on your LG TV. After that, you can directly access the zoom app on the TV. It is just like accessing the TV using Remote control. Likewise, you can make a call or host a meeting using remote navigation.


Yes. The official application of the Zoom Cloud Meeting is available on the LG App store. So it’s pretty easy to find from the app store and install it on your LG smart TV. Making a call or arranging zoom meetings on LG TV gives user-friendly access. Within a few steps, one can set it up the zoom app on LG Smart TV.


To finish up, Let’s start to host your team meetings, project discussions, interviews, video-conferencing on the Zoom application. It is the most recommended service liked by millions of users. Zoom provides numerous features that too free of cost. If you have LGSmart TV, do the above simple steps to make a call on the big screen of your TV. It gives more fun when we interact through a smart TV. Try out both of the methods mentioned above to launch zoom on LG Smart TV. Thanks for not skipping this article till the end.

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