How to Install and Use Zoom app on LG Smart TV? [Zoom on LG TV]

Hey Zoom users! This article is for your reference and convenience. In this pandemic situation, the usual life has changed which is ever predicted. From that, using applications is also increased for educational and business purposes. The usage is more increasing when compared to the past. So, this article is going to explain the main concept of the Zoom app and how it should be used on LG smart tv. Read the whole article without skipping anything.

What is zoom?

Zoom is one of the most prominent and useful applications all over the world. It’s a video conferencing application for users. The app allows others into the meeting. You can get video and audio call options in this source. This communication service provides you to connect with people from various locations. You can use this app for making video and voice calls, webinars, screen sharing, and live chat, and much more.

The host should be the major participant in the meeting and also the person who admitted all the other members. It is used for the personal and business process. The app is similar to all the other video applications like Skype, Google Meet, Hangouts, and much more.

Features of zoom app

To get more information about the Zoom application, you have to know more details of this app. So, let’s see the features of the zoom application.

  • To connect different people from the various locations.
  • You can chat and meet when the time of the meeting.
  • The app provides the best HD video, audio quality.
  • It has rooms and workspaces to have private conferences.
  • Full-featured webinars are available.
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Applicable for Android, Desktop, and Smart TVs.
  • It’s a free and unlimited meeting source.
  • Also available for iOS, and Mac OS members.
  • User-friendly application to share the screen with your participants.
  • The link or the meeting code is important to join the meeting.

How to install zoom app on LG smart tv?

To use the zoom app and join the meeting, you have to download and install the zoom on your lg smart tv. So, follow the steps to install the zoom app on your LG smart tv.

Zoom app on lg smart tv
Zoom app on lg smart tv

Step1: Initially, you have to launch your Lg smart tv.

Step2: Connect the WiFi connection to your LG smart tv.

Step3: On your remote, you have to press the Home button.

Step4: Here, you can see the “Content Store“. You have to open it.

Step5: You can search for “Zoom application“.

Step6: Select the app and choose the “Install” option.

Step7: After the installation process is over, you can see, your zoom app is visible on your LG smart tv.

Step8: Now, you have to sign in with your details and then start using the application.

How to get the zoom app on LG smart tv using Chromecast?

There is another option to get the Zoom app on your LG smart tv. That is using streaming devices of Chromecast, Roku, and Firestick. Here, you are going to see the steps of getting the zoom app using Chromecast. Do follow the steps.

Step1: First of all you have to insert one side of your Chromecast on lg smart tv’s HDMI port.

Step2: Connect the WiFi network to Android and also the Chromecast.

Step3: You have to open the Google Play Store on your Android.

Step4: Search for the “Zoom app” and then install it.

Step5: Now, you should have the *Google Home app” to cast it.

Step6: So, you have to search the Google Home app on the play store and then install it.

Step7: On the Google Home app, you can click the Profile button and then select the Mirror device from the next screen.

Step8: It leads you to the Cast Screen. Now, choose the Audio/Screen twice option.

Step9: From that, it shows the available devices to connect the Chromecast. So, you have to select the Chromecast living room.

Step10: In a moment, your mobile screen will share on your LG smart tv.

Step11: Select the zoom app and your mobile phone. And begin your zoom meeting. It also displays on your LG smart tv.

Step12: This is the method to begin your zoom meeting on LG smart tv using  Chromecast.

Final Verdict

I Hope, this article will help you in a great manner. Because the content contains the most essential things and information to get the zoom app on your LG smart tv. So, without any difficulty, you can use this app. Because it provides more features and specifications of both zoom and LG smart tv. When you want to use the zoom app on LG smart tv, use this article without any obstacles.

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