How to Download and Install Zoom App on Laptop?

Zoom has become one of the prominent apps. This app is used for all types of online meetings. Even school going children are familiar with this app and it  it’s usage. Today let us see how to access  Zoom on laptop.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service. The users of this app can also schedule meetings ( both video and audio). This app also allows users to chat. The users can also access the free meetings for 40 minutes with 100 participants.

The users are provided with various subscription plans. Zoom pro costs $14.99/£11.99 per month. Zoom enterprise costs $19.99/£15.00 per month. Similarly, the Zoom business costs $ 19.99/£15.99 per month. The additional set up of zoom rooms will cost $49/£39 per month. And in order to conduct webinars, the users should pay $49/£32 per month.

Features of Zoom

#1. The users can access unlimited one-to-one meetings.

#2. Users can screen share using this app for presenting.

#3. Almost 500 participants can take part in the meeting.

#4. Also, the users can record the meetings that are conducted.

#5. In addition, the host can suppress the background noise and control it.

#6. Also, the users can change the virtual background.

#7. Filters are also available on zoom.

How to Download the Zoom app on a laptop?

Zoom on Laptop
Zoom on Laptop

#1. Initially, the users must go to the internet browser available on the computer.

#2. Then, the users should search website.

#3. After that, the users should scroll down to the bottom of the web page.

#4. And then, the users should select the “download” seen on the footer.

#5. Users will be directed to a download center page.

#6. Now the users should click on “download ” which is seen below the “zoom client for meeting”.

#7. Once it is clicked the app will be automatically downloaded.

#8. After that, the user should find the .exe file downloaded and click on it.

#9. Thus the installation process starts.

And therefore the users can log in to the zoom account using the mail and password.

How to use the zoom app on Windows Laptop?

The user should initially open the installed zoom app to start up. Further, the user can sign in with an existing zoom account or create a new account using Email and password. The user can also sign in using Facebook or Google accounts.

How to join a Zoom meeting on a laptop?

For joining a new meeting the user should click on the “ Join a meeting ” option. There the user will find boxes to enter the meeting ID or the personal link name to join the meeting. In addition, the user can also set up the video and audio for the meeting. And then the user should click on “join”. Thus the user can join the meeting.

Note: the users can also join a meeting directly from the web browser. The only thing is the user should click on “join from the browser”.

How to start a new Zoom meeting on a laptop?

In order to start a new meeting, the user should click on the “new meeting” option seen on the home page. Then the user will find a page with the URL, meeting topic, hostname, password, and the meeting ID. The host can share the URL through other apps ( for instance almost all messaging apps) to invite the participants. The users can screen share and even record the meeting.

Further, the user should click on “end meeting” to end up the meeting or click on “leave the meeting” to make some other participant the host and leave from the ongoing meeting.

Resolve Zoom Not Working on a laptop

#1. Make sure other programs are not making use of the camera.

#2. Users can also try restarting the system.

#3. In addition, the users can uninstall and reinstall the zoom app on the laptops.

#4. Check the latest version of the app is installed.

#5. Update camera driver in the device support and downloads page.

#6. Check the privacy features for it may block zoom from using the camera.

Final verdict

And therefore, using the zoom app on laptops has become much easier than before. The users can make use of this app for both personal and official meetings. In addition, users can add filters and virtual backgrounds to make the experience more pleasing and effective. The above information would have been useful to know how to use the zoom app on laptops.


Which audio option is to be selected while using the zoom on computers/laptops?

The users should select the option “ join with computer audio” for a better experience.

Can you request the remote control of the one who is sharing the screen?

Yes, one can request remote control from the person sharing the screen. Users should click on “view option” and then click on “ request remote control “. Thus the person sharing his screen will get a notification asking for control over the screen. He can accept or reject the request.

How long can the cloud recordings be stored?

For almost 120 days the recordings will be saved. And after that, they will get deleted automatically.

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