Zoom on Chromecast | How to Cast Zoom to Chromecast? [Updated 2022]

Looking for the application which gives clarity in the meeting? Take a look at this article. In this pandemic situation Zoom is the trending online meeting resource preferable for various fields. Arranging video conferencing on a small screen like your laptop, PC, and smartphones may not give clarity. Casting is the better way to mirror your meeting on big-screen through Chromecast that will enrich the experience. This article is going to share all the possibilities to set up the zoom on Chromecast.  Let’s scroll down till the end of this article.


Zoom is a popular video conferencing application favorable for schools, colleges, and business meetings. It is a video-telephonic technology and serving through peer to peer platform focuses on teleconferencing, distance education, and social-business meetings. It is mainly focused on the concept of the ability to join a lot of people on one screen and makes the face to face conferencing with one another. Nowadays, the zoom is one of the most recommended apps in the play store used for different types of meetings. Since we are in the need of online meetings to keep social distancing.


  • People can able to join in zoom meetings without respect to their place or location.
  • Provides the service free of cost in hand-in devices like smartphones, PC, laptops, and tablets.
  • The clarity in audio and the picture quality in video is extremely HD- High Definition resolutions.
  • It allows up to1000 people on one meeting and makes them hear with good audibility and visibility. It accepts to add up to 1000 viewers and participants on zoom meetings.
  • 100 members can able to present the screen using the screen sharing option to the entire crew joined in a meeting.
  • Zoom is available on various platforms like android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.
  • The Android application of the zoom compatible service. This engages just 30MB in your device and provides impressive cost-effective features to the users.


Yes. Zoom crossed more than 300 Million active users, across the world. Chromecast is the best method to project the meeting or video calling on your smart TV. If you have the Chromecast with internet access then you can use the above methods and cast your display on the big screen. Few of the steps may vary according to the devices that you want to mirroring like Android and iOS devices. In the end, you can cast your display on the TV screen.


Chromecast Zoom App
How to Chromecast Zoom App

STEP1: First of all, Plug-in your Chromecast device on the HDMI port of your smart TV. Make sure to fix the uninterrupted internet access.

STEP2: Secondly, Take your smartphone and go to the play store. Install the Zoom app on your Android device. Connect the device and Chromecast on the same WIFI connection.

STEP3: Then, open your smartphone or android device and tap on the cast option. You can see the cast option on the notification panel. Or else, you can go to the settings under the connected devices section to see the cast option.

STEP4: Now, it shows the Chromecast device which is connected with the same WIFI connection as your phone.

STEP5: Tap the name of the Chromecast to connect the TV. Next, open the zoom application on your android phone and make the call or conference. The contents as it is will be displayed on your smart TV.


iOS operating systems or Apple systems do not allow screencasting feature across the platforms. But there is an alternative method to enable the mirroring option. Let’s see the below section.

STEP1: First, take your iOS device and go to the App store. Download and install the third-party app called Chromecast Streamer.

STEP2: Next, open the app and tap the Cast icon at the top of the screen. In that, select the Chromecast to connect the iOS device.

STEP3: Then, choose the Screencast option. One pop-up menu will appear to enable the screen broadcasting option. Click on the menu to start casting the contents on the TV screen.

STEP4: Finally, now you can open the Zoom app and start making the video chatting or meeting. Whatever action you making on your device will appear on the TV.


Casting via PC is the simplest method to mirror your screen on the TV. The following steps are suitable for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

STEP1: Firstly, set up the Chromecast device on the HDMI port of your smart TV. Open your google chrome web browser on your desktop. Make sure to fix the WIFI connection the same for both the PC and Chromecast devices.

STEP2: Next, download and install the zoom application on your desktop. Open the Chrome browser on your desktop and click the three-dotted menu which is placed on the top right corner of the chrome page.

STEP3: In that, select the cast option. Now choose the TV name. Select Cast Tab on the source tab to access the casting option.

STEP4: Once click the cast option, you can start using the zoom application on the desktop. Finally, the contents will appear on your TV screen.

That’s all. In these ways, you can start easily mirroring your zoom screen on the TV.


To finish up, try out all the methods from your hand-in device to mirror it on the big TV screen. Let’s start project your zoom app on the big screen using the above guidelines. This article states the screen-casting methods from different devices like your smartphone, laptop, or PC. You can make use of it and can arrange your meetings and video chats on a big screen like smart TV. Hopping this article is favorable for you to solve all of your queries in all the possible ways.

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