How to Install and Use Zoom App on Sony Smart TV? [Updated]

The world is entirely associating the term internet and internet-based technologies. In this situation, people can manage themselves in the form of the internet in all aspects. From the elements, at present using video conferencing platforms gain attention in the world. For that, the major platform is zoom. This article provides information about zoom. And then using zoom in the popular Sony smart tv. Let’s jump into the article.


Zoom is one of the distinguished applications on the internet. The main process of this app is to connect people from all over the world. It’s to gain people’s knowledge and experience through their speech in the meetings. The app connects everyone in the zoom meet through the link or code. It carries a lot of special and interesting features more than other apps. The app is especially having video and audio quality.

There are a lot of functions and options to manage the app properly. Even a fresher can use this app in a very comfortable way. More than 500 participants can join the meeting. It is used in many ways. This app for business and as well as personal uses. The student can use this app for education and communication.


Zoom is the most prominent usage application in the world. Everyone can easily understand using ways. Because it carries so many features. So, just scroll down to know the particulars of zoom.

  • The first and foremost feature is, it’s a proper and secure platform for everyone.
  • Everyone can join in the meeting through the meeting code and URL.
  • Notification options are available to mute and unmute as per your wish.
  • You can share your screen as per your need.
  • It has the best video and audio quality.
  • You can easily record your meetings.
  • There is a chatbox to chat with everyone and also private.
  • You can view the upcoming meetings in your zoom.


The installation method of zoom is quite simple and easy. Because the updated version of Sony smart tv has the Android TV OS in an inbuilt way. So, it carries the Google Play Store itself. Because of this grant, the user can install the available android apps. So, follow the steps to install zoom on Sony smart tv.

Zoom For Sony Smart TV
Install Zoom For Sony Smart TV

STEP1: Initially, you can turn on your smart tv and connect with the internet connection.

STEP2: Now, Go to the Google Play Store on your Sony smart tv.

STEP3: There, you can search for “Zoom Application“.

STEP4: You have to find the proper app and then download it.

STEP5: Click the ” Install” option.

STEP6: Finally, your app is ready on the home page or download list.

STEP7: To initiate the zoom app, you have to log in with your zoom account and then use it.


The above method is used for the latest Sony smart tv. But you are using the old version. Then, don’t worry. You have another option to install the zoom app on your Sony smart tv. Do follow the steps.

STEP1: At first, you have to turn on your Sony smart tv and connect the wifi connection.

STEP2: Go to the web browser and install the “Aptoide Tv App” from the genuine website.

STEP3: After installing the app, you have to open the Aptoide app.

STEP4: Now, you have to search for “Zoom Application” and find an exact application of zoom.

STEP5: Then, click the “Install” option.

STEP6:  After the installation process is over, you have to open the app and sign in with your mail id and password.

STEP7: Finally, you can start your zoom meeting.


Thus, the article points out the entire information about the zoom app. And also it provided the method to install the zoom app easily. The installation method is available for the latest version and also the old version Sony smart tv. So, the users can make use of this article for both devices. I Hope, this content will help you when you are in need.

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