Can you get Zoom App on PS4? | Download and Install Zoom on PS4 2022

Using the Zoom app has become a basic necessity to participate in meetings such as webinars. And also for the sake of classes conducted during this period of quarantine. Today, let us see how to use Zoom on PS4.

What is Zoom?

Zoom app is considered to be one of the video conferencing apps ( for both personal and impersonal meetings). Further users of this app can share media and files. Also, the app provides the user with a user-friendly platform. In addition, free meetings can be conducted for 40 minutes ( with almost 100 participants). Users are also provided with various facilities and subscription packages. Let us see some of the major features of this app.

Features of Zoom app

#1. This app works on 3G or 4G/LTE or 5G.

#2. Further, the users can record the meetings conducted over Zoom.

#3. Also, the users can access features like filters and background settings.

#4. The users can also schedule meetings (to be conducted in future).

#5. In addition, users can screen share during the meeting.

#6. Almost 500 participants can take part in the Zoom meeting.

Is the Zoom app available for PS4?

Unfortunately, the Zoom app is not officially available or accessible on the PS4 platform. But the users can access the Zoom app on PS4 using the screen mirroring method.

How to Install Zoom on PS4?

As told above the Zoom app cannot be installed on PS4. Rather, the users can mirror Zoom from an Android or an iOS device. Let us see how mirroring can be done on PS4.

Zoom on PS4
Install Zoom Meeting App on PS4

Initially, the users should set up the PS4 on the TV. The user should connect the HDMI cable on the PS4 game console and the HDMI port on the TV. In addition, users should not forget to connect PS4 to internet connectivity. Then, the user can sign in to the PS4 network.

Screen mirror Zoom from Android on PS4

The user can screen mirror Zoom on PS4 using the “screen mirroring app”  from Android. Follow the steps below to screen mirror Zoom on PS4

#1. Firstly, the user should install the “Zoom cloud meeting ” on the Android mobile device.

#2. Then, the user should also download the screen mirroring app on the mobile device.

#3. On the other side, in PS4 launch the internet browser.

#4. Then, the user should go to “” And then, tap on the “GO” Option.

#5. After that, the user should enter the QR code and scan it on the screen mirroring the app installed on the mobile device.

#6. And the user will find with no delay the screen shared on PS4.

#7. Thus, the user can now start up the Zoom app and enjoy the Zoom meeting on the PS4 screen.

Zoom App not Working on PS4

#1. The user should check the network connectivity as well as the network speed.

#2. In addition, the user must update the device

#3. Moreover, it should be ensured that the latest version of the app is used.

#4. The user can also uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app on the mobile device.

#5. The user can try screen mirroring from another Android device and check whether the problem prevails.

Final verdict

And therefore, the users can access the Zoom app on PS4 even though it is not available for PS4. The users can make their Zoom meeting experience more unique and special by mirroring the Zoom meeting on PS4. The user can follow the above-given instructions to mirror and troubleshoot the app on PS4. Enjoy using Zoom meet on PS4.


Where does one find the recordings of Zoom meetings?

The users will find the local recordings stored in the documents folder (default). Moreover, the cloud recordings will be available on the recordings page (Zoom web portal).

Where to sign up for the Zoom account?

One can sign up for a free account at or else, you can follow the steps here.

Does one need a zoom account to access Zoom meetings?

No, the user can join a meeting without a Zoom account. The user can join as a participant with the invitation URL or meeting ID and password.

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