How to Download and Use Zoom App on the iPhone?[Updated 2022]

Zoom on iPhone: Zoom has become part and parcel of the daily routine for students and even for businessmen and employees. This platform has become the official platform for meetings. Let us see how to access the Zoom app on iPhone.

What is Zoom?

Zoom app is developed by Zoom Video Communication, Inc. (American Communications Technology Company). The users can enjoy a video conferencing experience in Zoom by various special facilities provided by the Zoom app.

The Zoom app helps the user with video conferencing facilities. Further, the users of this app can chat and share media through this app. This app also allows the user to record the meetings. Users can conduct free meetings for upto 40 minutes with almost 100 participants. Users can also access the Zoom room facility.

Features of Zoom

#1. The Zoom app is user friendly and easy to access.

#2. Users are provided with the best video and audio qualities.

#3. The app works with 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G and also with connected WiFi.

#4. In addition, users can record meetings conducted on Zoom.

#5. Filters and background settings can be accessed in the Zoom app.

#6. Moreover, the host can have control over the other background audios and settings.

How to Install the Zoom app on iPhone?

Zoom For iPhone
Zoom For iPhone

#1. Initially, the user must go to the app store on the iOS device.

#2. Then, the user should search for the Zoom app in it.

#3. And after searching the users should select the Zoom Cloud Meeting.

#4. After that, the user should click the “GET” button.

#5. At once the installation process will start.

#6. Now, the user can tap to open the app. And thus the user can sign in and access the Zoom app.

How to sign up for a Zoom account?

The users can sign up with email, first name, last name. Further, the user will get a confirmation mail to verify the mail. The user should tap on “activate account “. And thus a pop-up will appear where the user should tap on “Agree and proceed”. And then the user should click on continue. Now the user should go to the Zoom app and click on sign in. After that, the user should enter the email and password of the Zoom account created. The user should also give permission to the calendar. And thus the app is ready to be used.

How to use the Zoom app on iPhone?

The users can start up using the Zoom app by signing in to a new account or an already created account. Users can directly join a meeting even without signing in. The users can tap on a “new meeting” To start a new meeting. The star icon on the upper corner helps the user to chat with starred contacts or channels.

And also the users can make use of the Zoom virtual background feature to add a new background instead of the real background. Further, the user must have iPhone 8 or the later models to access this facility. Users should not forget to permit the camera access permission and the microphone access permission. In addition, the users should not forget to select “connect using internet audio” while using the Zoom app on iPhone.

Troubleshoot Zoom Not Working on iPhone

#1. The users can try restoring the iPhone

#2. Also, the users can uninstall the Zoom app and reinstall it.

#3. Users can also check the permission settings in the iPhone.

#4. It is also important to check the network connectivity.

Final verdict

And thus, the users can access this app easily following the above-given instructions. As Zoom offers all facilities of connecting with others through videos, audios, chats and also allows the user to add filters and virtual backgrounds it is considered to be one of the best platforms. Also, the app offers screen sharing facility and a facility to schedule future meetings. And thus, Zoom becomes an apt platform for conducting meetings instantly. Enjoy using the Zoom app on iPhones.


How to sign out from Zoom?

Go to the “settings” then click on the “profile“. And then the users should click on the mail ID shown. After that click on the “Sign out” seen at the bottom. Thus the user will be signed out.

How to delete the Zoom app from iPhone?

The user should go to the settings app and then go to “general”. After that, the user should select the “iPhone storage or the iPad storage“. And there select the Zoom app. Then the user should click on “delete“. To confirm the deletion click the “delete app”. And thus the app will be removed from the iPhone.

What are the available Zoom subscription plans and their costs?

Zoom pro costs $14.99/£11.99 per month. Zoom enterprise costs $19.99/£15.00 per month. And the Zoom business costs $ 19.99/£15.99 per month. Moreover, the additional Zoom rooms will cost $49/£39 per month. To conduct webinars the users should pay $49/£32 per month.

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