How to Add and Activate Yupptv on Roku? [Updated]

Yupptv on Roku: Yupptv is one of the prominent internet-based TV. Moreover, users can avail of on-demand videos and movies in it. Today, let us see how to add, activate, and use this app effectively on Roku.

What is Yupptv?

Yupptv is one of the prominent online over-the-top (OTT) entertainment. And this Yupptv was found in 2006. This app serves to be one of the important streaming apps of South Asian content. Further, it is an internet-based TV. The users can access on-demand videos from Yupptv. Above all, Yupptv is one of the important on-demand service providers.

The users can watch movies, shows, series, and live channels on Yupptv. Almost 17 plus languages are available on Yupptv. And also the users will be able to avail of on-demand videos on Yupptv. This app is compatible with various devices. Let us see some of the major features of this app.

Features of Yupptv

#1. The users are provided with more than 100 plus TV shows.

#2. Also, the users can access almost 17 plus languages, and it is also accessible over 191 plus countries.

#3. And, the users can access almost 4000 TV channels.

#4. Another important feature is that the users can access 10 days catch up. Users can thus never miss any important content.

#5. Moreover, users can also access exclusive latest movies ( Mini theater).

#6. Users can have 4 simultaneous streams.

#7. The app will be regularly updated with the latest contents.

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How to Add Yupptv on Roku?

The adding of Yupptv on Roku is similar to the process of adding any app available on the Roku channel store. Let us see how to add the YuppTV app Roku step by step.

Yupptv on Roku
How to Add and Activate Yupptv on Roku?

#1. Firstly, the user should click on the home button on Roku remote.

#2. Then the user should choose “streaming channels“.

#3. And then the user should select “Search Channels“.

#4. After that the user must search for the Yupptv app on the channel store.

#5. User should then click on “add channel“.

#6. The user should enter the pin if prompted to complete the installation process.

How to Activate Yupptv on Roku?

The users can follow the below-given steps to activate the Yupptv app on the Roku device.

#1. Initially, the user should go to the channel store in Roku.

#2. Then, the user should launch the YuppTV app .

#3. Now, the user will be able to see the activation code on the screen.

#4. Then, the user must go to

#5. And then, the user must enter the login details or the sign up.

#6. User must not forget to enter the activation code.

#7. And thus, Yupptv can be accessed on Roku.

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How to Watch YuppTv on Roku?

Yupptv provides a wide range of contents that can be accessed anytime. Users can access movies, tv shows, and also live TV channels. To add on the Yupptv has customized arrangements. There are separate categories like sports, news, family, entertainment, music, and so on. Also, the users can access contents they have missed within 7 to 10 days. Moreover, the Yupptv app serves to be one of the important apps that provides a wide variety of content.

Troubleshoot Yupptv on Roku

To troubleshoot Yupptv on RokuTV the users can try the following techniques. One of the other methods will help to rectify the error that has been occurred.

#1. Restart the Roku device.

#2. Uninstall and reinstall Yupptv

#3. Moreover, the user must ensure the Roku internet speed and connectivity.

#4. User should also ensure that the device and app is updated.

#5. Also, the users must check the valid account details are updated.

Final verdict

Thus the users can easily access the Yupptv app on Roku. This platform helps the viewers to access more South Asian content (including Indian contents) anywhere anytime. Users can easily add, activate, and use the Yupptv on Roku. Experience the vivid feel of watching Indian contents on Roku. Enjoy using Yupptv on Roku.


How much does YuppTv subscription cost on Roku?

The Roku subscription has three packages. Firstly $9.99/month package, secondly $54.99 half-yearly package and finally $99.99 yearly package.

Is Yupptv Registration free or chargeable?

The Yupptv registration is absolutely free. And also the new users will get free trial access for a limited duration. And after the free trial, a premium subscription plan is necessary to access premium contents.

How to cancel Yupptv on Roku?

The user must select the Yupptv app. And then the user must click on the start button or the asterisk button. After that, the user must select “manage subscription“. And then select “cancel subscription“. Once again the user must confirm the cancellation of the subscription. The user must click “Done” to complete the cancellation process.

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