Is YouTube TV on Roku? | How to Add and Watch Youtube TV on Roku?

YouTube TV on Roku: Accessing Live TV channels without a cable connection is something great. Moreover, YouTube TV allows users to access the live TV channel without a box. Thus, let us see how to access this special app on the Roku. Let us see how it can be added, activated, and used on Roku.

What is YouTubeTV?

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming app. We must note that the YouTube TV app is not the YouTube itself. On the other hands, both the apps are different. Further, in YouTube TV there is no use of cable for watching live channels. And there is no contract and so it can be cancelled anytime. In addition, there are almost 70 plus networks available on the YouTube TV app. The users can access broadcast, sports and news over YouTube TV app.

Moreover, YouTube TV can be accessed on smartphone, tab, smart TV, computer, game consoles and so on. The app is specifically available in Xbox One, Vizio smart TV, Samsung, LG, Apple TV, Chromecast, fire TV, Roku, PlayStation 4 and 4 pro etc…


#1. The users can access easy streaming facility in YouTube TV app.

#2. In addition, the users can have 3 simultaneous streams. And 6 members can access the account.

#3. Moreover, the users can record contents. And there is unlimited storage capacity.

#4. The users will be provided with a personalized live guide.

#5. The users can access high quality videos on YouTube TV app.

#6. The users will find the app fully customized.

#7. “Watch recommendations” will be shown.

#8. Users can also access voice commands on YouTube TV app.

Can you Get YouTube TV on Roku?

yes, the YouTube TV app is available on the channel store. Users can download the app from the channel store. Also, the users can opt for the screen mirroring option. The cost of the YouTube TV app is $49.99/ month. Let us see how to add and use the YouTube TV app. Additional charges will be collected for added channel services.

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How to add YouTube TV on Roku?

Adding the YouTube TV app to the RokuTV is quite simple. Here, let us see the steps to add the YouTubeTV app on Roku from the channel store.

Youtube TV on Roku
How to Add and Watch Youtube TV on Roku?

#1. Initially, the user must click on home button on the Roku remote.

#2. Then, the user should select the “streaming channels”.

#3. After that, the user should choose “channel store“.

#4. Then, the user should search for the YouTube TV app.

#5. User must click on “add channel” once the app is found.

#6. The user should enter the pin to complete the installation of the app on Roku.

How to activate YouTube TV on Roku?

Activating the YouTube TV app on Roku needs an account. The user should have an account or create it using the google accounts in The user can click on “try it Free” to access the free trial. Now, let us see how to activate the YouTube TV app on Roku.

#1. Firstly, the user must open the installed YouTube TV app.

#2. Then, the user will find the activation code on screen.

#3. Now, the user should browse

#4. There the user must sign in to the google account to sign in to the YouTube TV account.

#5. Also, the user should enter the activation code.

#6. Thus, the user will find the activation process of the YouTube TV completed.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Roku?

Using YouTube TV is similar on all devices. The app provides users with various content for entertainment. The live and on-demand session includes. Family, movies, shows, sports, and news. Further, the user can see the recommended video contents. The users will also be notified of the popular content and latest updates. Thus, watching videos on YouTube TV is easier and provides the user a better experience m

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Troubleshoot YouTube TV on Roku

Some of the troubleshooting techniques for YouTubeTV on Roku are given below. The user can try out these methods to rectify errors while functioning.

#1. Restart the app or the device for better functioning

#2. The user can also close and reopen the YouTube TV app.

#3. And also, the user can uninstall and reinstall the YouTube TV.

#4. The user must also make sure both app and device are updated.

#5. Above all, the user must ensure good internet connectivity.

Final verdict

And thus, the users can access YouTube TV on the Roku. The users can follow the above-given methods to add activate and use YouTube TV. Some of the troubleshooting methods are provided to rectify the errors that occur on YouTube TV. Enjoy using YouTube TV on Roku, enjoy live TV without setup box or connection on the big screen.


How to cancel YouTube TV on Roku?

The users should select the YouTube TV and then click on the start button or the asterisk button on the remote. And on the drop-down box select manage subscription. Then the user should select “cancel subscription” and click “ok“. The user should once more confirm “cancel subscription“. And then click on “done“. Thus the subscription will be canceled.

How much is YouTube TV app on Roku?

YouTube TV app on Roku charges $49.99/month. And additional charges will be added on as per the accession of additional channels and services

How to cancel YouTube TV subscription?

For the cancellation of YouTube TV subscription the user must follow the given steps. Initially the user should open the YouTube TV app. Then, the user should click on the profile and then select “settings”. After that, the user must click on “pause or cancel membership”. And then the user must once again confirm the cancellation with reason if asked. Thus, the YouTube TV app subscription will be cancelled.

How can Youtube TV be removed from Roku?

To remove the YouTube TV from Roku the user must select the app and click on the start button or the asterisk button. Then, the user will find a drop-down box. There the user has to select “remove channel”. And then, the user must confirm “remove“. Thus, YouTube TV will be removed from Roku.

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