How to Add and Watch Youtube on Roku? [Activate Youtube on Roku]

Hey guys!!! Do you interested to watch live streams? For that, we have the most popular application called YouTube. Many devices exist to watch streaming videos. This article helps to find out the best streaming device to watch live channels. Take a look at the ROKU device. Here is a way to watch your favorite streaming channels. To know more about the features of YouTube on Roku, then don’t miss out on the following information.

What is Youtube?

YouTube is an amazing platform to stream your ideas to the world. It launched in the USA and serves worldwide. In this, users can watch lots of movies, series, clippings, short films, cookery shows, live castings, audios, documentary films, etc. Even it provides space to run our channels and telecast in live programs. Moreover, this occupies just 32MB in a smartphone but enhances users’ knowledge unlimitedly.

Nowadays, Live streaming engages the audience in real-time to telecast the videos on YouTube. There are millions of information available in this application. Furthermore, the users can watch advertisements, videos, like share, comment, subscribe, create a new channel, updating stories, rate, and review the application.


  • Most importantly, it gives a user-friendly platform to access the application.
  • This application consumes less amount of data and storage space to install in smartphones.
  • The audio library is a special feature, which consists of copyright-free audios, sound effects, music files. So, the users make use of it.
  • Besides, Users can share the link easily to other applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Share chat, etc.
  • YouTube is available on smart TV’s. One can download their favorite videos in this application.
  • Live casting grabs the viewers to keep the channel at peak level.

How to Add Youtube on Roku?

Youtube on Roku
How to Add and Watch Youtube on Roku?

Every Roku device supports YouTube channels. Each Roku player comes up with a remote. So it’s easy to watch YouTube videos on Roku. There are a few steps to play streaming videos. Anyone can follow the guidelines and easily connect the Roku device on your smart TV.

How to Add Youtube on Roku?

STEP1: Initially, Connect the Roku Device in HDMI port on your smart TV.

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

STEP2: Switch on your TV and make sure with an Internet connection.

STEP3:After that, turn on ROKU DEVICE with Roku remote.

Press Power button
Press Power button

STEP4: On the Roku TV homepage, Select Streaming channels.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

STEP5: In Streaming channels, Click on Search Channels, then search for YOUTUBE. Likewise, you can find YouTube in the Top free option.

Select Search Channels
Select Search Channels

STEP6: Click on YouTube and click on Add Channel. Go ahead with the installation process.

Add Youtube Channel to Roku
Add Youtube Channel to Roku

After adding the YouTube channel to Roku, get back to the Home page.

STEP7:  Under the Roku My channels tab, you can see the YouTube application. 

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How to Activate Youtube Channel on Roku?

STEP1: In the YouTube channel, open the settings menu.

STEP2: Sign in with Google account and you have to give a username, password to view your subscriptions, uploads, videos, and so on.

STEP3: It prompts you to Activate devices like smartphone, tablet with the TV. Click the YouTube Website link as

Activate Youtube on Roku
Activate Youtube on Roku

STEP4: Finally, You have to enter the code displayed on TV for Activating.

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How to Cast Youtube to Roku?

You can also, cast Youtube to Roku by enabling the screen mirroring option on Roku. Simple steps to screen mirror Roku and you can check out the steps here. After enabling the Screen Mirroring option, you can just follow the steps below.

STEP1: Once finished the pairing, find your favorite videos using the YouTube app on your smartphone.

STEP2: Touch the CAST icon in the app that is visible on the top corner.

STEP3: It displays a list of devices connected to display videos on TV. Choose the ROKU player.

STEP4: Play the streaming videos and enjoy the live performance on your TV. 

Final Words

The above article tells the simplest way to watch YouTube videos on the Roku device. It is the best streaming player device at an affordable cost. Using Roku TV is just like handling Smart TV with remote. To sum up, the methods to install the application is quite easy. Similarly, You can add many live channels in Roku TV. I hope, this article helps the people who are looking for convenient streaming players. Reading this article will clear your queries on Roku streaming players.

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