The 5 Best Wunderlist Alternatives that You can Try Blindly in 2022

Dear friends. How many of you often forget the most important dates or events? Do you have the habit of setting reminders for all the day-to-day events? That’s great. You may not forget the important tasks when you put a reminder for upcoming events priorly. To set up reminders or to-do lists, you can use many of the applications. The users who are familiar with the Wunderlist application must have the habit of putting a schedule for each event. But, now it’s no longer. Don’t worry. This write-up helps you to discover the best alternatives for Wunderlist. Let us dig for the best replacement one by one.

About Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a famous task-managing application. In this app, you can create a list of schedules, tasks, events, and reminders. This is compatible with almost all the devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, as well as in smartwatches. Actually, it was developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Unfortunately, it was deactivated from May 6, 2020. Along with that, they have declared all the existing contents will be migrated to a new application called Microsoft To-Do. Sadly, thereafter the Wunderlist app was stopped. There are so many apps available on the online store, which replaces the Wunderlist. If you looking for effective Wunderlist Alternatives, scroll down to explore them.

Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Microsoft To-Do – best Wunderlist Alternatives

Wunderlist Alternatives
Microsoft to do

First of all, let us start up with the official alternative of Wunderlist. That is, Microsoft TO Do. It is closely similar to the Wunderlist and comes up with, all the necessary features. It is an excellent productivity app that lets you plan your personalized events to remind you on time. Through this app, you can customize the settings of colorful themes, backgrounds, emojis, and more.

Moreover, you can able to collaborate with the people you want. It allows you to share the respective to-do lists with them. And so, you can share and simultaneously use multiple lists for project management. The highlighting features include, you can put a variety of to-do lists for event-planning, shopping lists, note-makings, bill planning, organizing tasks, and so on. It focuses on what matters to you each day and reminds you on the spot.


Any do

Any do -
Any do is considered to be the best replacement for Wunderlist. It provides an immersive approach by working seamlessly. Here, you can see all the features available on the Wunderlist. It supports the list makings options to create different types of lists for to-dos and also reminders. However, It is possible to share the created list, with the people you want to make collaborate with. Also, It is suitable for both personal use and also business-related events.

It works rapidly and serves impressive features to the users. You can add any number of new tasks and can able to break down the task into smaller units. Like any other messaging applications, you can leave a comment under the list that you have shared with your colleagues. So, all the people connected in the collaboration can get to know the frequent updates through the comments. Interesting right? Then try out this ultimate application soon on your smartphones. Not only on a smartphone, but you can also access it using the web version too.




Can you guess the theme of this app by its name? Yes. It is an awful application to schedule your to-do list. Like the other to-do list application, this app also supports the lists feature. Instead of organizing tasks, it focuses on the projects. It is the best project managing tool. When you put to-do lists or tasks of your project, you will get perfect alert until you finish up the work. You can set up the reminders for each project and sort them easily. Based on the important dates, you can prioritize your events.

The feature called “Quick-Add” is used to add new tasks quickly on this app. It promises to track the pre-setted to-do list. So that, you can always focus on your task and accomplish the work then and there.It is closely integrated with Google calendars, Gmail, Alexa, and more. Furthermore, it reminds the deadline and due date of the events too. Luckily, it is totally free and easy to use. Additionally, you can buy the premium plan at affordable packages. That involves even more beneficial features.




Tick Tick makes you stay alert all the time. Pick out the mimic application of Wunderlist named Tick Tick. It is a task managing tool that allows people to organize their schedules properly. You can plan the day-to-day events in this simplified interfaced app. It works well across the platforms like Web, Android devices, iOS, Mac, and PCs. Whatever you think in your mind, you can put them into Tick Tick. This app will alert you on the spot.

Share the to-do list with your friends, teammates, colleagues, friends, etc. Through sharing your list, you can make collaborate with them in terms of posting comments. Hence, it works well for file sharing. The user can filter the tasks and classify them in respective folders. Overall, this is a very neat app with more grateful features.


Google Tasks

As we all know, the Google company take part in almost all kinds of fields. Here also, Google designed an amazing app called Google tasks. It is the best pick to alert you at the right time. It provides enhanced performance and offers all the required features. You can create multiple tasks and to-do lists easily. Google tasks is a very good basic tool to work that syncs the tasks via google calendar.

In addition to that, this app ultimately integrated with the Gmail account and Google calendar. So that, you will get Gmail alerts based on the tasks added to the calendar. It is easy to edit the details and tasks, whichever you were added previously. Moreover, you can customize the due dates for each task. It has a simple and clean User-Interface. It is considered to be an absolutely perfect app, for those who want to make collaborate with any other users.


Bottom Line

To sum up, the above-mentioned applications are the best alternatives for the Wunderlist. Take a glance at this article and pick the best choice for your hand-in device. It makes you stay updated and reminds you of all the events on time. Try out the applications to finish up the to-do lists at the right time. That’s all with this article. I hope, this article resolves the queries regarding the best Wunderlist Alternatives.

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