The 7 Best Word Processor for Chromebook in 2022 [Offline & Online]

Hello writers! Are you looking for the best word processor for your Chromebook? Here is the list. Probably, many of the students and working professionals need to type out the documents according to their work. And so, they have looking for word processors. However, most of us in the need of keeping important notes on our Wordpad for future use. This write-up helps you to find the best word processor applications for your Chromebook. Let us dig the information about the writing resources one by one.


Initially, the Chromebook does not provide any of the word processing software on it. Later on, it supports word processing applications. Chromebook offers the user to install the applications from the play store too. The word processors are enriching the performance of productivity. A laptop or computer must contain at least one-word processor to keep your documents handy. Look at the below list to pick the best writer for your Chromebook.

best Word Processor for Chromebook
best offline Word Processor for Chromebook
  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word
  • Writer
  • WPS Office
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • Zoho Writer
  • JotterPad

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Google Docs

Google Docs - word processor
Google Docs

The Google docs is an awesome Word processor. The Chrome users can get this application by default in their Chromebook. We can also install this from the Google play store. You can able to create, save, edit documents and also share them with your friends or colleagues. Being able to collaborate on works and posting comments in real-time is a brilliant feature of this app.

While using the dark theme, you may not experience any pressure on your eyes when reading the files at bedtime. Furthermore, All the documents or files you have created will be automatically saved on Google drive. So that, you can open, edit the documents at any time. It provides both online and offline mode to work with your files.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Best Word processor
Microsoft Word

Next, we are going to discuss the well-known word processor called Microsoft word. It is a power pact app that works well on almost all compatible devices. Here, you can create a new word document and also edit the existing documents. It gives a user-friendly interface to edit the documents with rich formatting layouts. You can easily convert the word document into a PDF format. So your file remains safe and secure.

This app is most preferable to create resumes, articles, novels, letters, scripts, notes, and any other write-ups. If you looking for the best word processor for Chromebook, then we don’t want to miss this one. It is possible to create collaboration with your superiors on this app. Moreover, it lets you share the documents in an email message.



The writer application lets you create novels, stories, screenplays, and more. Chromebook users can easily access this app from Chrome Web Store. It has elegant features to light up your writings. The writer is integrated with Google Drive, which automatically saves the document in Drive. Most of the writers prefer this app as the best choice. This processer is well-known for its Distraction-free word processing.

It gives clear statistics of word count, paragraph count, and character count for your word document. You can even import or export the HTML or word document here. The premade document templates are useful to enrich the layout of your files. It focuses on your writing rather than formatting.

WPS Office

WPS Office
WPS Office

However, WPS Office is considered to be a word processing package. It is compiled with all the office tools like word, excel, and PowerPoint presentation. It is a handy tool to work with any compatible device. You can install this app from the Chrome Web Store as well as in the Play store. It is compatible with MS office, Docs, Sheets, and presentations. 

You can able to share the documents over Gmail and other social media networking sites. It is easy to convert word documents, excel sheets, and slides into a PDF format. It will autosave your documents on Google Drive or in the cloud account.

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OpenOffice Writer


The OpenOffice Writer is a rich-featured processor available on the Chrom Web Store. So it is preferred as the right choice for Chromebook users. Moreover, it is an open-source tool compatible with most of the formats. You can even save the file in the Microsoft Word format as (.docx).It lets you create the write-ups and includes graphs, bars, pictures, and other elements in it.

You can safeguard your files in the Cloud account and Drives. However, You can create and edit the documents with handy editing tools available on this writer. Also, You can access the saved files from the Cloud storage whenever you want.

Zoho Writer

zoho writer - best Word Processor
zoho writer

The Zoho writer is our next pick for the best word processor for your Chromebook. Here, you can create professional and impressive documents free of cost. This writer is available on both the Playstore and Chrome Web Store. It gives easy access to the tools available on the word processor.

You can save the documents safely in the Cloud storage. Zoho lets multiple users work on a word document simultaneously. In addition to that, you can import and export the HTML, JPG, GIF, and PNG files in your document. Overall, it is the finest choice to create effective documents.


Jotterpad - best Word Processor for Chromebook

The JotterPad is the best word processor, which can be directly installed from the play store. It is the most recommended app for users who all are committed to the project works. Since it has the options to add nodes and sections that are mostly required in large projects. Along with that, you can use many writing tools like Markdown formatting, word counting, typewriter scrolling, and more.

It works well and you can feel convenient to customize your stories and screenplays here.JotterPad is a neat writing tool that keeps all of your drafts safely in one place. You can create your stories without encountering any distractions.

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Final Verdict

To conclude this article, all the above-mentioned applications are available on the Internet. Anybody can install it easily on compatible devices such as Chrome laptops and tablets. It is possible to give clarity to your write-ups through working with these word processors. Try out all the stunning features on the Word processors. That’s all with this article. I hope, this article resolves all the queries regarding the best word processor for Chromebook.

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