How to Add and Watch VidAngel on Roku? [Updated]

VidAngel on Roku: Videos or movies without violence, vulgarity or profanity is rare in this modern era. This makes us avoid some of the good content. Can these scenes be skipped?. Yes, of course!. Users can access the VidAngel app to filter these types of contents. Today, let us see how to access the VidAngel service on Roku.

What is VidAngel?

Vidangel provides the filtering service for the contents streamed. Any content streamed may have some vulgarities, adult scenes and violence in it. These scenes will be automatically filtered by the Vidangel service.

The users with children are more beneficial by this service. All the unwanted scenes will be automatically skipped. This service can be accessed over apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime etc.


#1. Along with the filtering facility Vidangel users can access exclusive original contents.

#2. The users can access any number of streaming accounts in one place.

#3. Users can avail instant streaming service.

#4. Moreover the users can filter contents in accordance to their needs.

#5. Users can avail free trail for 30 days and after that should pay for the services.

#6. Large variety of filtering options are available (for instance, profanity, racial slurs, nudity, violence, disturbing images and more).

#7. Vidangel is compatible with various streaming services.

#8. Default filter is present in the Vidangel app. It sets filters for all the contents viewed through Vidangel.

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How to Add VidAngel on Roku?

Since the VidAngel app is not available on the Roku channel store the user can cast through VidAngel from mobile to the Roku screen. Let us see how to cast Vidangel on Roku.

VidAngel on Roku
How to Add and Watch VidAngel on Roku?

#1. Initially, the user should turn on the Roku device and the mobile device.

#2. Then the user should connect them to the same WiFi.

#3. And then the user should open the Vidangel app installed on the mobile device.

#4. After that the user should select the content to be watched.

#5. Now the user will be able to see where the content is available (streaming service) and the option ” Sent to TV “.

#6. The user should click on the “Sent to TV” option.

#7. And then, the casting tab will appear on the screen. The user should tap on the Roku device.

#8. Therefore the user can access the selected content on the Roku device.

How to Activate VidAngel on Roku?

The users can access free trail for 30 days and after that the user must pay for the service availed. To create a Vidangel account the user can use Facebook, google or any email address. The user must give payment information to start with the free trial. And in addition the user can cancel the subscription any time.

How to connect streaming services on Vidangel?

In order to add or connect the streaming services the user should click on the “ME” button at the bottom of the Vidangel mobile app. Then the user should select “manage streaming services” option. And then the user can choose the service necessary by entering the log in details. Thus the user will be able to access the streaming service account on Vidangel.

How to watch VidAngel content on Roku?

Initially, the user should browse over the contents available. In addition the user can also filter on the basis of popularity and genre. In addition, the user will be able to see the description of the selected content, filter available and the streaming service in which the content is available. Further, the user can click on “0 of 292 filters” button to add filters to the contents. Users can add filters according to their wish and watch the content skipping the unwanted scenes, nudity, vulgarity, adult scenes, violence and so on.

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Final Verdict

Vidangel is considered to be the best filtering service used to filter movies, TV shows, series and so on. Further, the users can now access good movies which were avoided for some or the other unwatchable scenes present in it. Anyhow, now the user can access Vidangel to add filters to all these scenes and access the movies or shows and watch them on Roku. Enjoy watching favorite contents on Roku by skipping unwanted scenes using Vidangel.


Will the casting stop once the mobile gets off?

There will not be any interruption while using the other apps during the casting process on the mobile. Because, the remote will take over the control of the content casted on roku.

What is the default filter?

The default means filter set for all the contents watched through the Vidangel app. On the other hand, specific filters can be added to specific contents selected.

What is the cost of VidAngel?

The users should pay $9.99/month after the free trial is over.

How to troubleshoot VidAngel on Roku?

Initially the users should check the internet connectivity. And then, the user should also check that the latest version of the Vidangel app is used. In addition, the user can also try restarting the device used to cast Vidangel. These are some of the remedies to troubleshoot Vidangel.

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