How to uninstall Better Discord completely on Mac Os and PC Windows?

Hey, better discord users! Are you facing any challenges and struggles on using the better discord? Or Do you want to change to the updated version of better discord? If yes! The content is only for you. The article is going to explain the method to uninstall the better discord for your reference. It also looks upon the further information of the reason for uninstalling better discord and with the uninstallation steps. So, read the article fully.

Better Discord

Discord is a basic application. It is the most popular game application for gamers. This is used also for communities of educational purposes. The app is famous for chatting. Here, Better Discord is a basic needful extension for the application of discord. Using this better discord, you can improve your chatting much better. The name itself emphasizes the meaning that, this better discord makes the users better.

Reason to Uninstall Better Discord

There are many reasons behind Uninstalling this better Discord. If you want to change the better discord, you can uninstall for your much better app. It is one of the apps to ban. This is an application that is not licensed. So, for your safety, you can uninstall it. Do follow the upcoming steps to uninstall the better discord.

How to Uninstall better discord?

How to Uninstall Better Discord
how to Uninstall Better Discord Completely?

This content is going to provide the whole details about how to uninstall the better discord for your safety. There are two methods to uninstalling the discord application. Because there is no other option to uninstall the app directly. Here, the upcoming methods convey the steps to uninstall the process. You can choose one of the methods of your convenience.

Method1: How to uninstall better discord through discord application?

The initial method is to uninstall this better discord, you have to remove the file from this application. As per earlier information, this is an extension. So, if you want to get the discord application, you have to install it. For that, there is a file called .exe that plays a major role. First, we have to remove this discord application file. The process is only on Windows. Do follow the steps to uninstall it.

Step1: First of all, open your windows and select the option “This PC”.

Step2: There you can find the search option. You have to search the URL of “%localappdata%\Discord\app-0.0.305\resources”.

Step3: This leads you to the app folder. Under this, there are many files are available.

Step4: Now, you have to back the resources file and then choose the “Delete” option to uninstall.

Step5: It removes the better discord from the chat app of discord.

Method2: How to uninstall better discord by replacing the discord .exe file?

The next method is without uninstalling the discord app again, you can download the .exe file. This is only applicable for macOS or Windows. Do follow the steps.

Step1: Initially, you have to navigate the download discord app. Then, select the “Download for Mac or Windows” according to your system.

Step2: Here, your .exe file will download and save in the folder of downloads.

Step3: Now, Double click it to start the process of installation.

Step4: It will replace your discord app with a new Installation. At last, it will also uninstall the app in between the process.

Final Verdict

At last, this article provides the entire details of how to uninstall the better discord. This is the content that offers the step-by-step procedure to uninstall the better discord without any further details and troubles. So, you can use this content without any struggles.

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