What Channel is TNT on Spectrum?

Do you like to watch the popular TNT channel on Spectrum? If yes, then you have come to the exact place where you can get the details of the channel. As a new subscriber to Spectrum, I wondered about the availability of the respective channel.

Then, I started to search for the channel on my cable TV. Finally, however, I found those details and appropriate channel numbers on my Streaming service.

Further, I thought about sharing it with people facing difficulties finding the channel on their Cable TV. Thus why wait? Scroll down and find the channel details in the following part of the article.

What Channel is TNT on Spectrum?

TNT is a multiprogramming channel that telecasts a mixture of programs. Those varieties of shows include TV series, movies, and sports shows. So, many of us will like to watch those programs with family on weekends and during our leisure time. And watching them on our cable TV is even more comfortable.

Fortunately, our Cable TV Network carries the TNT channel. But the channel number varies by location as it is a local network. Therefore, it is essential to find the channel number according to our region.

After several searches, I have listed the channel numbers for some regions below. Hence note them before starting streaming on your TV.

TNT on Spectrum
What Channel is TNT on Spectrum?

Streaming Service: Spectrum/ Spectrum TV

Channel Name: TNT

Region/ City: Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim

Airing On- 103

Region/ City: Kanas City and Buffalo

Airing On- 32

Region/ City: Columbus

Airing On- 12,112 and 925

A Quick Note on Spectrum

Spectrum is one of the cable TV providers based in America. Besides digital Satellite TV service, they provide telephone, internet, and wireless services. Charter Communications is a telecommunications company that owns the Spectrum service.

After that, the company acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House networks. Then only the service started its operations in the name of Spectrum. In addition to the other acquired programming, they telecast their original shows.

In addition, Spectrum has unique features to give us perfect entertainment via its excellent features. Furthermore, we can enjoy weekend movies, TV shows, breaking news, enthusiastic sports, and more with this Streaming service.

Subscription Plans and Prices of Spectrum

Spectrum has limited our choice selecting packages, but they offer more benefits with these least packages. They provide us a great entertainment with their exciting TV programs, On-demand titles, and new programs.

In addition to entertainment channels, they include better add-on options, especially for Sports lovers. You can opt for this sports package to get more regional sports networks if you are a sports lover. So, look at the current subscription plans of Spectrum below.

Spectrum TV Select: This plan is the primary and standard package of Spectrum, and it offers a wide range of channels. The pack costs $59.99 per month that includes more than 125 channels. Similarly, the extra benefits are over 85000 free on-demand titles and the Spectrum TV app.

Mi Plan Latino: The following package is the best Spanish language pack in the market. It comes at $39.99 per month, with over 75 Spanish-language channels. Similarly, it includes more than 70 English language channels.

Spectrum Sports View: This is an add-on that should be subscribed to along with any of the above two packages. It is priced at $6 per month.

Top Shows on TNT

TNT is a local channel that telecasts various programs, including TV series, movies, drama, news, and sports programming. However, their sports programming includes College games, NFL, NASCAR, Golf, and more games.

Apart from these, the channel broadcasts some unique and popular shows, and I have listed a few of them below for reference.

  • The Last Ship
  • Falling Skies
  • Murder in the First
  • Mob City


Now, you have answered the doubt regarding the respective channel number on your Streaming service. But always verify that you have an active subscription to the TV provider and check the official channel lineup.

As this is a local channel, it will vary according to region. Therefore, note the channel number that suits your area from the channel mentioned above numbers. Finally, I am ending this article here after a long content.

Previously Asked Questions

What Channel is TNT Texas on Spectrum?

The channel TNT is available in Texas for Spectrum users, and the channel number is 103. As TNT is a local network, the channel number varies by location. So check the official channel lineup accordingly.

What Channel is TNT on Spectrum Dallas?

The channel number of TNT in Dallas for Spectrum users is 77 and 792. However, the respective channel number varies by location as that is a local Network. Therefore, it is better to check the channel before start searching.

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