The 10 Best Free Drawing Apps for Android for Effective Drawing

Drawing has become one of the major hobbies for most people during the lockdown period. The trend of drawing in paper canvas has shifted to digital platforms using various applications and technologies. Most of them are also looking for the Best Drawing Apps for Apple Pencil. Because Apple Pencil is effective for drawing purposes and you can also try it once. Here today let us see some of the best drawing apps for android devices. 

Best Drawing Apps for Android
Best Drawing Apps for Android

Art is not only considered original when it is done by hand. Now it is also agreed that technology has improved and led art to the next phase of growth. Some of the important drawing apps that are worth using in an android system are listed below.

#1. Autodesk Sketchbook

#2. Adobe illustrator draw

#3. ArtFlow

#4. ArtRage

#5. Dotpict

#6. LayerPaint HD

#7. PaperColor

#8. InspirARTion

#9. RoughAnimator

#10. Medibang Paint

#11. Infinite Painter

#12. Ibis Paint

Autodesk Sketchbook – Best Drawing Apps for Android

Best Drawing App
Autodesk Sketchbook

This app is considered to be one of the old apps. But it still has a vital role in the drawing arena. The app allows users to access customizable settings. This app is available for both desktop and mobile. It is slightly similar to that of Photoshop and other similar apps. Users can access specialized tools in this app. The app can be installed for free but has numerous subscription plans. Users can avail of the free trial after that they have to subscribe to the individual subscription ($29.99/year) or the enterprise subscription ($85/year)


#1. Different types of pencils are available

#2. Over 100 Mpx platform is provided

#3. The users can access a distraction-free interface

#4. In addition, more than 190 customizable brushes are available

#5. The users can also access the line art import with a transparent background.

#6. The users can also make use of the camera scanning facility and the copy color library.

Play Store:

ArtFlow – Best Free Drawing Apps for Android

Best Free Drawing App

The ArtFlow Studio has developed the Artflow app. This app is equally useful for both adults and young children. The users can avail this application for free. Further, the users will find the settings of this app similar to drawing in a real canvas sheet. Moreover, the users of this app can use it with ease. Children can improve their creativity using this app. There are numerous specifications and some are noted below.


#1. This app offers a high performance

#2. The users can avail almost 70 and more tools and brushes

#3. Also, the users can undo and redo numerous times

#4. The users can create layers for the photos and images ( that are imported).

#5. Varied geometrical shapes are available

#6. The users will also find an active edge shortcut system in this app

#7. The app provides a pressure-sensitive pen support system.

Play Store:

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Best Drawing Apps for Android
Adobe Illustrator Draw

There are two different drawing apps in adobe. They are Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch. The Illustrator draw app has numerous customizable features and specifications. Users can make use of this app for vector graphics. This app also provides us with numerous customizable brushes and tools. One of the specific features is that the users can share the drawings as posts on social media and get feedback from the other app users. Android users can download this app for free.


#1. The users can zoom up to 64x

#2. In addition, adjustable pen tips and brushes are available

#3. The users can also insert vector shapes as well as insert using the basic shape stencils.

#4. Also, the users can merge, duplicate, rename  and adjust the available individual layer

#5. In addition, the users of this app can insert multiple images and drawing layers.

Play Store:


Best Drawing App for Android

This app is one of the user-friendly apps. The major specification of this app is it provides simple tools. The users can access tools similar to the real ones rather than the complex ones. Further, the users were provided with an oil brush, watercolor brush, airbrush, and paint roller. There are also numerous sketching tools available. This app consists of numerous settings that would help to modify the images. Moreover, the app costs $ 4.99 in the Play Store


#1. Availability of the natural blending tools

#2. The accessibility of file formats and the import and export

#3. Enormous sketching and painting tools

#4. Presets and additional settings

#5. The availability of special effect tools and tracing images.

#6. The accessibility of canvas papers and the layers and blend modes.

Play Store:

To Conclude

Therefore these are some of the best apps that can be used for drawing on Android devices. Further, the users can also avail of numerous other alternatives. These apps give the feel of the fulfillment of the major basic necessities expected by the user. Make use of these apps and enjoy the joy of creating the imagination into beautiful arts over the Android device screen. Thus, give life to your imaginations.

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