How to Add and Watch Sundance Now on Roku? [Cancel Sundance Now]

Sundance now on Roku: Sundance now app is similar to that of the other streaming apps. And accessing this app on Roku is not a risky job. Here, simple steps with effective results are elaborated. And so, let us see how to access this Sundance now app on roku.

What is Sundance Now?

Sundance Now is associated to the AMC Network’s Sundance TV cable channel. And the app concentrates more on film and TV shows. The users should pay $6.99/ month or can subscription an annual plan of $59.99 per year. Moreover, the users are provided with 7 days free trail.

But, the limitation is that before availing the free trial the users should enter the payment details. And also, it does not support some of the important facilities. Let us see some of the major features and disadvantages of the Sundance now app below.


#1. The users can access original and exclusive contents.

#2. In addition, there will be no hindrance of ads.

#3. Also the app has reliable streaming performance.

#4. On demand TV shows and movies can be availed.

#5. Above all, the user can access three simultaneous streams.


#1. The app does not support offline video downloading using the mobile app.

#2. And also there is a lag in technical capability

#3. No parental controls are offered

#4. The maximum streaming resolution that can be accessed is 720p

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How to Add Sundance Now on Roku?

Adding Sundance now on Roku is not much complicated. The Sundance now app is available on the Roku channel store. This makes the process much simpler. Let’s see how to add the Sundance now app on Roku.

Sundance Now on Roku
How to Add and Watch Sundance Now on Roku?

#1. The users must initially turn on the Roku device.

#2. Then, the user should click on the home button.

#3. After that, the user must select the “streaming channels”.

#4. And, from that the user should choose “Search channel”.

#5. The user should then, search for the Sundance now app.

#6. Once, the Sundance now app is found click on “add channel“.

#7. The user will have to enter Roku pin to complete the installation process.

How to Activate Sundance Now on Roku?

As the installation process is quite easier, the activation process is also simpler. And thus the user can easily activate the Sun dance now an app on Roku. The user who has the Sundance now app subscription can access it by directly signing in. But, those who do not have a subscription can follow the below-given steps.

#1. Initially the user should open up the installed Sundance now app.

#2. Then the user will be able to find an activation code.

#3. Now, open the web browser and go to .

#4. And then the user should enter the details with the activation code (shown on the Sundance now app on Roku).

#5. Now, the user can start using his free trial and can subscribe package after the free trial.

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How to Watch Sundance Now on Roku?

The navigation menu includes series, films, collections, and my list. My account option helps in managing the account and the subscription of the Sundance now app. There the users can change the email password and also manage the profile.

The users can go to the series option and stream over the television shows. In the film session of the Sundance now app the users can select the genre to be watched. To know more about the content the user should click on the tiles thumbnail. And thus they can know more about the content including the rating, language, cast, year, and so on.

Troubleshoot Sundance Now App

The users can try the below given steps to troubleshoot the Sundance now app on Roku. Try out each steps, never lose hope, when one method does not give the apt result. Let’s see how to troubleshoot Sundance app on Roku.

#1. Unplug the device for 2 mins and reconnect.

#2. Also, make sure it is updated.

#3. The users should also check the internet connectivity.

#4. Uninstall and reinstall the Sundance now app once again.

Final verdict

And therefore, the users of Roku can easily add up the Sundance Now app on it. Further, the users can access the features of the Sundance now app even though it lacks numerous specialized features. In addition, the users will be able to access the most latest featured shows and movies. So, follow the above-given methods to add, activate, and watch Sundance Now app on Roku. Enjoy using Sundance now app on Roku.


How much does Sundance now cost on Roku?

The monthly package for Sundance now app is $6.99 per month. On the other hand the annual package is for $59.99 per year. Moreover the annual package is more feasible and saves upto 28 % of the users money.

How to get free Sundance now on Roku?

The users can get free trial for 7 days. The free trial can be availed using the Google, Amazon and Roku ID. And for further usage charges will be collected.

Note: above all, the user will have to update the payment method even before the free trial.

How to cancel Sundance now on Roku?

The Sundance now app subscription can be cancelled on Roku by following the given steps.

 #1. Initially the user must go to

#2. Then the user should sign in to the Roku account.

#3. And then, select “ my subscription” Shown on the page.

#4. Then, the user should find the Sundance now app.

#5. All the users should do now is select the “unsubscribe” option on the screen.

#6. Thus, the user can cancel the Sundance now app subscription on Roku.

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