How to Add and Activate Starz on Roku? [Steps to cancel Starz on Roku]

Starz on Roku: Can the Starz app be accessed on the Roku device?. How can it be added to the Roku device? And what are the different ways in which the Starz app can be used on Roku?. Are you confused with all these questions? Here, you can find the solution to all these queries.

What is Starz?

The Starz app is a US-based streaming app. Starz is a satellite television network. Moreover, the users are provided with premium entertainment at a reasonable rate. The app can be downloaded and subscribed to. Or else users can be subscribed through the Starz app streaming Verizon.

In addition, the app offers users new content each week. Moreover numerous movies, shows, and series are available on this platform. The app is compatible with various devices. Some of the important features of this app are given below.


#1. The users can stream and access video on demand.

#2. Users can avail original series movies and shows on the Starz app.

#3. Users can also use this app on 4 devices.

#4. In addition, 2 devices can simultaneously stream on various contents.

#5. This Starz app is more user friendly.

#6. Moreover users can download Videos and watch them offline.

#7. Above all the app is customized and provides a luxurious feel

Can you Get Starz on Roku?

Yes, of course!!. There is no doubt about the availability of the Starz app on the Roku device. The users can access Starz on the Roku device for it is available in the channel store. The users can also make use of the screen mirroring method to mirror the screen on the Starz app.

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How to Add Starz on Roku?

Since the app is available on the Roku channel store, the steps get more simple and easy. The user has to just follow the below-given instructions to add up the Starz app on the Roku device easily.

Starz on Roku
How to Add and Activate Starz on Roku?

#1. Initially, the user should turn on the Roku device.

#2. And then, the user should sign in to the Roku account.

#3. After that, the user should go to the home screen clicking the home button.

#4. Then, choose the “streaming channels“.

#5. Select the “Search Channels”.

#6. Now, the user should search for the Starz app.

#7. Once found click on the “add channel” option shown there.

#8. The pin number should be entered as per the instructions.

#9. Thus, the installation process of Starz app on Roku device is completed.

How to Activate Starz on Roku?

We have seen how to install the Starz app on the device. Now we should know how to activate the Starz account on the Roku device. For that, the users can follow the steps given below.

#1. Open up the installed Starz app.

#2. Then user can find an activation code.

#3. The user should go to the official website of Starz. ( ).

#4. Then the user should enter the necessary details and the activation code.

#5. And then click on the “submit” option.

#6. And thus the user will find the Starz account activated.

Note: users can access 7 days free trial or subscribe package while activation.

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How to Watch Starz on Roku?

The usage of the Starz app is almost similar in almost all the compatible devices. And above all the users will be able to find well-customized tiles with specifications. We can find movies, featured, series, my list, schedule. My list consists of history and the favorite list or watches later contents. The user can browse the required content and watch it then or later. Moreover, the user can download the content offline and access it. Starz app provides a user-friendly platform.

Troubleshoot Starz on Roku

Errors are always found in all fields. But we can rectify it using some simple techniques. While facing problems with the functioning of the Starz app try the following methods to rectify it.

#1. Ensure valid account details

#2. Restart the device

#3. Check the speed of the internet connection

#4. Ensure validity of the Roku account

#5. Uninstall and reinstall the Starz app

#6. Use the app on another device and check the same error occurs there.

Final verdict

Thus using the Starz app on the Roku device is quite simple. The user can easily add, activate, and access the contents in the Starz app. And so, using the Starz app on Roku is user friendly without major complications. Just follow the above given simple methods and enjoy using the app on Roku.


How to get free Starz on Roku?

The users can access 7 days free trial with google Amazon or Roku ID. And after that charges will be collected ( $ 8.9 per month after free trial). The users can also intimate their cable operators or available the subscription package.

How much is Starz on Roku?

The subscription plan in Starz is $ 8.99 / month after the completion of the free trial. The amount varies when the connection is managed by the cable operators. It may vary between $ 10/ $ 29.99.

How to cancel Starz on Roku?

The first user should go to the apps section and point to the Starz app. Click on the star button on the remote. A drop-down box will appear the user should select “cancel subscription“. The user should once again click on “cancel subscription” to confirm cancellation. Then the user should click on “done“.

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