How to Add and Watch Spectrum TV on Roku? [Updated]

Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to add and watch Spectrum TV on Roku?. Are you searching for the best methods to add Spectrum TV on Roku? Then you are in the correct place. Come, let’s get into the content.

Before that, let’s see what is Spectrum TV, and what are its features? Spectrum TV is an American over the top television streaming service by The Charter Communications. It allows you to watch live TV, and on-demand content online. It is one of the best platforms for entertainment. Spectrum TV has more than 30,000 on-demand movies and shows to kill your time.

Spectrum TV is more or less like your cable TV services. But it comes online. It is more affordable than your cable services. It can be the best alternative to your cord services. Make your entertainment more meaningful with Spectrum TV. Roku is one of the best streaming devices to stream Spectrum TV channels. It is more affordable and more powerful among the streaming devices.

Roku channel store has a built-in app for Spectrum TV. So, it’s very easy to get it to your Roku device. I hope that you might have got a short introduction to both Spectrum TV and Roku device. If you are ready let’s get into the content on the methods of installing Spectrum TV on Roku. Come, let’s get into the content.

About Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is basically a television streaming service by Charter Communications. Charter Communications is an American company that offers TV, internet, and many more services in 41 states under the brand name Spectrum. The Spectrum TV has more than 30,000 on-demand titles and 250+ live channels to stream at a moment. If you are a Spectrum TV subscriber you can watch live TV anywhere anytime with an internet connection.

This app features a channel guide and search filter option to find your favorite shows easily. The content you stream using Spectrum TV is all for free. Yes, there is no separate subscription fee for this app. Moreover, this app is available on the Roku channel store. So, you can easily get the channel from the channel store. A spectrum cable subscription is essential to access the content of the Spectrum App on Roku.

Spectrum app is available for the Roku devices like  Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, Roku Express+, and many more. You can easily download the Spectrum app and enjoy your favorite content on any of your Roku streaming devices.


Below are some of the interesting features of the Spectrum TV that makes it so popular among its users.

  • With the Spectrum TV app, you can stream up to 30,000 on-demand titles
  • 300 hours of digital programming and 75 hours of HD programming
  • Parental controls to block channels and irrelevant ads
  • On-demand shows including NBC, FOX, CBS, and much more
  • Set favorite channels to get a personalized guide

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How to Add Spectrum TV on Roku?

Spectrum TV is available on the Channel Store. So, it is easy to Install Spectrum TV on Roku easily. Just follow the steps below to Add Spectrum TV App with Screenshots.

Spectrum TV on Roku
How to Add and Watch Spectrum TV on Roku?

Step1: Press the Home button on your Roku remote to navigate to the Home screen.

Open Home
Select Home

Step2: Toggle down and Select Streaming channels in the list of option.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

Step3: On the next screen, you can find a list of channels and a sidebar with some options. Select Search Channels.

Select Search Channels
Select Search Channels

Step4: Type Spectrum TV App and click on the OK button on your Roku Remote.

Spectrum TV Search Channel
Search Channel

Step5: Now, appears the Spectrum TV App on your screen. Select and Open the Application.

Step6: Then, you can find some description of Spectrum TV and an option as Add Channel. Click on Add Channel. It will add Channel to your Roku Account.

Spectrum TV Add Channel on Roku
Spectrum TV Add Channel on Roku

Now, you can access the Spectrum TV App whenever you want to. Just move on to the My Channels option and you can access it.

How to Watch Spectrum TV App on Roku?

Actually, it is so simple to watch and access Spectrum TV on Roku. Just follow the steps below to Watch Spectrum, TV. Actually, If you are using Spectrum Internet then, you will not require any sign in Procedure. You will directly proceeded to the Live TV.

Step1: Open My Channels on the Home screen.

Spectrum TV Search Channel
Open Channel

Step2: Toggle to select Spectrum TV App.

Step3: While opening the application, a short agreement appears on the screen. Click on Agree.

Step4: If you are not using Spectrum Internet then, you have to Enter the Login credentials. Otherwise, you will move on to the Live TV.

That’s it. Now, you can enjoy watching all your favorite channels by using the Spectrum TV App

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Final Verdict

Spectrum TV is one of the best applications to watch all the local channels at an affordable cost. In case, you are using Spectrum Internet and you can get a package along with it to watch live TV. However, Spectrum TV is available on the Channel Store. So, it is so easy to install the Spectrum TV App on Roku in a Minute. Enjoy watching all the Local Channels using the Spectrum TV.


Can you watch SpectrumTV on Roku?

Yes, First you have to Install Spectrum TV on Roku by following the method. After that, you can watch Spectrum TV.

Is Spectrum App free on Roku?

Yes, Spectrum TV App is free on Roku. But to watch the channel on Spectrum TV, you have to subscribe to their packages or you must have a Spectrum Internet to access the channels.

Can you watch Spectrum TV on Roku without cable?

Yes, If you are not having a cable is not an issue at all. If you have Spectrum Internet or account on Spectrum is enough to watch Spectrum TV on Roku. Follow the method above to Add Spectrum Channel and by using the login credentials you can start watching all your local channel son Roku.

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