How to Install and Use Skype on Roku?[Updated]

Digitalize your communication with face to face interactions among the people. In this digital era, video calling is not a weird one. Anybody can contact our peer group through video conferencing. Yes! The technology in our hands. That is SKYPE. This tool comforts us to talk with our family, friends, business partners throughout the world. This article gives you a lot of information, and how to use skype on a Roku streaming device. Don’t skip anything, keep on scrolling to know more about skype and how to project a skype screen from the Roku device.

About Skype

Skype, the word gives the transparent meaning which is the sky is not the limit. Distance is not a matter when technology connects the people closer to each other. It connects the people on one screen, though we live on the different pole of the earth. This is available on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS operating system, and compatible with android devices. Having an internet connection, we can use skype for free of cost. Microsoft developers designed skype technology and provide a platform for telecommunications.


  • Skype mainly focuses on face to face interaction which is nothing but video chat. We must have internet access to use this application.
  • This application supports group video calls and it establishes wireless communication performance to the users.
  • Skype undoubtedly useful for business conferencing purposes, to chat with our family members, friends, especially for educational purposes.
  • It provides peer-to-peer services to enhances reliable access.
  • In this, we can do both voice calls and video calling free of cost which implements in the terms of freemium.
  • Using skype, we can make instant messaging and chatting services.
  • It is available in 108 languages all over the world.
  • Paid or subscribed user can purchase their online number and make landline calls using the calling subscription feature.
  • The premium users can use Ad-free skype calls, whereas free user’s accounts contained frequent advertisements.
  • Skype application occupies just 36 MB of storage in your android devices and it gives positive reviews from the existing users.
  • To know more information about skype technology you can visit this website.

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How to Get Skype on Roku?

Roku is a well-known media streaming player that works on android and iOS operating systems. The thing is, it does not allow a third-party application or side-party application to run on the Roku OS. We cannot install or download skype on Roku. Since it’s not officially available in Roku streaming player. The only way to get skype on Roku is screen mirroring. That can do from android devices, smartphones, and windows.

Skype on Roku
How to Install and Use Skype on Roku?

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

Roku itself has a screen mirroring option in it. We can enable cast or screen mirroring options in our smartphones or windows to project skype on the Roku device. The procedure for pairing Roku with skype is given below.

STEP1: Plug-in your Roku device to your smart TV in the HDMI port.

Connect HDMI Cable | Skype on Roku
Connect HDMI Cable

STEP2: Connect  Internet access to Roku TV. Take a Roku remote to turn on the Roku device.

STEP3: Press the Home button to land on the Home screen of Roku.

Press Home Button
Press Home Button

STEP4: Go to the settings option, and choose the System menu. Press OK.

Select Settings
Select Settings

STEP5: In the system, you should select the screen mirroring option. Within that, it displays the screen mirroring mode. Highlight the screen mirror mode and it prompts you to choose access permission.

Select Screen Mirroring mode
Select Screen Mirroring mode

STEP6: Click prompt to grant access permission to enable screen mirroring mode. That’s all. Now screen mirroring is successfully enabled on the Roku device.

Select prompt | Skype on Roku
Select prompt


Following procedure not only applicable for android smartphones but also workout for any of the android devices like Tablets, android watches, and so on.

STEP1: Set it up to your Roku device and Android Device to the Same WIFI network connection.

STEP2: Go to google play store. Search for “SKYPE”. Download the application and install it on your android device.

STEP3: After installation, create your own skype account. Then, log in to your account using username and password.

STEP4: Now, Go to settings and select the “connection and sharing” option.

STEP5:Click the “Cast” option or icon to enable the screen mirroring.

STEP6: Your android device will search for finding nearly available devices and displays the name of the source. Choose your Roku device name.

STEP7: As soon as connect your android device with a Roku device, the cast service will work. That is, your entire android device screen will display on your Roku TV.

STEP8: After getting the mirror mode, you can open the skype app and start access usually on your phone or any other android device.

STEP9: Now you can start video calling to your contacts. Whatever you do it on your android device will as it is displayed on the Roku TV screen.

STEP10: Finally you can see your end-user on the big screen.

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STEP1: Connect your Windows PC and Roku device to the same WIFI network.

STEP2: Open your browser like google chrome. Go to the skype website or visit this link which redirects you to the Skype home page.

Enter Link on browser | Skype on Roku
Enter Link on browser

STEP3: You can see the Three dots on the top right corner of your browser. Click the three dots option.

Three dotted line | Skype on Roku
Three dotted line

STEP4: In that menu box, you can see the cast option.  The cast option automatically searches for nearby devices and displays the name of the devices.

Select cast
Select cast

STEP5: Verify your Roku device name then click the Sources Drop-down box.

STEP6: In that, choose the Cast tab option.

Select Roku device | Skype on Roku
Select Roku device

STEP7: Finally, Select your Roku Device. Now your windows screen will be mirrored on the Roku device.

Select Cast Desktop | Skype on Roku
Select Cast Desktop

STEP8: Login to your Skype account or create a new account using a username and password.

STEP9: Now, make the call to whom you want to talk in a video call or voice call and instant messaging.

STEP10: All the actions you do in your windows will appear on the Roku device screen.

Screen Mirror windows to Roku
Screen Mirror windows to Roku


Yes. Users can use skype on Roku streaming player. But, we cannot install this application from Roku. The only way to get skype on Roku through screen mirroring mode. Hence, the entire screen of your android, iOS will appear in the connected Roku device. You can make use of the above procedures to use skype on Roku TV.


No. The official application of skype is not available on Roku. Because Roku does not allow any third party application to run on Roku operating system. Similarly, the Skype application won’t run on the smart tv operating system. For this reason, we cannot get skype on Roku. But we can use the casting method or Mirroring method to project your skype application on the Roku TV screen.

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To sum up, all the possible methods to use the Skype application on the Roku media streaming player is given in this article. It’s helpful to enable screen mirroring methods in Windows, Android, and Roku devices. This is one of the simple methods to mirror your compact screen on a big screen like Roku TV.  Hoping this article gives enough information about the skype video chat application and mirroring method for Roku users.

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