Simple Steps to Change Microsoft Outlook to Dark Mode in Windows

Hello friends!!! Longing for dusky themes for your outlook? Here it is. Outlook for Microsoft 365 come up with dark mode. You can set it up easily. At night time, dark themes are really necessary. Researchers insisted that white filters or blue light themes may cause health issues and eye strains, especially at night time. To overcome this, dark mode is recommended mostly. This article will guide you to enable dark mode on your Microsoft Outlook. Scroll down to reach the guidelines.


Microsoft Outlook is a cloud-based collaborating platform. It mainly manages personal information. Here, where you can share, compose, and receive emails. It is most preferable for business peoples. This application is also known as a mail-client application. Outlook includes task managing functions and also web browsing options. Since the communication regarding business talks mostly in the night time, the Microsoft teams released dark mode. You can simply toggle between darkening and lighten mode on each message easily. Follow the methods listed in this article.


  • Microsoft outlook 365 has a webmail
  • Outlook always includes the calendars, so you can easily schedule your meetings.
  • You can add new contacts as well as edit the existing contacts.
  • The outlook is compatible with both PCs and Android smartphones.
  • User can able to work in outlook on the web version. For this, visit com
  • All the Microsoft outlook 365 versions include the dark mode or black theme.

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  • The dark mode is nothing but the black color background of your screen. It is also known as Night mode and available on many Android and iOS devices. The Moon shaped icon indicates the Dark mode and the sun-shaped icon indicates the light mode. You can toggle the icons whenever it’s needed. Through this, you can customize the brightness of your screen.
  • Microsoft teams offer dark mode on all the versions of Microsoft outlook 365. When you enable this feature, the look of your email interface turns black This feature changes the default light background into a darker mode.


Change Outlook to dark mode in Windows
How to Change Outlook to dark mode

It is pretty simple to enable the dark mode on Microsoft outlook. There are a few steps to go to change the theme. Follow the below particulars:

STEP1:Initially, turn on your PC and then open Outlook for Microsoft 365.

STEP2:Now, navigate the cursor into Outlook options. Under that, click on the General category.

STEP3: Scroll down to reach a personalized copy of the Microsoft office section.

STEP4:Then, choose the Black color in the drop-down box beside the Office theme. Now you will immediately switch to the black theme.

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Enable Dark Mode on MS Office
How to Enable Dark Mode on MS Office

The below steps are applicable for all kinds of Microsoft packages like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook. It darkens the background of your window but not the working area. Usually, the working area of a word document or excel sheet remains white in color. These steps will help to change the background theme alone.

STEP1: First of all turn on your PC. Then, open any one of the Microsoft office packages like Microsoft Word, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint, or outlook.

STEP2:In the present window, you can see the menu bar on the top of the screen. Navigate your cursor on the file menu.

STEP3: Under that, click on the Account option. After that, you should click on the General tab. Here, you can see the color scheme option. Besides that, you have to choose the black color in the drop-down box.

[Note: Based on the version the exact term will change. In windows 10 you can see the Options menu under the File tab on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Then, follow step 3.]


If you want to always keep the white theme on in the working area then do the following procedure. It disables the dark mode on the reading pane.

STEP1:First of all, open Outlook and go to Outlook options.

STEP2: Next, you have to tap on the General tab under the File option. Here you can choose a black color on the drop-down box besides the Office theme.

STEP3: Finally, click the check box next to the Never changes the message background color. Click the OK button.


STEP1:Firstly, Open the outlook window. Go to the Message tab in Outlook.

STEP2:Here you can see the sun icon with the menu as a Switch background.

STEP3:When you tap on the sun icon the window turns bright. If you want to end the bright mode, click on the same icon indicated by the moon shape.

This is how you can switch the background to darker or brighter in the Outlook window.

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To finish up, the above-stated methods are helpful to enable dark mode easily. I hope, this article gives some unknown information for you to resolve your queries. Sometimes, a darker theme gives a beautiful effect. Outlook gives a darker theme to reduce the user’s vision issues. So, don’t miss out on any features. Use everything at right time to minimize the work pressure mentally. 

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