How to Setup Halloween backgrounds on Zoom? [Host Halloween party on Zoom]

Light up your backgrounds on zoom meetings!!! To celebrate the festivals and functions will arrange some party with respective themes. For the Halloween party, we will decorate our rooms with scary, tricky, and spooky themes. Due to this pandemic situation, we cannot able to celebrate at home with friends and family members. Instead of that, zoom service allows the user to arrange the party via video conferencing technology. Inside the zoom room, we can decorate our rooms digitally with Halloween backgrounds. Is it Interesting? Absolutely yes! Don’t skip any section in this article. Here we start!


Decorate your zoom room with spooky themes. There are a lot of Halloween backgrounds available on the web for setting the virtual theme for the zoom application. Download the images and spooky pics to celebrate Halloween party on a computer screen through zoom. It is possible to set up Halloween image backdrops and video backgrounds in the zoom room. Pick your desirable images from various free stock image websites like,, Pexels, and Pixabay. Apply the images for zoom backgrounds to decorate your rooms.


Halloween background on Zoom
How to setup Halloween background on Zoom


STEP1: Initially, open the zoom application on your device or open the desktop website of zoom cloud meetings. Make sure with Internet access.

STEP2: Secondly, Click Log-in on the Zoom web portal. Give the login credentials of your zoom account.

STEP3: In the zoom portal, navigates your cursor to select the settings menu on the left-hand pane. Under the meeting, the tab clicks the In Meeting (Advanced) option.

STEP4: Scroll down to the page until you find the virtual background feature. Toggle the feature to enable the settings.

STEP5:Now log-in to your desktop client portal. Go to the settings tab. Here, click on the video option to turn on your video.

STEP6: There is a list of menu available on the left-hand pane. Navigate your mouse pointer to click on the virtual background.  You can see many backgrounds below the video.

STEP7: Click the “+” symbol, it prompts you to add image and video. You can add images and make a click to apply it for the backgrounds.


For image – should have a minimum resolution of 1280*720 pixels

For videos – should have a minimum resolution of 1280*720 pixels and

The maximum resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

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STEP1: First of all, turn on your computer or smartphone. Go to Chrome or any of the preferred web browser and search for “Halloween backgrounds for zoom”.

STEP2: Next, Pick up the impressive Halloween images and videos and download them on your desktop. The images and videos will be saved in the Downloads folder.

STEP3: You can download the backgrounds from free stock image websites or else, decorate your home in Halloween set up and take your images of yourself. Save the images and videos in the required pixel format on your desktop.

STEP4: Afterwards, Open the zoom app and enable the virtual background feature. (Follow the steps stated in the above section to enable the feature).

STEP5: Below your video, you can choose the background themes. Click the “+” Add icon to select the downloaded items from your desktop. Select to add the saved images and videos on the virtual background page.

STEP6: Now you can see the added Halloween images and videos in the virtual background section. Here, click on the desired one to set the Halloween background of your room.

That’s all. Finally, you can easily celebrate your Halloween party digitally at home. You can change any kind of themes according to the conference or party on zoom. Anyone can decorate the room digitally with Halloween backgrounds.


Yeah! Invite your friends and family to join a realistic virtual party on the zoom screen. It is quite easy and interesting to decorate our zoom rooms digitally in the theme of Halloween set up. Using the Virtual Background feature of the zoom app, you can add your Halloween images and videos and apply them as your real-time background. Host your party on the video conferencing platform and change your theme of the zoom room according to the celebration. Try out this feature! It is really interesting.

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To sum up, Zoom provides plenty of impressive features to the users. In those features, the Virtual background is the recommended one, which will take the users into virtual reality. User can change their real background into Halloween virtual background simply by downloading it from the web portal and add it to the zoom application. The step-by-step guidelines stated in this article. It is pretty simple to customize your background! Let’s celebrate your Halloween and enjoy the party in virtual reality through zoom.

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