How to setup and use Chromecast Audio on Android?

Google has introduced the device named Chromecast audio to make your traditional speakers into a wifi-connected smart speakers. It looks like Google Chromecast. Chromecast is used to stream any online content on your TV. On the other hand, this device is only to stream audio. Chromecast audio comes in hand with a double side 3.5mm aux cable, USB cable, and a power adapter.

You could stream music to the Chromecast audio from multiple devices such as android mobile, desktop, etc. The process of setting up the device is very simple. As already mentioned that the Chromecast audio comes with a double-ended aux cable, as an initial setup plug one end of the cable to the Chromecast and another end to your speaker’s aux port.

Plug the given USB cable into the power adapter. Now connect the power adapter to an electrical socket. Make sure that your speaker is also connected to an active electrical connection. Unlike Chromecast, the Chromecast Audio does not have any screen to display its status. So as soon as you power the device, lightly given in the device will lits up. At this stage, you may hear some buffering sounds from the speaker.

ChromecastAudio – Methods

There are two ways to configure Chromecast audio, using a chrome browser and using the Google Home app in android mobile.

How to setup and use Chromecast Audio on Android?
How to set up and use Chromecast Audio on Android?

Using Chrome Browser to Stream Audio

To stream audio from your desktop first you have to install the latest version of Chrome browser on your computer. As Chromecast audio is one of Google’s products it works sleek with chrome browsers.

Step 1:

Open the browser and get into the website.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the page click on set up your Chromecast using this computer.

Step 3:

It starts scanning Chromecast devices in its proximity.

Step 4:

Select your Chromecast audio and connect it to your wifi network. If not connected try entering your network’s password manually.

Step 5:

After completing this now you can stream your files to the Chromecast audio.

Step 6:

Select your files to be streamed and tap on the cast icon and choose your device.

Audio in your desktop browser will be played through the speaker to which the device is connected.

Chromecast Audio – Using Android Mobile to Stream Audio

Let’s see how to set up and stream audio from android mobile. You need to install the Google Home app on your mobile and give permission to access the location of your device. As chrome browser did, the Google Home app also starts scanning for Chromecast devices in its proximity. Select your device and connect both the device and Google Home app in the same wi-fi network.

As part of the setup process, you need to assign names for your device as living room, office, etc. Now your device is ready to cast audio. You could stream audio either from the Google Home app or you can also use some other casting apps. In some apps, you could find a cast icon displayed as a TV with a wi-fi signal.

Now your old speaker will turn into a smart one and you could stream the audio of your choice to the Chromecast audio from your desktop or android mobile.

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