How to Change or Rename Apps on Android?

Normally renaming of apps cannot be done on Android devices. Because the default names of the app get stored. And thus the Android system does not allow the users to rename the name of the shortcuts. Is there any possible way to rename the apps?. If yes, how can it be carried out?. Today, let us see how to rename apps on Android.

Methods to Rename Apps on Android

Users cannot rename apps in Android settings. But they can do this renaming using unique methods. Users can follow the given steps. Are you looking for simple tricks to rename apps on Android?. Follow the steps here to change the app name on Android easily without rooting.

How to Rename apps on Android
How to Rename apps on Android

#1. Launcher ( Apex launcher or Nova launcher)

#2. xRenamer

#3. Quickshortcut maker

#4. APK editor

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Apex launcher or Nova launcher

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Apex launcher
Apex launcher

The users should initially install the custom launcher for Android. It can be a Nova launcher or Apex launcher. And in addition, the users can download it from the google play store. Above all, it is available for free. These launchers will help the users to rename the names of the applications. Users can follow the given steps.

#1. Initially, the users should click on the app to be renamed.

#2. Then the users should click on the “edit” option.

#3. After that, the user should enter the new name to be added.

#4. And then click on the “finish” option.

#5. And thus the users will find the name changed.

Apex Launcher    Nova Launcher



This framework helps the users to customize the Android. Further, this xRenamer module helps in renaming the apps. This has overall control of the names displayed on the screen as well as on other places. Steps to be followed are given below

#1. Initially, the users should run the Xposed framework.

#2. After that, the users should go to the download section.

#3. And then find the xRenamer module from it.

#4. Users should then go to the download page to download and install it.

#5. And then in the module section activate it.

#6. Then the users should reboot the device.

#7. And after that in the list of apps, the xRenamer will appear.

#8. Now the users should run it and start renaming the applications.



quickshortcutmaker - Rename apps on Android

This application can be used to change the names on the start-up page. And in addition, this app is available for free in the Google Play store. Now the users can follow the given steps.

#1. Initially, the users should go to the google play store and search for the QuickShortcutMaker app. 

#2. Then the user should open the app and select the app to be renamed.

#3. Here the users will be able to see the information regarding the shortcut.

#4. Then the user should click on “tap on change label”.

#5. And after that, the users will find the “rename shortcut” dialogue box.

#6. Now the users can enter the new name that should be changed.

#7. And then the user should click on “ok“.

#8. Now the new name created will be displayed.

#9. Further, the user should click the “create” option that is at the bottom of the screen. And thus the users will find the app will be renamed.

Download from Play Store

Rename Android Apps and Change icon using APK Editor

APK Editor
APK Editor

Users can make use of the APK editor to rename the apps and the app icons. Users can make use of the steps given below

#1. Users should have both the APK file and the APK editor on their PC. the users should download v0.4.

#2. Users should note to install the APK file in the system.

#3. And thus Edit.exe APK should be started. And then the user should enter the APK file to be edited.

#4. And now the general tab will display the icon and the APK file name. Users can edit the name in this general tab.

#5. At last after renaming click on the apply option.

(Note: users can also change icons, but the icon should be in PNG format).

APK Editor

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Bottom line

Therefore these are the major methods to rename apps in Android. Anyhow renaming the app is not inbuilt these methods can be used. Thus if you want to rename the apps follow the above-given methods. And thus try those methods and enjoy renaming the apps.

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