How to Record Zoom Meeting on Your device? [Simple Steps]

This pandemic situation has dropped the school and college students into a new way of learning called virtual classrooms. It can be an advantage for some. But due to some technical glitches, many of them couldn’t attend the classes regularly. Are you one of them? There is good news for you. Yes, now you can record the meetings on the Zoom app and save it for later use. This could be useful even for webinars and online business meetings. Today, I’m going to provide you with simple and effective methods on how to record zoom meeting. Come, let’s get into the content.

What is Zoom App?

Zoom meeting is one of the most installed and used video conferencing apps. It is known for its HD quality video calling, security, and many other user-friendly options. By which you can meet your friends, attend online meetings and classes, and many more functionalities from your doorstep at your comfort. Some of the college students may be going to part-time jobs simultaneously with online classes.

Such students can’t attend the classes properly. As a result, they get low grades in exams. Now the problem is resolved. Yes, the Zoom app has added a new functionality called record meetings. By which you can use it to record the ongoing meetings and listen to it when you are free. People in the business field can use this option to manage the record of the conferences conducted.

Actually, everyone in the meeting can’t record the session. Only the host, the organizer has permission to record the meeting directly. If you are not the host, then how to record the meeting? Well, your host has to give permission and allow you in order to get the record option. If you are the host, you can set permission for the participants to record by visiting the settings tab on the Zoom website.

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How to Record Zoom Meeting from Mobile Device?

Record Zoom Meetings
How to Record Zoom Meetings on Your Device

In order to record meetings on a mobile device, you should have a paid membership or business account. The recordings that you make using your mobile device won’t get stored on your device storage. Instead, all those recordings will get stored in an online space or folder. Okay, let’s get into the methods of recording the zoom meeting using your mobile device.

STEP1: Open the Zoom app and either start a meeting or join a meeting using the code provided.

STEP2: Once the meeting starts, if you are the host you can see a ‘three dots’ at the bottom right corner.

STEP3: Tap on the three dots and click the ‘Record’ option to start recording the meeting.

STEP4: To insist that the meeting is being recorded, there will be a recording icon shown on the top right side of the screen.

STEP5: Once the meeting gets over, you can stop the recording and share it with your friends by visiting the Zoom website.

How to Record Zoom Meeting from Windows PC?

Unlike mobile devices, on PC you can choose a storage location to save your recorded files. The Zoom app automatically sets a storage folder, but you can change it. You can perform it by clicking the settings icon at the top right corner of the app. Now, let’s see how to record Zoom meetings on PC. Continue with the following steps carefully to complete the process successfully.

STEP1: If you have joined in a call, you can notice a Record button at the bottom of the screen.

STEP2: Tap the button to initiate the recording of your meeting.

STEP3: There will be a recording label at the upper left corner of the screen indicating that the meeting is being recorded.

STEP4: Use the Pause and Stop options to perform the functions accordingly.

STEP5: Once you click the Stop button, a record of your meeting will be saved to the desired folder.

Some versions of the Zoom app will save the video and audio separately. So, you can select the format accordingly and share it with your friends and colleagues. I hope this would have made your recording process uncomplicated.

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That’s all. This is all you need to know about the methods of recording Zoom meetings on both mobile devices and PC. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. Recording on the Zoom app is one of the best and handy features for both students and people in the business field. By using the above-given methods, you can easily record classes and make use of it later anytime. Stay on track and update yourself with technology.


Can you record the meeting if you are not the host?

No, it’s not possible until your host allows you to record the meeting.

How do I record meetings without permission?

In that case, you can use the third-party screen recording apps to record the meeting without getting permission from the host.

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