The 5 Best Alternatives to Watch Unlimited Videos for Free

The world is being full of complicated works, and a busy schedule. In the meantime, you are not able to concentrate on your entertainment. Maybe, you are not able to meet your friends, relatives, family, and loved ones. And, also you are not supposed to watch any kind of films, videos, and all the streaming facilities. For this relaxation, you may try many applications. But, this application of is an amazing streaming device to make you feel better with your family and friends. This article is going to express and explain some of the best alternatives to Let’s get it into the content.

About is like television. It’s a web source that allows you to watch all kinds of movies, videos. The main special function is, you can enjoy all these videos with your family, friends, loved ones, and relatives. This is a well-known platform to meet together. The application helps you to connects and make you feel better and comfortable.

This app allows you to watch the same shows, movies, videos together. You can easily chat and make conversation with them. To make this simple, it’s an entertainment application that leads you in over joy. It also allows you to share anything like chrome or opera with everyone. This is a discontinued application and it’s not working for the past seven months. But, it has many alternatives.

Best Alternatives

Rabb. it is an excellent tool to connects people and makes you feel overwhelming happiness. It has many features, but the reason is it’s stopped. So, this content is going to emphasize the alternatives of Let’s see one after another.

Best Alternatives
best Alternatives

INVITED.TV – Best Alternatives - Best Alternatives

The initial alternative of is Invited. It’s especially for File Sharing and Live Streaming Videos. In this platform, users can make a room easily and take supervision of all the web browsers together. It delivers an extreme quality of video and perfect voice condition for your watching movies. On this Invited, any kind of web browser can be visited regularly. There are Netflix, Crave, and Crunchyroll.

It had a lot of specifications. This tool contains a separate room with available virtual machines. There is an integrated text and management sharing option. Here, up to 50 people can get in the room. It’s compatible with Android and Computers. There are a whole video and audio functionality. The user can use all the interesting features of sending emojis, Gifs, and Reacts. This Invited tool is a free application and also a subscription-based device. To know the updates of Invited you can use Medium Blog.


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KOSMI – Alternatives to

KOSMI - Alternative to

The next alternative of is Kosmi. It’s a different application that is used to hang out with your friends and family. For this tool, you are not able to install or even sign up. Here, you can easily convey over webcam and text with a new room. There is an option to share the browser tab or screen with everyone.

It also offers you to watch the synced YouTube and Streaming video services. There is an option to play all the interesting games of the NES and SNES emulators. It also holds a link to join the room instantly. Even, the unknown person can provide a request to join in the room. This is a significant application and easy tool for the users.




The following tool of is a Tutturu. tv. It’s a service to a shared browsing system. Here, you can visit any kind of site that you want and invite your friends to a new room and share a virtual browser. This application offers everything and also outstanding features. There are free private rooms and virtual browsers are available. And it has a remote passing option and you can examine interactively with your friends and family.

It poses the text and audio support system. And it also has a messenger format system. This tool is applicable for Android, iOS. Here, you can use public rooms. The user can make the video chat with their favorite ones. It’s a free tool and also a subscription-based device. And, the users do need a subscription to enter into the meeting. To get more information use the Twitter and blog account of and




The next alternative is a Watch2Gether. The name itself refers to the special feature of this tool. Yes, it is used to watch movies, and videos together. You can enjoy your time with your friends and family. It’s a free app, you can watch all the streaming videos without signing up. You can easily create a new chat room and you can invite others and begin the conversation.

The benefited platforms to watch all kinds of videos on Youtube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. There is an option to listen to music from SoundCloud or Live Streams. In this tool, the user can search and watch the favorite videos and music in a chat room. Here, the third party is not allowed to access like Netflix and Hulu. But, you can get numerous videos from your supported platforms.


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The final alternative of is Smulchat. In this platform, users can create a room privately. And then, you can watch all the videos, films and play games. There are a chat option and the special feature of video calls is available. It’s a simple to use web-based service that allows the user to watch all kinds of streaming videos.

Here, you can watch the videos from YouTube, and Simulchat is synced. It is equal to watching the television in this room. In this platform, you are not supposed to access Amazon or Netflix. Here, you can share your favorite videos and contents with your family and friends and also enjoy them. It’s a free service, but you can make an account first. This takes a few minutes and then you can arrange your simulcast room within a minute.


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This article provides a piece of extraordinary information about the service Rabb. it. The usage and features of this tool refer clearly to this content. And mainly this article examines the alternatives of is a wonderful manner. Hope this writing will help you in your hard times. So, make use of this paper for your emergency and also every time.

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