How to Install and Watch Popcorn Time on Roku? [Updated Guide]

Hello movie lovers!!! This article going to suggest the ultimate way for watching streaming videos. Along with movies you can easily watch TV shows too. Yes. Everything we can get through the one popular application is called Popcorn Time. Watching streaming movies in streaming player gives even more entertainment for the viewers. Roku is the best choice to stream your content. Let see the below section for how to watch Popcorn Time on Roku streaming player in the easiest method. For further information, don’t skip in-between, Go down till the end.


If this is the first time we crossing this word, our mind redirected us to think about theatres, cinemas, and movies. It is a popular application that includes streaming media content from web sources. Having Bit torrent protocol this application works rapidly. That is, accessing the streaming services are quick and fast.

Popcorn application broadly focused on Movies and TV shows. It has many impressive features which grasp the film lovers. The interface of this application presents covers images or thumbnails of films. So, anyone can quickly learn to use and handling this service easily.


  • It has many features but the root of all features is, it is too speedy to download movies with the help of Bit torrent Protocol.
  • Users can share the downloaded movies with other users of popcorn time.
  • User-friendly to access the application. As soon as click the thumbnails and cover images it redirects us to watch streaming movies.
  • By using the search option, you can filter or sort the movies and TV shows.
  • When we tap on the movie’s thumbnail, the relevant trailer of the movie, released date, cast, and crew, reviews of existing viewers displayed on the screen. So it is easy to judge the overview of the movies when reading the reviews and simple trailers of a particular film.
  • It allows captions and subtitles which translates the exact content to the viewers.
  • Popcorn time is the best application for streaming all the content in  HD quality.
  • It is used on multiple devices such as Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS.
  • To know more about Popcorn time you can visit this page

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Popcorn Time on Roku
How to Install and Watch Popcorn Time on Roku?

Even though the official application of Popcorn Time is not available on Roku Device, It is quite easy to access Popcorn Time when you have a Plex media player. Look at the simple steps to Use popcorn time on Roku TV.

STEP1: Initially, open your web browser like Google chrome. Go to the official webpage of the Plex. Else, visit this website you can see the versions of the Plex application according to the different operating systems.

STEP2: Find and download the appropriate Popcorn Time application file for Windows computer. After downloading, open the app for the installation process.

STEP3: Next, In the Plex Unofficial Channel section, you can search for Popcorn Time.

STEP4: As soon as see the channel, click to download and install the Popcorn Time on Plex media player. It takes a few seconds to install the application.

STEP5: Now your windows system ready with both applications such asPlex and Popcorn Time. Now we have every needed application for further process.

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After finishing the above steps, here are the remaining steps which will take less than a minute to start and watch your favorite movies.

STEP1: First of all, Plugin your Roku device in the HDMI port of the smart TV. Connect it with an uninterrupted Internet source.

STEP2: Turn on the Roku device with the Roku remote. As soon as turned on, Go to the Home page. Click the streaming channels menu.

STEP3: Open Channel store section on Roku. It shows already downloaded applications. Choose the Plex player and open it via Roku.

STEP4: After that, Give the essential information as same as given in windows pc to Sign-in with Plex media player.

STEP5: Then, open Plex and it shows the Popcorn Time channel which you have already downloaded. So, it’s available on Plex.

STEP6: Finally, we can directly go into the Popcorn Time channel and tap to watch the impressive streaming content on the Roku screen.

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If you face any difficulties or issues when using the above method, this is the alternative method to watch Popcorn Time on Roku. That is SCREEN MIRRORING.

STEP1: Firstly, Connect the Roku device to your smart TV. Turn on the Internet connection.  You should launch Popcorn Time on your PC from the official website.

STEP2: On your Windows PC,Simultaneously press Windows key + P to get easily the Display Switcher menu.

STEP3: After pressing the keys, the Next screen displays the nearby devices connected with your PC. Choose the Roku device.

STEP4: Roku screen prompts the message to you to accept it for display switching. Then, select the Accept option.

STEP5: Now, Roku is ready to mirror or cast the contents displayed on the Windows screen. That is, if u click Popcorn Time on PC the same thing appears on the Roku TV screen.

That’s all. Now stream your favorite content and watch movies, documentary films, TV shows on Popcorn Time through Roku streaming player.

NOTE: Screen mirroring is the most recommended option which works on any platforms like Android, Windows, and so on. So above method not only work for Windows PC but also suitable for Android devices like smartphone or Tablet. Try it out to mirror your device.


Roku is the most popular and well-known streaming device. Unfortunately, the Popcorn time application is not officially available on the Roku player. But it’s not meant that we cannot get the channel on Roku. To attain that, we can go for some alternative methods to watch streaming content on Popcorn Time through Roku TV. The above content briefly provides alternatives ways includes simple steps. Don’t miss out on any points, because each section may consist of some unknown information for you.


Yes. But we can’t simply get the Popcorn time software on the Roku Channel Store. Since the official application of PT is not available on Roku. We need to go on two alternative methods. One is screencasting another one is downloading the software using a Plex media player. Procedure for both steps stated in the above section. So, take any one method which suits you and stream your content.

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To conclude, the above methods are different but not at all difficult. If the PT app not available on Roku, It’s not mean that there is no way to access the PT on Roku. Undoubtedly you can go for any of the methods suggested in this article. Hope, after reading this article all of your clarification got over and now you are ready to stream your Movies, Medias, TV shows on Popcorn Time via Roku player.

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