How to PoP Out Twitch Chat? [Simple Steps 2022]

Hello, twitch users? Are you enjoying twitch chat? And do you face any difficulties and problems using the live chat on twitch? If yes, this article is only for you. Yes. This content is going to provide wonderful steps for how to pop out the twitch in the time of the live chat. So, without skipping this article, you have to read the whole. Let’s move on to the article.


Twitch is one of the most prominent and well-known streaming sources on the internet. Basically, it’s mostly used for playing games. So, users have an extraordinary option of chatting while playing games and watching content.

This twitch chat is an in-built option itself. So, you no need to worry about that. This chat window appears, when you start streaming your content. Here, you can see the numerous members of streamers, moderators, and much more. And you can view the present members who stream the contents.

Reason for Pop-out Twitch Chat

The basic reason of pop out the twitch chat is, it offers some distractions sometimes. It gives some other things in the time of streaming your content. This affects you, you may concentrate only on chatting, not to play games and watch any content.

How to Pop out Twitch Chat when live?

Here, you are going to see the simple steps to pop out the twitch chat. In the early days, the method of pop-out is a little difficult with the use of HTML bodies. But, at present, the steps are quite easy and simple. Here, you no need to worry about anything. It stays longer and longer.


The most important information is, you have to pop out the chat only, you are on the live stream. If you are not streaming live, you are not able to pop out the twitch chat. So, be aware of that. Do, follow the upcoming steps to pop out the twitch chat on live.

Step1: In the beginning, you have to log in to your twitch with your details.

Step2: Now, you may search your most wanted channel or browse it.

Step3: After opening the channel, you have to go to the “Chat Settings” option.

Step4: Select the “Chat Icon“. It provides some options to select. The options are Timestamp, Readable Colors, Hide chat, and much more. Here, you have to choose the option of “Popout Chat“.

Step5: It will show the new screen. This screen is a chat screen. You can use this page for chatting purposes. If you want to twitch stream videos or play games, you have to select the option of “Continue“.

Step6: Then, if you want to go back to the page of Streaming, just select the “Close” option. This is a confirmation of normal mode.

How to Pop out twitch chat while not live?

There is no option to twitch chat while not live. You can view only the chat and comment option. So, you are not able to pop out twitch while not live.

Final Verdict

So, the above passages provide the most useful information to the users. If you get some distractions and some other issues in the time of streaming videos and games, you can easily pop out the chat using the above methods. It’s just an easy and simple task for the users to pop out the twitch chat and use this article whenever they want to. Surely, this content will help you in your needed time.

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