How to Create Poll on Zoom App? [Before and During Zoom Meetings]

Every meeting is arranged to discuss a particular thing. It may be in the form of group discussions, project discussions, and team meetings. While the discussion going on, there are a lot of questions that may arise within the team. Similarly, we can post our questions in an online video conference. The zoom app provides excellent features to the users. In that, polling is the special one which is useful to launch your poll to the co-members joined in the meeting. This article going to tell you how to make a poll on the zoom app. Readout this article to know the possible ways to make a poll.


The term Polling is referred to as posting questions and giving our vote for the questions. It is a kind of questionaries’ session posted to the members joined in a meeting and let them prompt answer or vote for the particular poll. If we hosting the meeting on the Zoom app, there is a feature found to ask your questions to the people. That is polling on zoom. Launching a poll is the best way to gathering feedback for the session. Be ready with your pole before going to host your meetings.

There are two possible ways to make a poll.

How to Create poll on Zoom
  • Creating polls before the zoom meeting.
  • Creating polls during the zoom meeting.

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Create Poll on Zoom App
How to Create Poll on Zoom App

Before going to create your poll you have to enable the poll feature. To enable the feature some requirements are needed. That is, the zoom users have to get a license and the licensed user only can create the polls on their meeting using the Personal Meeting ID, simply called PMI. If you ready with these requirements you can proceed further.

STEP1: First of all, turn on your computer and connect the Internet access.

STEP2: Download and install the zoom service. Or else, open the web browser and go to the official zoom webpage.

STEP3: Click the sign-in button and give the sign-in credentials. On the left-hand pane, click the “Admin” section. Under that, choose the “Account Management” option. Then, navigate your cursor to the “Account Settings” option.

STEP4: Next, click on the “Meeting” tab. Scroll down your cursor point until you see the “polling” option. Make a toggle on the option to enable the polling feature.


After enabling the polling feature you can create your poll at any time. In this section, we will look at the method to create a poll before hosting the zoom meeting.

STEP1: Initially, Go to the “Meetings” tab on the left-hand pane of your zoom portal. Here you can make a schedule for a new meeting or you can select the already scheduled meeting.

STEP2: In that, choose a scheduled meeting. Scroll down to the bottom of the Meeting management page. Here you can find the Poll option. You can see one text box with text showing like “you have not created a poll yet”.

STEP3: Click the “Add” button beside the text box. Insert your cursor point inside the text box. Now the window shows the “Add a Poll” option.

STEP4: Give the topic of your poll in the text box. Below the text box, you can see the anonymous option. It means, Instead of the actual user you can only see the results answered by the “Guest”. It is optional to check the box.

STEP5: Start writes your first question on the question text box. Below that, you have to toggle your options for giving single-choice questions or multiple-choice questions.

STEP6: According to the choice you can give the number of answers to a question. You can give up to 10 different answers for each question. Click the save button after writing the question and answers.

STEP7: Likewise, you can post your upcoming questions. To add a new question, you should click the +Add a Question button below the question box.

Repeat the steps to make a new question further. You can able to create a maximum of 25 polls for a single meeting. After created the poll, you can launch it easily during the zoom meeting.


STEP1: Initially, join all the participants and start your zoom meeting with the people. During the meeting, if you want to launch the poll, you have to tap the polls button shown at the bottom of the meeting window.

STEP2: Select the particular poll you would like to launch the meeting. Below the poll, you can see the Launch polling button. Click on that to launch your poll.

STEP3: Now, everyone at the meeting will prompt to give their vote or answers for the poll. Once everyone on the meeting finishes their voting, the host has to click on the End polling button.

STEP4: On the next screen, the host can see the live results of the poll he has posted.

STEP5: As soon as get the results, the host can able to share the results with the attendees of the meeting or else, Re-launch the polling, if desired.

STEP6: You can able to download the poll report of the poll results after ending the meeting. On the left-hand pane, go to the Reports tab and select the Poll Report to generate the report for the respective meeting.

That’s all. Post your poll to your team on zoom meetings and see the live results in real-time on the screen.


Yes, of-course. The zoom application supports the polling feature for all licensed users. The host has to enable the polling feature before going to create the poll. After that, you can make 25 polls for a single meeting. It is easy to launch your questions during the meeting. Read the above steps to make a poll during the zoom meeting.

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The poll feature on zoom is especially useful for students. For example, If the teacher posting a poll while hosting the meeting, the student can toggle their answers. The teacher can able to download the live report of the students. Creating polls are pretty simple using those method stated in this article. Get your feedback for meetings using the poll feature on zoom. You can easily view and download the results for future references. Hoping, this article useful for the zoom users to make a poll on the zoom cloud meetings.

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