How to Install Now TV on Samsung TV? [Updated 2022]

Now TV on Samsung Smart TV: Actually, Now TV is trending all over the world with different Shows, Movies, and attractive videos. So, Users are looking for the Now TV APP on their Device. if you are using Samsung TV and looking for Now TV Application. Then, you are in the perfect place to find a simple installation with all solutions.


The NOW TV app is one of the important apps that helps the user to stream over a wide range of videos. This wide range of videos includes movies, sports, cartoons, series, and also live videos. The NOW TV app was launched in the year 2012. There is no contract required to use this app.

The user will be provided with 5 passes (movies, entertainment, hayu, kids, and sports) that can be selected and paid for. We can access subtitles for videos on demand. The app also allows us to download videos and watch them offline.

There is also a specific feature that is the usage of the parental pin that restricts children from watching age-restricted videos. The videos available on this app expires in accordance with the given expiry date. This app is cost-effective and more flexible for users.

NOW TV app is accessible in televisions with the help of devices like Chromecast, NOW TV Smart Stick, or NOW TV Box. This process is similar to almost all televisions that are compatible. Most of the television has the facility to install the app directly and make use of it. But some do not offer this feature and for such televisions, the user must avail for additional setups. Now let’s see how to access the NOW TV app on Samsung TV.

How to Install NOW TV App on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung TV’s that are launched after 2015 has the capability to access the apps directly in it. Thus the user can make use of the app without additional requirements. But the Samsung serif model does not support this feature. The compatible TV can be identified separately by just looking into the model number. If the number has K, L, M, N, Q, or R the television is compatible.

Now TV on Samsung Smart TV
How to Install Now TV on Samsung Smart TV

Now, let us see how to use the Now TV app on Samsung TVs that are compatible. The steps for this process are given below.

Note: If you have a Now TV Account proceed to installation. If not Sign Up for Now TV account and then continue to install.

Step1: Turn on the Samsung Smart TV.

Step2: make Sure that Smart Tv has an Active Internet Connection.

Step3: Press the Smart Hub button on your remote.

Step4: Then, Select Apps.

Step5: Select Search on the top right corner.

Step6: Now, type Now TV App and click on Done.

Step7: Now below appears the Now TV app and click on it to Open.

Step8: In the Now TV dashboard, you can find an option as Download.

Step9: Automatically, it begins to download and install now TV app on Samsung Smart TV.

Step10: Then Click on Open.

That’s it. You have Successfully Installed the Now TV on Samsung TV. Just Sign In and start Using the Now TV APP.

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Alternate Methods to access NOW TV app on Samsung TV

The other methods used to access the NOW TV app on Samsung are by using the Chromecast device, using NOW TV Smart Stick, or NOW TV Box.

Get NOW TV on Samsung TV Using Chromecast


  • Chromecast device
  • Samsung television
  • Android or iOS device
  • Adaptor
  • WiFi


  1. The user should initially connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of the Samsung TV using an adaptor.
  2. The Chromecast device should also connect to the main plug.
  3. The user should install the Google Home app on Android or iOS.
  4. The user must make sure that the devices are on the same WiFi network.
  5. Once the user opens the Now TV app that is available in Android or iOS the user can find a cast icon.
  6. The user should click on the cast icon.
  7. Now the user will be able to see the available Chromecast. The user can select his or her Chromecast device.
  8. Now the user can see the NOW TV app on Android or iOS on the Samsung TV screen.

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Get Now TV on Samsung Smart TV Using the NOW TV Smart Stick (or) NOW TV Box


  • NOW TV Smart Stick or NOW TV Box
  • Samsung television
  • Adaptor
  • WiFi


  1. The user should connect the devices to the same WiFi connection.
  2. The user should now open the NOW TV app on the Android or iOS device.
  3. Then tap on the now TV device icon (that is available on the top of the screen).
  4. Then the user must select the NOW TV Smart Stick or the NOW TV app.
  5. The user can now select the video to watch.
  6. Click on the watch on TV.
  7. The user can access the remote from the bottom corner of the Android or iOS device.
  8. Thus the NOW TV app is available on Samsung TV.

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Now TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

The user finds various errors while connecting the NOW TV app on Samsung TV. Some of the measures that will help the user to overcome these difficulties are given below,

Error AS415 on Samsung TV

The AS415 error is the problem in connecting to the Samsung server. There is nothing to worry. All that the user should do is contact the Samsung service for help. They would rectify it.

“Expired OTT token” Error on Samsung TTV

This problem can resolve easily by reinstalling.

  • The user should go to the apps page available on the Samsung TV
  • Then select the NOW TV app.
  • The user must hold the down button in the remote until a window appears.
  • The user should select reinstall.
  • Thus, reinstall the app and the error is resolves.

The white screen while launching Now app on Samsung TV

While a white screen appears while trying to launch the NOW TV app the user can rectify it easily.

  • The user should select the models.
  • Then press on exit on the Samsung remote.
  • Then the user should reopen.
  • Thus the app will launch in the right way or normal way.

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To Conclude

Thus using the NOW TV app on Samsung TV is quite easier. There are numerous ways to access it. Here some of the easiest ways are explained elaborately. Some of the errors that occur during this process can also be rectified by the above-given guidelines.

The NOW TV app can be viewed from the NOW TV Smart Stick or NOW TV Box. Get passes on the NOW TV app and hit on the Samsung TV to have a tremendous experience. Watch live videos, movies, series, and much more on the big TV screen.

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