How to Add and Watch Now TV on Roku? [Updated]

Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to add and watch Now TV on Roku? Are you searching for the best methods to install Now TV on Roku? Then you are in the correct place. Come, let’s get into the content.

Before that, let’s see what is Now TV, and what are its features. Now TV is a subscription-based over the top television service. It is operated by the British satellite television provider Sky. Like other television streaming services here too you can watch live and on-demand content. There are many streaming services that offer content free of cost. On the other hand, you have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee to access Now TV content.

Now TV offers ‘passes’ for different content with a monthly fee on a pay as you go basis. There are different passes for films, sports, and entertainment. It offers almost 16 channels such as Sky 1, Sky Witness, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy, Sky Documentaries, Sky History, and much more to stream. It gives an excellent streaming experience when it combines with a good streaming device like Roku.

Roku is one of the best streaming devices to stream Now TV channels. By using Roku, you don’t need any cable or set-top box to stream Now TV. Roku itself a powerful and affordable streaming device. I hope that you might have got a short introduction to both Now TV and Roku. If you are ready, let’s get into the content on the methods of installing Now TV on Roku. Come, let’s get into the content.

What is Now TV?

Now TV is basically the subscription-based television service. It offers 16 channels and 1000+ on-demand movies to watch over the top online. Now TV is one of the services of the British satellite television provider Sky. Unlike other streaming services, Now TV provides passes for each and every category of titles you stream. It has separate passes for sports, films, and entertainment sections.

It makes it easy for subscribers to buy the content only they wish to watch. You have both live and on-demand streaming content. It is compatible with almost devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and streaming devices including Roku. Yes, the Now TV app is directly available on the Roku Channel Store. So, it’s very easy to add the channel to your Roku device.

Moving on to the subscription details. As I said earlier Now TV has separate and different passes for each category. For example, the Entertainment pass costs $7.99/month. For this charge Now TV offers over 300 series of entertainment. Likewise, the subscription fee continues and differs upon the category of content you choose.


Let’s have a look at some of the interesting features of Now TV on Roku.

  • Subtitles for on-demand movies
  • Add movies for watch later
  • Download movies and watch offline
  • Parental controls to block restricted content
  • Able to access movies in HD quality
  • Remainder option on smartphone apps

Let’s see how to get this Now TV app on your Roku device in the following content. Continue reading.

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How to Add Now TV on Roku?

Mostly all the channels are available on the channel Store and only some Channels are missing on Roku. That can also be installed or watched by using the Screen Mirroring option. However, there are some Hidden Channels Available on Roku. Here, let’s check out How to Add Now TV on Roku with simple steps.

Now TV on Roku
How to Add and Watch Now TV on Roku?

Before proceeding to the installation, make sure that you have connected Roku to an Active Internet connection.

Step1: Press Home Button on your Roku Remote. So, that it takes you to the Home Screen of Roku.

Open Home
Select Home

Step2: On the left sidebar, you can find a list of options. in that, just Select Streaming Channels.

Select Streaming Channel
Select Streaming Channel

Step3: it takes you to the next screen and there you have to Select Search Channels.

Select Search Channels
Select Search Channels

Step4: In Search Channels, Type Now TV and press the OK button on your remote. It will Search for the Now TV App.

Step5: Select Now TV and Open it. In the Now TV dashboard, you can find options as Add Channel. Just tap on the Add channel.

Now TV Add Channel
Click on Add Channel

Step6: It will add a channel to your Roku Account. To Access the Now TV app, you can move back to the My channels and Select the Now TV to Watch your Local Channels.

These are the steps to install Now TV for Roku Device and you can easily watch by logging into your Now TV account.

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How to watch Now TV on Roku?

Once you have installed Now TV App on to the Roku device. then, it is piece of cake to access the Now TV App.

Step1: Open My Channels from the Home Screen option.

Step2: In My Channels, search for Now TV and open it.

Step3: It will ask you to log in to your Now TV account. Enter your Credentials.

Step4: After entering, you can watch all your favorite shows according to the Passes you have in your account.

Watch Now TV on Roku
Watch Now TV on Roku

In fact, Now TV has different types of passes according to the content like Entertainment, Sports, Kids, Cinema, and much more. Just Select passes and enjoy watching it.

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Winding Up

To watch the latest movies, TV Shows, Sports, and much more from your Local channels. then, Now TV is the best television provider to get you a local channel on Roku. Now TV works on the basis of the subscription of passes according to the content.

Each category has different passes and users can choose them according to it. Hope that you have installed Now TV on Roku successfully. In case, you are facing any issue regarding installation. you can contact Roku customer support or Now TV Customer support.

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