How to Install Now TV on LG smart TV? [Updated 2021]

Now TV App on LG Smart TV: The Now tv app is one of the prominent online streaming apps. Now TV app was launched in the year 2012. The app is similar to that of Amazon and Netflix. The app consists of movies, series, reality shows, live videos, sports videos, etc. Also, the user can download videos and watch them later.

The user can pause rewind and record videos. The user should note that for each video there is an expiry date in this app. However, This app also provides the user with a parental pin (stops children from watching age-restricted videos). Now TV app access in more than 60 devices that includes LG TV. Let’s know more about using the now TV app on LG smart TV.

How to Install Now TV on LG Smart TV?

Actually, the Now TV App is available on the LG Content Store. So, it is easy to install Now TV app in a minute. Just follow the steps below

Note: Make sure that you have a Now TV account. if you don’t have then Sign Up for Now TV Account.

Step1: Turn on the LG Smart TV.

Step2: Make sure that LG TV has Active Internet Connections.

Step3: Then, Move on to the LG Content Store.

Step4: In the Content store, you can find lots of applications. On the top right corner, you can find a Search option. tap on it.

Step5: Type Now TV and click on Enter.

Step6: Now You can find the Now TV app. Select and Open the App.

Step7: In the Now TV app dashboard, you can find an option to Install. Click on Install.

Step8: It will begin downloading and installing app on your TV.

Step9: Once installation Completes, Open Now TV and Sign in with your account.

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How to access Now TV on LG Smart TV?

Now TV on LG Smart TV
How to Install Now TV on LG Smart TV

The user can easily access the now TV passes on the LG smart TV. The steps are quite easy because the LG smart TV has the now TV app pre-installed in it. All the user have to do is follow the given steps

  • Initially, the user must launch the Now TV that is already installed on the LG smart TV.
  • To note: if the LG TV is an old version update is very advisable.
  • The user should then select the account.
  • The user should then select the passes ( the user can start up with a free trial ).
  • Or the user can also access Sky Sports on the basis of day, week, or month pass.
  • Now the user should click on enter personal details.
  • Then the user should enter his or her username and password.
  • The user has to accept the terms and conditions provided.
  • It is mandatory to fill the payment details.
  • After that, you will get to access Now TV App and start watching on LG TV.

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How to Add Now TV App on LG smart TV?

There is nothing to worry about if the user unknowingly deletes the now TV app. The deleted app can re-install on the LG smart TV. It is the same steps as given above until step 5.

The steps to be followed after entering the individual description of the now TV app is just clicking the install button.

How to Remove Now TV App from LG TV?

To remove the Now TV app from the LG smart TV the user should follow the given steps.

  1. The user must open the LG content store. It is available on the home screen that is on the ribbon menu.
  2. Then the user should select the app button. The Button is available on the top of the page.
  3. The user should then search for the now TV app.
  4. Once you find the app, click on it.
  5. It redirects you to a separate page. This page contains the details of the app and reviews.
  6. Now the user must find the X over the individual description page ( on the individual app tile).
  7. The user should click on the X that highlights.
  8. Once the user presses enter the app gets deleted.

How to Move Now TV App on LG TV?

The user can move the app to different spots on the ribbon menu. For this, the user has to select the app and then press and hold the enter button. The user will see two options to open and edit mode.

The user must click on the edit mode. And then to move the app along with the scrolling ribbon menu the user can use the left and right buttons on the remote. And the app gets to a new location.

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The Solution to fix Now TV App not working on LG TV?

Some of the users face issues while using the Now TV on their devices. To resolve these issues appearing on the LG TV.

Taking a long time to load

If it takes a long time to load. The user must keep patience because it is due to a slow network (buffering). If it takes too long the users can follow the given steps.

  • The user should reduce the number of devices connecting on the same internet connection.
  • Actually, The user also stops the large downloads that are in process.
  • The user should not forget to check the internet speed. The WiFi connection speed should be 2.5 Mbps. The 3G/4G connection should have a 450 kbps speed.

This will help the user to reduce the risk of taking a long time to load.

Now TV app not visible on the home screen

If the now TV app is not visible on the home screen within the available premium section the user must accomplish the initialization of the premium. There are two methods are given below.

Method 1

  • The user must press on home or the smart button on the remote control.
  • Press on the setting.
  • Then the user should press on the support option.
  • Then select the initialization of the premium option.

Method 2

  • The user should press the home or the smart button.
  • The user should then select the premium option. Or can click on green for the standard remote controls.
  • Then the user can select the initialization of premium.
  • Now the user can press ok

Thus the user can make the now TV app appear if it is not visible on the premium section.

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To Conclude

 As the Now TV app is already installed on the LG smart TV it is quite easy to access it. We gave all the simplest ways so that new users can also use it. LG Smart TV also has many other apps that are pre-installed.

This pre-installation helps the user by not availing additional setups to connect the app to Smart TV. The now TV smart stick and now TV box is available to connect the apps to TV. Sometimes, Chromecast is also used.

But these additional connections are not required in the case of LG smart TV. Thus access the now TV app on LG smart TV and experience the rich feel of watching movies online on the smart TV.

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