How to Get Now TV App on Firestick in 5 Minutes? [Updated 2022]

Mostly, Everyone would have heard about the Now TV App and trending all over the World. In recent times, most of the users love watching Gangs of London which is available on Now TV. A lot of series, local channels also available on the application and can be watched on the device on subscription. Also, Now TV is providing Now TV Stick to watch their shows online but there is some difficulty in installing third-party apps. A user looking forward to installing Now TV app on Amazon Firestick to watch all the series and videos by subscribing.

But Now TV has not officially announced the application for firestick. Because they are also launched a Now TV Stick against Amazon Firestick and became the competitor. However, The Now TV offers lots of TV Channels and new web series to attract the customers even though it lacks on User experience.

Amazon Firestick is a simple Streaming device which does not has its own content and allows the different developer to upload their application on their store for the users. So, Amazon simply gets trending by User experience provided to the user and allows them to perform any task in it.

Now TV Url for Firestick supports all the Firestick versions like Firestick 4k, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and more. However, the installation procedure is the same for all the version and follow the guide. In this Detailed guide on Now TV for Firestick, we are gonna deeply discuss the Installation procedure and process to Setup Now TV app on Fire TV.

What is NOW TV App?

Now TV is an online application to watch all your favorite shows, videos, Tv-Shows, Sports and, local channels at a single place. Actually, It works based on the subscription packages but it does not have any contract with the users. Moreover, it supports all the devices like Android, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and more.

The application consists of different genres to watch from the adult to kids. Moreover, Now Tv has different kinds of pass to watch according to your usage and saves your budget. Also, it keeps on updating the streaming content frequently and entertain each and everyone according to their mood.

Features of NOW TV App

  • Now TV is a Contract free streaming that comes up with the best Subscription packages for customer satisfaction.
  • However, it has many subscription packages for different genres like Entertainment, Sports, Kids, Cinema, and Hayu. Users can subscribe according to their needs.
  • Entertainment pass which comes up with 200 boxes set on all demand. It includes TV channels, and addictive shows to watch in one place.
  • Movies play a major role in the Cinema Pass which provides thousands of movies on different genes. Users can enjoy watching all the movies according to their mood.
  • Make your kid sit in a place by watching their favorite shows by subscribing to the Kids Pass. It comes with lots of cartoon channels, and thousands of episodes.
  • Then the Sports Pass which comes up with all the favorite sports channels on your device. It has 11 sports channels with many subscription packages like day, week, month, and mobile.
  • User can choose their package according to their needs.
  • Hayu pass is the new pass available on the Now TV, especially for the reality Shows. It provides 5000 episodes of US reality shows and KUWTK Plus.
  • Now TV app supports all the devices like iPhone, iPad, PS4, PS3, Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, and PC WIndows.

How to Sign Up for Now TV?

Most of the user has and doubt in signing up for Now TV and subscribe to their Pass. Just follow the steps below Sign UP.

Note: Actually, Sign Up from your PC or Mobile because it will easy to navigate through the stuff and typing rather than Firestick.

That’s it. You will get an email notification and username password to log in. Enjoy watching all your favorite shows, sports, and much more.

Check Out How to Sign UP for NOW TV in detail to Start 7-Day Free Trial.

Note: Once the 7-day free trial is over, Now TV will automatically debit the amount from your card details.

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How to Download and Install Now TV App on Firestick?

Now TV on Firestick

In the Recent Times, Now TV is the most searched application for the Firestick. because the app is not available on the Amazon App store and has to be sideloaded from the third-party website. So, most of the users looking for the best sites to download the Now TV app for Firestick.

Even after downloading the Now TV URL for Firestick, it makes a problem while installing. If you are facing any issues while installing check out the Now TV now Working Guide. From there you can get all the solutions to the problem on Now TV or check out Now TV help.

Let’s Move on to the Installation part. there are many methods available on Firestick to install an application. however, the basic installation procedure is from Amazon Website or App store. But it is not available so, the user has to look for alternate options like downloader app, Es File Explorer, Apps2Fire, and much more.

Below You can find three different methods with step-by-step installation steps(including screenshots).

Method1: How to Sideload Now TV on Firestick using Downloader

Method2: How to Install Now TV on Amazon Firestick using Es File Explorer

Method3: How to Download Now TV App on Amazon Fire TV using Apps2Fire

These are the three recommended methods to install Now TV. Also, there is another method by installing Apitode TV on a firestick. But it is not recommended.


The Prerequisite has to be done before downloading any app that is not listed in Amazon App Store. It has to be followed for all the methods given above.

Step1: Turn On the TV and make sure that you have Plugged in Firestick.

Step2: Make sure that you have an active internet connection and it connects with your TV.

Step3: Move on to Setting on the Top menu using your Remote.

Step4: Open Settings and there you can find My Fire TV/Device.

Step5: Select and Open it. there you can find Developer options.

Step6: In that, you can find Apps from Unknown Sources. tap on it to turn it ON.

Step7: A Pop-up-window appears on the screen with notifications. Again Click on Turn On.

Step8: That’s it. Get back to the Home screen.

How to Sideload Now TV on Firestick using Downloader App?

Everyone would have known about and used the Downloader App on Firestick. If you hadn’t used then also it not an issue. It is a user-friendly application and best to Download apps on firestick.

Application is available at free of cost. just follow the steps below and get to know the procedure to install both the downloader app and NOW TV APP.

Step1: In-Home Screen, you can find a Search option on the top menu bar.

Step2: Tap on it and Type Downloader App.

Download Now TV App on Amazon Firestick

Step3: Actually, A list of applications appears on the Screen. Just Select Downloader App and Open it.

Download Now TV APP on Firestick

Step4: In Downloader App Dashboard, you can find an option as Get it.

Step5: Tap on the Downlaod it.

Get Now TV App on Firestick

Step6: Instantly, it will begin downloading and installing the app on your firestick device.

Step7: Once the installation completes, Click on Open.

Step8: In Downloader App home screen, you can find a Place to Enter a URL.

Step9: Type the URL as given below.

NOW TV URL for Firestick :

Step10: After typing the URL, click on Go.

Step11: It will begin downloading or installing the APK file of NOW TV on your device.

Install Now TV on Firestick

Step12: Downloading takes time depending on your internet connection speed.

Step13: Once the download completes, a window pops-up on the screen. Asking permission to Install.

Step14: Click on Install.

Download Now TV on Firestick

Step15: Installation begins and takes less than a minute.

Step16: Once the Installation Completes, Click on Done.

Then, move on to the Apps section on your device. There you can find the Now TV app and just tap on it to Open.

Enjoy using the Application and move on to the next step Sign in the process below.

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How to Install Now TV on Amazon Firestick using Es File Explorer?

Es File Explorer is one of the best file managers and also used to Download files. Actually, Some of the android user love using Es File explorer so we have made installation steps using Es File Explorer.

Step1: Open Search from the Top Menu bar.

Step2: Type Es File Explorer and click OK button in your remote.

Now TV on Fire TV

Step3: A list application appears on the screen, in that Select Es File Explorer and open it.

Now TV on Amazon Firestick

Step4: In Es File Explorer dashboard, you can find a options as Get it.

Step5: As soon as, you hot the button. it will begin downloading and installing the app on your firestick.

Now TV on  Amazon Firestick

Step6: Once installation completes, Click on Open.

Step7: In Home page bottom, you can find a menu bar with few options. In that select “+” tab.


Step8: A Small pop-up appears on the screen asking for information. Enter the details as given below.

Now TV URL for Firestick


Name: You can keep it according to your wish but if you keep NOW TV it will be easier to identify.

Step9: Then, Click on Download Now.

Step10: Download begins and holds on till the download completes.

Step11: Once the download completes, click on Open File.


Step12: A window pop-up with the option to Install. Click on Install.

Step13: Now TV app will begin to install on your device.

Step14: Once the installation Completes, click on Done.

Now TV App will available in your apps section. Move on to the home page and look out for Now TV and open it. On the Opening of Now TV, it will ask you to Sign In. Follow the Procedure for Sign In Process.

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How to Download Now TV App on Amazon Fire TV using Apps2Fire?

Apps2Fire is an amazing application that install apps on your firestick using IP Address. Install Apps2fire on your Android device and install apps on your firestick.

Step1: Open the Apps2Fire app on your Android device.

Step2: Go to Setup.

Step3: Enter the IP Address of your Firestick.

Step4: Click on Save.

Step5: App will connect to Firestick

Note: A notification appears on Firestick for a new incoming connections. Click on OK.

Step6: In the App, you can find Local Apps. which means the App installed on your Phone.

Step7: Now, Select NOW TV APP from the list.

Step8: A pop-up appears on the screen with an Option to Install. Click on Install.

Step9: It will begin installing the app on your Firestick wirelessly.

Step10: Once the installation completes, you can find the Now TV App on Firestick.

That’s it. you have successfully installed the app on fire tv. Open the App and Sign In by following the Below steps. If you don’t have an account then Sign Up for Now TV.

How to Sign In Now TV on Fire TV?

However, Signing in is so simple and done in a minute if you have an account. If you are not having any Now TV account then create an account by following the Sign Up Procedures. After Signing Up, then open the Now TV app on Firestick.

Step1: Open Now TV App.

Step2: Enter the Username and Password.

Step3: click on Submit.

that’s it. you have signed into Now TV App successfully. Now You can watch all your favorite shows and movies.

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Now TV App Information

App name: Now TV

App Size: 44.4 MB

Developer: Now TV

Device: Firestick

Category: Entertainment

Rating: 4.5/5

Final Words

Mostly, Now TV works perfectly on all the devices but it makes some issues for some users on firestick. So, make sure that you follow the steps in a sequence and keep your firestick in an updated version. If the Now tv works perfectly then you can enjoy watching all your favorite shows, movies, and much more.

In recent time gangs of London is trending on Now TV which has lots of requests to watch online. By Subscribing to the packages, you can watch all the latest series. Actually, Now TV stick has a problem with installing third-party apps on it. That’s why it lacks behind the Amazon firestick.

If you are Now TV lover then buy Now TV Stick and enjoy watching all the movies, TV Shows, Series by choosing the Pass. Now TV on Firestick Guide hopes that you have a clear idea about the installation procedure. if you got any problem, just leave a comment below, and will resolve it as soon as possible.


Is Now TV on Firestick?

Now TV is not available on the Firestick. user has to download it from the third-party website. however, has provided a detailed guide on it and the procedure to install it without any issue.

Is Now TV free?

Now TV app is Free but to watch all your favorite series, movies, sports, and more. you have to subscribe for a now TV Pass to watch all your favorite shows.

How to Get Now TV on Firestick?

The Now TV app is not available on the Amazon App store. So, you have to sideload Now TV app on Amazon Firestick. there are many methods available on firestick to sideload apps. The best Methods are listed below.

Method1: How to Sideload Now TV on Firestick using Downloader
Method2: How to Install Now TV on Amazon Firestick using Es File Explorer
Method3: How to Download Now TV App on Amazon Fire TV using Apps2Fire

The detailed steps and procedure about Now Tv.

How to Download Now TV on Amazon Firestick?

To Download Now TV on Amazon Firestick, you will be in need of two items.

  1. Downloader App or Es File Explorer app.
  2. Now TV URL for Firestick.
    With the help of these items, you can easily download Now TV on Firestick.

How to Stream Now TV on Firestick?

To Stream Now TV on Firestick, you have to Sign In Now TV using your Username and Password. After signing you can select the show to watch on your TV. Or Else, you can cast Now TV to TV from your Android Device using Chromecast or Appmirror App.

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