How to Get Now TV on Xbox /Xbox One /Xbox 360? [Updated 2022]

NOW TV APP on Xbox /Xbox One: The now TV app is accessible on the Xbox. Many of you would wonder questioning yourself  “What is this Xbox?“. Here is the answer it is a game console. It is mainly for playing games. It also helps in accessing various other apps in it. Now let’s see how to use the Now TV app on Xbox.

The now TV app is becoming more prominent and well known. This app is available on more than 60 devices. It helps the user to stream numerous videos. It consists of 5 passes ( entertainment, kids, sports, hayu, sports). The user can initially access the free trial. But payment is required for the subscription of the passes.

The now TV app also provides us with the facilities that are offered by other similar apps. The user can download and watch the videos later. Live videos can be recorded and can be paused and reminded. Many other features are offered by the now TV app.

How to Install NOW TV APP on XBOX?

 Install Now TV App on Xbox by following the given simple steps. however, if you don’t have an account on now TV App. Then, Sign Up for Now TV to watch all your favorite shows.

Now TV on Xbox
How to Install Now TV on Xbox

#1. The user must initiate by signing in to the Xbox and by starting it up.

#2. Then the user must go to the store tab. (It is available on the right side of the dashboard)

#3. The user should go to the store and find the Now TV app.

#4. The user should search for the Now TV app if it is not available. (The app will be provided with the necessary details and descriptions)

#5. The user can get it for free or can pay for installation (select “buy” for getting the app through the process of payment).

#6. The user should then click on confirm. So, that the app will be installed.

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Connecting Now TV App through Xbox to TV

The user can connect the now TV app to the smart TV after the installation of the Now TV app on the Xbox. After the completion of the process of installation, the user should follow the given steps.

  • The user should connect the Xbox to the HDMI cable and the other end of the cable should connect to the HDMI port of the TV.
  • Then the user should turn the television on.
  • The television will start recognizing the Xbox automatically.
  • If not the user must press the home button.
  • Then the user must select the source.
  • And now the user should select the Xbox.
  • Now the Xbox is connected to the TV.
  • The user can access the now TV app that is on the Xbox. And startup using the now TV app.

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Things to check while connecting to TV

1.Turn input signal plus on (or) HDMI UHD color

Mostly, you can Turn On the Input Signals by following the given steps

  • The user should initially navigate and select the settings.
  • Then the user should select “general“.
  • The user should then click on the “external device manager“.
  • The user can see the “input signal plus” next.
  • Mostly, the User should check whether the HDMI UHD color is on especially for that of the models of 2018 and older models.
  • The user should finally select the HDMI port that Xbox is connected to.

2.Turn on 4k and HDR

            Turing on the 4k and HDR is a simple process. It is to make the picture quality better and you can turn it ON on Xbox. If it is in 4k UHD it will automatically ask for a change to 4k HRD. If not the following steps can be followed.

  • The user should navigate to the “settings”.
  • The user should then click on the “display and sounds”.
  • However, The user should then click on the “video output”.
  • The user has to click on video “fidelity or overscan” and confirm whether the auto-detect is selected, if not the user should select it.
  • Then click on the Xbox button or the controller to open up the Xbox guide.
  • The user should again navigate to settings.
  • Once again the user should select the display and sound.
  • The user should then select the video output
  • To enable the HDR the user must check the boxes and confirm.
  • And then allow 4k and allow HDR.

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The solution to Fix Now TV Not Working on Xbox

1.” oops something went wrong”

This error is more common. And this can be rectified by clearing the cache files. If it is still not rectified the user must delete and reinstall the now TV app.

For the Xbox One, you can clear the cache just by holding the power button down while the user turns off his or her Xbox One, console. And if clearing cache does not work. The user can delete and reinstall the now TV app. For this, the user can follow the given steps.

Method 1

  • The user should select the now TV app.
  • And then by pressing the menu button or Xbox one controller the user must select “manage app”.
  • The user should now select “uninstall all”. This should be again done on the pop-up that arises.
  • Now to reinstall the user must go to “ready to install”.
  • And then select install all. The user should do the same on the pop-up that arises.

Method 2

  • Another method is that the user can go to the store on Xbox one dashboard and download the now TV app again.

2. Blank TV screen

This is one of the important issues related to the Xbox ( Xbox One and Xbox One S). To rectify the problem the user should restart. To off the Xbox, the user must press 10 seconds on the button and press the same button to turn on. If the problem is not still rectified the user can access the troubleshooting hub to fix it up.

3. Unable to sign in to the now TV app on Xbox.

If the user is unable to sign in to the now TV app on the Xbox, the user can follow the given steps

  • The user must go to the “settings” in the Xbox.
  • Then the user must select “ease of access“.
  • The user should then turn off the “high contrast mode”.
  • Now the user will be able to log in.

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To Conclude

Usage of Xbox is common among children and adults for it is mainly used for playing games. This console helps us to use a Now TV app through it. Not only now TV app various other apps can also be used.

Many of them do not know these simple tactics of using the now TV app the Xbox. It is much simpler as you can find it in the above-given steps and various methods explained. Those who have an Xbox can start using the now TV app on your devices like television and PCs using the Xbox.

To access it easily follow the above-given methods and make the process simplified band not more complicated. Also, Looking to Install Now TV on other Devices.

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