The 4 Best Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android

Hello, gamers. Have you ever imagined that turning up your Android device into a gaming console? Yes, it is possible. You need not spend much amount to buy the gaming console. Instead of that, the developers made an easy way for you. Before going to buy the Nintendo Switch console, try out the emulators which mimic the Switch. This article helps to discover the best Nintendo switch emulator for your android devices. Scroll down to know more stuff about the android switch emulators.

Nintendo Switch Emulator

Nintendo Switch is a famous video game-based console, available at a reasonable cost. You can explore exciting games on it. This gaming console is a hand-held device, which is preferable for portable to take anywhere. If it’s not comfortable, you can look for the best emulator. That works well with your Android phone itself. There are few applications available on the Online market that lets you play Nintendo games through compatible devices, like android phones and Windows PCs.

All of them quietly imitate like a Nintendo Switch console. As you keep the application in your android smartphone, it, even more, simplifies the portability. Do you want to try? The people who cannot afford to buy a gaming console, this decision would be the right choice. With these applications, you can play exclusive Nintendo games whenever you want. Moreover, the emulators experience playing the games on original gaming devices.

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Best Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android

Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android
Best Nintendo Switch Emulator for Android

Here is the list of Nintendo Switch Emulators for Android devices. It brings out the taste of playing the games on the actual console. There are many emulators out there that work well on compatible platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android. This write-up especially focused on the emulator’s suits for Android devices. Shall we surf the best applications one by one? Here we go.

  • Yuzu Emulator
  • Mega N64
  • New NS Emulator
  • SwitchDROID Android
  • MonoNX

Mega N64 – Best Nintendo switch Emulator

First up, we will start with this excellent AndroidSwitch emulator called Mega N64. The 64 denotes the 64-bit Nintendo games. As you guess, you can ultimately experience all the feasible features of 64-bit class games. Once you have done with the initial settings, you need not set them up all the time. It is quite simple to install the application on your Android device. Furthermore, you can customize the settings and controls as you desired.

You can play the most famous games such as Doom 64, Mario Kart 64, and Resident Evil 2 on your hand-in smartphones. This particular emulator is specially made for 64-bit classic games, released by Nintendo. It highlights the awesome graphical user interface, which enables the user to play in the animatic environment. The clarity may change based on the device that you have chosen.

New NS Emulator

Our next choice is New NS Emulator. It is a great Android emulator available at free of cost. Most interestingly, this is the perfect Emulator not only workable on smartphones but also compatible on all the Android-driven platforms. Sounds good, right? It is a power pact emulator compiled with impressive features for gamers. The most highlighting features are you can able to take screenshots and you can access the virtual screen keypad.

Along with that, you can raise up the volume with high-quality sound effects. It really sounds well while playing the Nintendo games. It smoothens the flow of delivering games with lots of visual effects as well as sound effects. The speed of the games entirely depends on your Android device capacity. It runs almost all the high-end games like Final Fantasy X, Resident-Evil 2, WWF War, and more.

SwitchDROID Android

SwitchDROIDis the next better choice for Android users. The name itself delivers the theme of this application. It is well-known for its awful graphical interface and playability. It consists of almost all the Nintendo Switch video games.This emulator seems like, it’s actually made for your Android devices to run the Nintendo games seamlessly.

Along with the Android device, it is also compatible with other external gamepads.In addition to that, it is capable of emulating other Nintendo consoles like Nintendo 64 and 3DS. The user can able to customize the controls and settings as their comfort. Overall, it does the job well and you can enjoy all the games offered by Nintendo, through accessing your touch screen device.


MonoNX is another wonderful Switch emulator for your Android smartphone. Nintendo games are most interesting when you play that on your hand-in Android device. For that, you have to pick out the right emulator. Here is it.  It does the job well with its simplified interface. It is one of the most recommended gaming applications for gamers who looking for the best Nintendo games. This emulator focuses on the ROM of the video games to run on the device.

This emulator is famous for its simplicity and ease of access with the interface. Basically, it starts the works with two types of functions such as, Loading the ROM and View Display. This emulator does not include the ROM of your preferred games. Hence, we should load the ROM of the video games that you want to run through this emulator. After that, it redirects you to the View Display section. Here, you can play the chosen games.

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To end up this article, all the above-discussed applications are performing well. It mimics the entire features of the original gaming console. Once you get started with the games, you may not feel that you are using an emulator. Since the android devices similarly work like the Switch gaming console. This android emulator saves your money and enhances the functionality of the gaming environment in compact devices. That’s all with this article. I hope, you can enjoy playing the games with these emulators on your Android smartphone.

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