How to Add and Watch Netflix on Roku? [Steps to Sign out Netflix on Roku]

Discover the trending service for streaming your favorite videos. Here is the better choice for your search. That is Netflix. Nowadays we can’t see any android smartphones, smart TVs, Tablets without Netflix. It enriches the services to Internet users according to the subscriptions. Most of the Roku devices support Netflix and come up with an official Netflix application. The below section gives you helpful information about Netflix and how to set it up in Roku streaming player. So keep scroll down this article till the end.


Netflix is one of the most recently trending media player developed by Reed Hastings. It is an American company and providing worldwide services. Moreover, it touched 193 million paid subscribers. This technology comforts us to watch TV shows, series, comedies, Award-winning movies, blockbuster films, documentary films, the latest trailers, and so on. According to the subscription plans, users get standard to premium access on Netflix.


  • Users can purchase different levels of subscriptions from lower to higher cost so that You can choose the Best Netflix plan either monthly or yearly.
  • Each plan contains many screens. The screen is nothing but running platforms such as Smartphones, Pcs, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, streaming devices.
  • Netflix offers a free trial for 30 days to new users. Possible to create a profile for up to 5 users in one account to access multiple accounts.
  • It has parental controls and contains a separate section for kids.
  • Available in more than 20 different languages all over the globe and grabs millions of users.
  • Netflix application occupies just 16 MB storage space in your Android device.
  • It offers the Resolution of videos with HD quality, Ultra HD effects based on the fastest uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Users can customize the subtitles and make use of alternative Audio facilities.
  • Netflix includes a variety of web series, Documentary films, Award-winning films, TV series, comedy shows, latest movies in various languages.
  • If you want to watch it later, you can go for the download option.
  • Visit this website to know more about Netflix, subscriptions, and membership plans, according to every region on this globe

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The combination of streaming service (Netflix) and streaming device (Roku) gives a great impact on the users. It is pretty simple to install Netflix on Roku devices.

Netflix on Roku
How to Add and Watch Netflix on Roku?

STEP1: Plug in the Roku player in the HDMI port of your smart TV. Switch on Roku device with Roku remote. Make sure with an Internet connection.

STEP2: Press the HOME button to land onthe Home screen of  Roku.

STEP3: Choose the Streaming channels section below the Home menu.

STEP4: It list outs all the available streaming channels on your Roku device. Scroll down to find the Netflix application under the movies and TV category.

STEP5: Click on the Netflix application. It highlights the +Add channel option.

Add Netflix Channel to Roku
Add Netflix Channel to Roku

STEP6: After selecting the add channel, click the Go to Channel option to download it.

STEP7: Now, it’s successfully installed on your Roku device and you can start using the Netflix application.

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After the successful installation, you can start using the Netflix application on the Roku streaming player.

STEP1: Click on the Netflix application after finishing the above steps.

STEP2: As soon as open the application it shows a sign-in option. Enter your username and password to sign in.

STEP3: If you are already a member of the Netflix account, you need not do sign in.

Click YES and follow the on-screen instruction to choose the membership plan.

STEP4: According to the cost you will get unlimited features.  After finishing the membership details you can start streaming your videos on Roku.

Now it’s time to watch your favorite TV shows and online streaming movies on Netflix through the RokuTV screen.


Step1: Open My Channels.

Step2: In that, Select Netflix and Open it.

Step3: Now, Select Setting in the Netflix Sidebar.

Step4: In that, you can find Sign out option.

Step5: Tap on it to log out Netflix on Roku.

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Yes. Of course. Roku supports all the streaming services and promotes the user to access it. Most of the Roku models come up with official streaming applications like Netflix and Youtube. The above-stated procedures are the same for all the models of Roku streaming players such as Roku TV, Roku 1, 2, Express, Express+, Roku Premiere, Premiere+, Roku Stick, and Roku Ultra. Updated models give enhanced performance and quality to the viewers.


Sometimes, the Netflix application pre-installed on Roku devices. If it’s not there you have to download it from the channel store. Roku is one of the topmost streaming players. Netflix also gives streaming services. Hence, anyone can undoubtedly go for Netflix services on Roku to stream your online shows. Using the above procedures you can install Netflix on Roku streaming player.


If your hobby is watching web series, top online streaming videos then you can go for Netflix. That too in Roku streaming player enriches the resolution and quality of the media.

Start stream your favorite videos on the Internet.I hope, this article suggests the recommended steps tosolves all of your queriesto get Netflix on Roku in all possible ways. Make use of it and thanks for reading this article till the end.

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