How to Add and Watch NBC App on Roku? [Activate NBC App]

Everyone looking for streaming services, Right? We are crossing a variety of updating development in streaming services day by day. Let’s dig one of the popular services which we had from the past.  That is NBC. It gives lots of entertaining content that includes series, movies, and all the streaming stuff. We know, Roku is one of the most recommended streaming players.  If  NBC service available on Roku means why should we miss this reliable service? So, Here we go. To know how to activate NBC on Roku, then keep scrolling your cursor towards down.

What is NBC?

NBC is the abbreviation of National broadcasting company. It is an American television network service owned by NBC Universal. NBC is also referred to as “Peacock Network” because the logo of NBC is represented in the theme of peacock feathers. This service was launched in the US, but it’s not meant that it is limited only to the users in the US. Viewers outside of America too can stream their favorite content on NBC through streaming devices and Live streams. NBC provides the most popular and famous series, news, TV shows, and so on.


NBC offers enormous salient features to users worldwide. A few of the impressive features are given below:

  • NBC provides International broadcast which grabs the users’ view.
  • Using the NBC application, users can watch live shows on their smartphones, tablets, or any streaming devices like ROKU.
  • The NBC app offers to watchLiveseries, throwback series, new episodes, latest TV shows on your TV, Streaming media, Android Tablet free of cost.
  • For all the live news, and any other latest shows users can allow accessing the Closed captioning option for subtitles.
  • Can create an individual profile in NBC Universal to save the liked media, putting in favorites, and continue to watch the TV shows across all of your devices.
  • In NBC, one can watch from the older series to current episodes like Bravo, E!, SYFY, USA, Oxygen, This is the US, Saturday Night Live, and so on.
  • It provides regional channels and TV shows according to the region or Nation. From that user can entertain by watching classic hits, local news, Local TV series, new episodes, etc.

Can you Watch NBC Live on Roku?

Yes. The NBC application contains all the live castings contents which can run on Roku TV. Most importantly, it works based on the region.

So the live castings will be broadcast depends on the location of the user. In every region, there is a local TV provider who will handle the TV broadcasting, and telecast their regional local channels. It is possible to link TV providers and the NBC stations together under mutual agreements. With this, users can watch all the latest live streams instantly on the TV.

Is NBC on Roku?

Yes. Of course. Mostly, the Roku player comes up with a standalone application for NBC.It’s quite easy to add the channel on Roku. It is a quick and easy method to watch and activate NBC on Roku TV. Especially, using this application on a streaming device, the user can stream live content for free of cost. So, All the Roku users should try out this seamless service of NBC.

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How to Add and Watch NBC App on Roku?

NBC App on Roku
How to Add and Watch NBC App on Roku?

Don’t need to spend an hour to get the NBC application on Roku. Since the Roku device comes up with a pre-installed application of NBC. It is pretty easy to watch NBC on Roku. Read out the following steps:

STEP1: First of all, Set up the Roku device in the HDMI port of your smart TV. Make sure to fix internet access rapidly.

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

STEP2: Secondly, Turn on your Roku device, with your Roku remote. Press the Home button to land on the Roku Home page.

STEP3: Next, Click on the Streaming channel section on the Home screen.

Select Streaming Channel | NBC on Roku
Select Streaming Channel

STEP4: Select the Search Channels option and search for NBC. Then, it navigates to the suggestion lists. In that list, choose the required term NBC.

Select Search Channels | NBC on Roku
Select Search Channels

STEP5: It will redirect to the NBC channel page. Click on the +Add channel option which is highlighted for add the channel in Roku.

STEP6: Finally, it prompts the message as “the channel added successfully” after the successful installation.ClickOK.

How to Activate NBC on Roku?

Have you done the above steps? Then, we have simple steps to finish the activation process here. Few more steps to go.Keep reading the following section.

STEP1: Open the NBC channel from the channel list displayed in the Roku Channels section.

STEP2: If you launching the channel for the first time, Roku shows the activation code on the screen. Make a note of the code.

STEP3: Meanwhile, open your web browser on PC or phone, and go to the official page of the Roku activation link or simply click this web address

Enter Activation Code for NBC
Enter the Activation Code

STEP4: In your PC or phone, Enter the code in the Activation Code box, which was displayed in Roku.

STEP5: After type, the NBC Activation code, click on the Continue button.

Activate NBC on Roku
click on Continue

STEP6: On the next screen, it will refresh and NBC is successfully activated on your Roku TV. At last,  you can stream your favorite shows of NBC on your Roku player.

That’s it. Anyone can follow the above guidelines and watch the NBC channel and relevant shows on Big screen like Roku streaming TV.

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Final Verdict

To end up, hope all the Roku users will try out the fascinating features of NBC. That too in Roku streaming player gives lively experience to watch your favorite TV shows, Live streams on Big screen. Activating NBC, you never miss out on any NBC shows, series, and episodes, as well as local news. Now, it’s time to stream your impressive shows. Thank you for not skipping this article and read till the end.

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