How to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware to Latest Version in 2022

Hello friends. Searching for a flawless streaming service? Check out this cheap and best choice named MXQ Pro 4k firmware. As we all know, Android provides amazing service to users. After the usage of Android phones, now Android TV turned into the most recommended device. Most of the users fall on the impressive features of Android TV. Many of you were aware of the streaming services. Right? It helps to stream exclusive video content on your TV.

When you purchase the Android TV, you will get an HD streaming device along with it. If you looking for any other streaming player for the Android TV, MXQ Pro 4k is a perfect choice. Moreover, this one is considered to be a low-budget service compared to other streaming players. This article gives the simple procedure to download and update the MXQ Pro 4k firmware. 

Highlights of MXQ pro 4k

  • MXQ Pro 4k runs on Amlogic S905 with Android 5.1 Lollipop version.
  • Less expensive than Amazon Firestick.
  • Preferable to watch Kodi is a stunning feature of the MXQ streaming player.
  • It gives reliable access to the users.
  • Cost-effective and user-friendly
  • This device is mainly designed for streaming and not to run high-definition games.

Things to be ready

Before going to update the firmware, you have to ready with the following requirements.

  • Windows Personal Computer with seamless Internet access.
  • USB to USB cable
  • USB burning Tool – Download the proper Amlogic USB burning tool from the official website. After downloading the file, install it on your device.
  • Visit the official website of MXQ pro 4k firmware to get the software package. There, you can download the latest version of MXQ pro.
  • Keep all the above-mentioned things ready, and follow the further steps discussed in the below section.

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How to Download MXQ Pro 4k firmware update?

MXQ Pro 4k Firmware
How to Update MXQ Pro 4k Firmware

STEP1:Initially, turn on your Windows PC. Make sure to connect the uninterrupted Internet Access.

STEP2:Secondly, be ready with the latest version of the MXQ pro 4k firmware package on your computer.

STEP3:Next, take your double-ended USB to USB cable. Plug-in the one end with your Mxq pro player and another end with the Windows PC.

STEP4:In your MXQ pro 4k streaming player, you can see the reset button. Press the button and hold it for 10 seconds. Kindly, don’t refresh or release the button until you finish up the last step.

STEP5:Meanwhile, install the USB burning tool and launch it on your computer. After the installation., open the tool.

STEP6:Here, click on the File menu placed on the menu bar at the top. It shows the import image option. Tap on it.

STEP7:The image fill will be downloaded in the downloaded firmware section in the .img format. Select the file to open it.

STEP8:On the next screen, you can see the Overwrite key option on the right side. Click to untick the key.

STEP9:Above the overwrite key, you can see the Start button. Make a click on the start option to start the process of update.

STEP10:It will take a while to finish up the update process. Once you have done, you can successfully get the updated version. If you ready with the upgraded version, you can press the reset button.

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Final Words

To sum up, we have seen all the necessary steps to be done to download the MXQ pro firmware update. The most important thing is you have to be ready with the correct USB burning tool. Because without having the tool you cannot accomplish the update process. Most notably, you can use the steps only on Windows PC, but not on Mac computers. I hope, this write-up helps to resolve the queries regarding the MXQ pro 4k firmware update.

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