Lost Remote to Firestick? Simple step to Find Lost Firestick Remote

Human nature is forgetting Something and lost anything. After the loss, we search for that. It’s common for everyone. But, if you lost any important things and usage products, you have to recover them and use them. For that, you should have the proper solution. From that, this article is going to give some interesting tricks to get your lost Firestick Remote. To forget the remote is the most common for everyone’s life. So, this article is to explain some tricks to find out your Firestick Remote and the alternative methods.

To Understand the Issue

Fire Tv Stick is the most prominent usage of the tv to operate everything. But, if you lose your Firestick Remote, you are not able to do anything. Because you should have an internet connection after setting up the device. For that, to connect the WiFi connection, you have to need the remote to save the details on your device. If you lose your remote, the device remains on all the time. This is the most critical situation to handle the tv without the Firestick Remote. So, you should understand the problem when you lose the remote. But, here you will get some important features to solve your problem.

Tricks To Find Lost Firestick Remote

The article is only about to explain the Tricks of finding the remote and some alternatives to get back the remote. To know the information follow the upcoming situations.

Lost Firestick Remote
Lost Firestick Remote

Situation 1: When Firestick Remote Lost In House

In your home, you lose your Firestick Remote, you have to know some information to handle the situation. So, initially, you can use the Fire Tv App on your Mobile Device or iOS. You can control and navigate your system through your mobile device. So, you can easily connect the internet to both the devices and just log in to the application from your mobile and use it properly.

Here, you have to install the Fire Tv App on your Play Store or App Store and then Download it. After connecting to the internet, without any login process, you can directly pop up the application. After opening the app, it asks to provide the 4 digits PIN. When you see the code on your TV, connect the Fire Tv remote app with the code to your Firestick. Now, everything is clearly done through the mobile device. So, you can use this method when you lose your Firestick Remote.

Situation 2: When You Lose It Away From Home

The next method is when you are away from the home, but you have to operate your fire TV, you can use the upcoming details. So, initially, you have to need one Android device to play as the Firestick Remote. And, you also want to get the other device that creates a WiFi hotspot. If you are not able to have Android and iOS, you can use the Windows Computer, Mac Computer, Or SmartPhone with WiFi connection option.

Now, you have to install the Fire tv app On your Android and log in with your Amazon details. Then, you have to create a WiFi hotspot option using similar details from your home WiFi. You have to make a name and password in the same way. Now, you should create the new hotspot using the same name and password. This Fire Tv stick method should connect to the TV and you have to turn on it. Finally, your WiFi hotspot is connecting automatically. Now, you have to connect the other Android Device to the same network.

At last, your Fire Tv Stick will popup Directly on your Fire TV without the remote. You can use this method to connect your device correctly. It’s a little bit crucial and easy to handle and make it simple.

Situation 3: Use Earlier-Gen Firestick Remote

Earlier generation Firestick remote
Old generation Firestick remote

The Amazon Fire Tv stick comes with the preceding compatibility. Here, you can take the previous and old Fire Tv Stick’s Remote and use it as a default. This old and earlier remote didn’t have any proper buttons and keys. But, it works in the same way. For this, you have another option to operate the old remote. That is, you may pair up the previous-gen remote with the trending Firestick.

So, now you have to select and enter the Home button. Then, back or enter the left arrow key buttons at the same time for some time. Then, you have to restart your Firestick. This latest remote will start work directly after restarting the device. Finally, you can use this method when you lose your Firestick Remote.

Situation 4: Use Your TV’s Remote To Control FireStick

TV remote to control Firestick - Lost Firestick Remote
TV remote to control Firestick

The following method is, you may use your tv remote which you used for the smart tv. Here, The smart tv comes with the Electronic Control or HDMI – CEC device. This helps you to control the electric devices which combine with your tv through the remote of HDMI. When the time of missing your remote, this feature will help you a lot.

Some other smart TVs have this feature as default. Every tv has different methods to operate the remote. So, you have to check once and then use it. For example Philips – EasyLink, LG -SimpLink, Hitachi – HDMI-CEC, Sony -Bravia Sync, and much more. Then, you have to check the HDMI CEC option in the tv settings and then enable it. Now, you can press the keys from your television without any trouble. Finally, you can navigate the keys and use them in the same manner.

Situation 5: Use Mouse Or Keyboard With FireStick

mouse and keyboard with firestick
mouse and keyboard with firestick

The above methods of using mobile the device, old remote, and Smart TV method will help you to operate the tv smartly. But, the problem is you are not able to use the Mouse or Keyboard to operate the Fire tv. This Firestick is not offering many web browsers to you. So, you can pair up the external mouse after using the micro USB splitter. It’s available on Amazon. You can use it sensitively.

Final Verdict

Yes! If you lose something, you get the best which is much better than the previous. Like that, if you lost your Firestick Remote, you can have some other options and tricks to handle that. In the above subject, you can see the methods to handle the situation when you lose your Firestick Remote. So, don’t panic and don’t get free when you lose your Remote. It has some alternatives to recover from that. So, use this article when you accidentally lose your remote.

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