How to Download and Watch Kodi on Roku? [Best method to Install Kodi]

Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to install Kodi. Are you searching for the best methods to install Kodi on Roku? Then you are in the right place. Come, let’s get into the content.

Before that, let’s see what is Kodi, and what are its uses on Roku? Kodi is an open-source media player by the XBMC foundation. It is available for multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, and much more. Kodi uses a 10-foot user interface to use it with televisions and remote controls.

In simple terms, it allows access to watch all types of contents including music and videos. The best part of Kodi is that you can use the content on various devices like mobile, laptop, TV, tablet, and many more devices. If your question is what Kodi can do? You should change it to what Kodi cannot do?.

Yes, Kodi is a software application that can even store and play your music on all the possible formats. Now let’s move on to the streaming device Roku. Roku is one of the best media players in the line of streaming devices. It can turn your normal TV into a smart TV. Roku even changes the way you watch TV. With its built-in Channel store, you have a lot to explore.

I hope you have got a short introduction to both Roku and Kodi. If you are ready let’s get into the methods of installing Kodi on RokuTV. Come, let’s get into the content.

Is Kodi Available on Roku?

Now many of your’s questions will can we install Kodi on Roku? Unfortunately, it is not possible to install Kodi directly. Roku is not similar to Android’s open operating system. But it’s similar to the Apple TVs’ closed operating system.

As Kodi supports third-party plugins to stream movies and TV shows, but Roku doesn’t support it. It seems to be violating the terms and conditions of Roku. So, the Kodi app is not available for the direct download on Roku’s Channel Store.

Can We Jailbreak Roku and Install Kodi?

Roku’s operating system is very similar to Apple’s OS in terms of security. It is highly secure and it’s impossible to jailbreak Roku and install Kodi.

Is it possible to use Kodi on Roku?

Yes, it is possible to use Kodi on Roku. But how? Well, if you have an Android smartphone or Windows PC, you can use the Screen Mirroring option in it. Screen mirroring or Miracast is the only option by which you can use Kodi.

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How to Get Kodi on Roku?

As I said earlier you cannot download Kodi on Roku. But you can use the Miracast option to access Kodi. Meaning it is possible to watch your favorite content by using Kodi.

Kodi on Roku
How to Download and Watch Kodi on Roku?


Below are the requirements which you must satisfy in order to access Kodi on Roku.

  • Android smartphone or Windows PC that supports the Kodi app
  • Roku TV or Streaming stick/player that supports screen mirroring.

If you are ready with the requirements, continue with the following methods. I hope this will make your process uncomplicated.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

Here are the few steps on how to enable screen mirroring or miracast on Roku.

STEP1: Initially Power on your Roku device.

STEP2: Press the Home button and click on the Settings option.

STPE3: Now click on the System Settings and select the Screen Mirroring option on the following page.

STEP4: Select Screen Mirroring mode in the current page.

STEP5: On the following page either select Prompt/Always Allow in order to connect your Roku with other devices.

Now, your Roku device is ready to cast screen from other devices.

How to Get Kodi on Roku using Android?

In this method, we are going to cast Kodi on Roku from any of your Android devices. For instance, Android smartphones. Continue with the following steps to screen mirror Kodi successfully.

STEP1: Initially, navigate to Settings on your Android mobile.

STEP2: Tap on the Display option.

STEP3: Select Screencast from the available options.

STEP4: Choose your Roku device from the list of available wireless display devices.

STEP5: Now open the Kodi 18.5 Leia app on your Android smartphone.

STEP6: The interface of the Kodi app on your mobile will start displaying your content on your TV.

This is how you can screen mirror and use the Kodi app by using your Android smartphone.

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How to Install Kodi on Roku using Windows PC?

Let’s see how to screen mirror Kodi from your Windows 10 PC to Roku. Continue with the following steps carefully to perform it successfully.

STEP1: Initially, click on the Start or Windows button.

STEP2: Click on Settings.

STEP3: Tap on the Devices option from the list.

STEP4: On the Bluetooth and Other devices page, click on Add Bluetooth or other device options.

STEP5: Select your Roku device from the list of available wireless display devices.

STEP6: Now start playing your favorite content on your Windows PC from the Kodi app.

The contents on your Windows 10 PC screen will get displayed on the Roku device connected TV via the screen mirroring option. This is how you can start watching Kodi using your Windows PC.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the methods of watching Kodi. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. Kodi is an open-source media player that can run almost all media files. The sad thing is that it is not available for direct download on Roku. No need to worry. You can start watching your favorite content on Roku using any of the above-given steps. I hope that you have an idea of how to get Kodi on Roku.


How do I use Kodi on Roku?

Go to Settings –> Enable Screen mirroring on Roku. Start casting Kodi to Roku from any of your Android devices or Windows PC.

Is it possible to access Kodi on Roku using macOS or iOS?

No. Kodi is not compatible with any of Apple’s devices. So, you cannot access Kodi.

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