ITV Hub on PS5 : How to Get and Watch?

The smartphone brings the world to your hands. Likewise, a gaming console brings the excitement of both entertainment and gaming. Seemingly, PS5 is the latest gaming console from Sony in the PlayStation lineup. Indeed, you can also access media content in addition to popular AAA games.

In that way, this article is dedicated to explore the possibilities to get and watch ITV Hub on PS5. Moreover, ITV Hub is a Britain-based on-demand video streaming service. Let’s find out how to install and watch ITVHub on PS 5 in the following article.

Is ITV Hub available on PS5?

No, the ITV Hub app is not available for PS5 consoles. It means that it is impossible to install the ITV Hub app on PlayStation5. But it does not mean that you cannot watch your favorite ITV Hub shows.

Indeed, there are some possible workarounds to get and watch the desired ITV Hub shows on your respective gaming console. Continue reading the following methods to get and watch ITV Hub on your PlayStation console.

How to Get and Watch ITV Hub on PS5?

As we have seen above, the ITV Hub app is not available to install on PlayStation5. Concerning that, this section will give you an alternative method to get the desired app on PS5.

ITV Hub on PS5
How to Watch ITV Hub
on PS5?

Yes, you can use the screen mirroring method to cast the ITV Hub content to your PS5-connected TV screen. With that being said, here we mention the step-by-step guide to watch ITV Hub on PS 5 using screen mirroring.


Firstly, you have to pair your PS5 console and Android/iOS smartphone to the same Wifi network.


Secondly, install the ITV Hub app and Screen Mirroring app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone.


Then, open the installed ITV Hub app on your smartphone and complete the initial Sign In process.


Following that, Turn On your PlayStation 5 console and ensure that it has an active internet connection.


Press the PS button on the PS5 controller, and that will take you to the Game Base.


Choose the Send a Quick Message option and select a friend from the list.


Type the link “” and send that to your friend.


Now, click the respective link on the screen.


At this point, your PS5 console will display a Screen Mirroring QR Code.


Open the Screen Mirroring app on your smartphone and provide the needed access.


Then, use the respective app to scan the QR code on the screen.


With that being done, your smartphone will be mirrored to the PlayStation5-connected TV screen.


Now, open the ITV Hub app on your smartphone, select the videos you wish, and start watching them on your PlayStation5 console.

End Note

That’s all to mention about watching ITV Hub on PlayStation5. Unfortunately, the desired streaming service is not available to install on PlayStation5. However, we have included a possible workaround to get and watch your favorite ITVHub shows on your PlayStation5 console. Ensure that you have an active subscription to ITV Hub to access it on compatible streaming devices. Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels are available on ITV Hub?

The ITVHub is a popular video streaming service available in Britain United Kingdom. Indeed, the channels available on ITVX include ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, C ITV, and ITV Be.

Is ITV Hub free?

Yes, ITV Hub is a free service that is available on various pay-TV providers. Moreover, ITVX is an online video streaming service that requires a subscription to access it on your device. Indeed, the ITVX no-ads plan costs around £3.99/month and £39.99/year.

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