How to Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV?

Using streaming apps on smart TVs has become common. Numerous applications are used for streaming. But many have confusion about using these apps on smart TVs especially in LG smart tv. Today let us see how to use the ITV Hub on LG Smart TV.

What is ITV Hub?

The ITV hub helps the users to watch the ITV shows on demand. This application is free. But the users must have an ITV hub account. And this account can be created on the website. In short, this app offers a digital streaming service of ITV. The users of this application can access most of the favorite classic films. And this app is more prominent in the UK. The mobile app can be accessed to watch left-out shows and famous series.

Can you Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV?

No, ITV Hub App is not available on LG Content Store. But it is possible to watch ITV Hub shows by opening it on the LG Web browser on the TV. Or else you can use any streaming device to install ITV HUB.

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How to Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV?

This app is not accessible on old LG TVs. But the latest LG smart tv allows the  ITV Hub to be installed and used. The users of the LG smart tv that supports the ITV Hub can follow the below-given steps to download and install the application on LG smart tv. Users can also get this app on the LG smart tv screen in other ways. That is, the users can use casting or streaming devices. For instance, the users can make use of the firestick, Chromecast, or now tv stick. And also the laptop can be used to link to the LG smart tv using the HDMI cable. Here the method to use the ITV Hub app on LG smart tv with the help of firestick is explained.

How to Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV
How to Get ITV Hub on LG Smart TV

How to Install ITV Hub on LG Smart TV Using Firestick

Using firestick is one of the easiest ways to get ITV Hub on LG smart tv. And for that, the users should install or add the ITVHub app in the firestick. Then the users should follow the below-given methods to connect the firestick to the LG smart tv.

#1. Initially, the users should connect the firestick and LG smart tv to the power source.

#2. And then the user should connect the firestick to the HDMI port in the LG smart tv.

#3. Now the user should turn on the tv and select the input option.

#4. After that, the user should select the HDMI port. And thus the firestick logo appears on the tv screen.

#5. Then users will find the firestick paired with the smart tv. Then the users should click on the play/pause button for setup.

#6. Then the users should select the language preferable for usage.

#7. The users have to select “already have an amazon account” if they already have one. Or else the users should sign in from another device.

#8. After the sign-in process, the users will get registered.

#9. On the Home Screen, you can find the Search button. By using it you can search ITV Hub.

#10. Below appears the list of apps, in that select ITV HUB and Open it.

#11. Now, Click on Get it.

#12. And thus the users can start using the installed ITVHub on LG smart tv with the help of firestick.

How to sign in to ITV account

#1. After the installation of the application, the user should launch the app.

#2. And then click on the key on the remote to access the “my ITV” section.

#3. Then the user should click on “sign-in“. Thus a 6 digit code will be displayed.

#4. The user should go to on any other device like PC or Mac.

#5. Now the user should sign-in and enter the 6 digit number there.

(Note: if there is no account already create a new account and sign in.)

#6. The user should click on “continue”  after entering the 6 digit code

#7. And thus the registration process is over and the app is ready to start up service.

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Troubleshoot ITV Hub Not Working On LG Smart TV

The users will find errors with the working of the itvHub app on LG smart tv. And for that, the users can try out these methods to get rid of it.

#1. The users must check good internet connectivity

#2. Also, a good internet speed should be verified

#3. The users should install the latest version of the app.

#4. And also the users should try clearing caches and residual files.

#5. Users can also uninstall and reinstall the application for better functioning.

#6. Above all the users can try hard reset to solve the errors that arise.

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Bottom line

And thus the users can get ITV Hub on LG smart tv. Users can also make use of the other streaming and casting devices. But the only thing to be noted is, it should be compatible with the LG smart tv. Thus follow the above-given methods to easily access the ITVHub app on LG smart tv. Hurry watch all the missed out contents on LG smart tv.

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