iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable and Use it on Windows 10 and MAC?

iTunes Dark Mode: Hey guys. Apple developed the power pact media player called iTunes. It includes so many interesting music libraries and soundtracks. Once you install this app on your hand-in device, you will become more addicted to this app. And so, you might use this app day and night. When you use this app at bedtime, it may cause health issues and eye-strains to you. Since it has a brighter theme by default.

To reduce these side effects, you should enable the night mode or dark mode on your device. The dark themes are specially made for the users, who wish to work more at night time. Moreover, iTunes is the best media player to hear the songs at night time. However, the usage of this app at bedtime is more. Don’t worry. Let us find a way for you. This article deals with the guidelines to enable the dark mode on iTunes.

iTunes Dark Mode

Dark modes will change your screen as a blackish theme. So that, the brightness of your system will not affect your eyes. Most of the users have their work at night shift. For those, it will be more useful. Not only in iTunes, but most of the recent applications also come up with the in-built dark mode feature. That is great. This dark mode feature gives a spooky theme to your screen. It turns the letters on the app in a bright color (by default – white) and background color as black.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on iTunes?

Are you a Windows user or Mac OS user? We have the solution for both of you. Come. Let us surf the ways to get dark mode on your device. Take a glance at this write-up to know the simple steps to enable night mode.

iTunes Dark Mode
iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable and Use it

How to Enable iTunes Dark mode on Windows 10?

As we all know, Windows is a user-friendly platform. It has a welcome feature called Dark mode. The developers took concern with the users and designed the dark theme. It makes the users feel more comfortable accessing the system at any time. Let us go with simple steps to enable dark mode on Windows.

STEP1:Initially, switch on your system. At present, you will have a light mode.

STEP2:Secondly, click the Start button. Navigate your cursor towards the Settings menu. Go ahead with the settings.

STEP3: Next, move on your cursor into the Personalization option.

STEP4: Below the personalization option, click on the colors tab. Here you can toggle between the options to choose light or dark mode. Click the dark button to set the default Window mode as black. (If you don’t want the default theme as black, then click the Light button.)

STEP5: Under that, you can set the default app mode as dark by clicking the dark button. It applies the dark theme for the applications installed on your computers.

STEP6:After finishing these steps, install the iTunes app on your Windows. The app will be turned into a dark mode.

That’s all. This is how you can set up the dark theme effects on your Windows computers.

How to Enable iTunes Dark mode on Mac?

If you have Mac PC, don’t forget to update the Mojave version. Most importantly, iTunes provides dark mode only for Mac Mojave users. When you update the Mojave, it will automatically enable the dark mode. If you haven’t noted the prompt at the time of installation, here you can get to know the further steps.

STEP1:First of all, turn on your Mac computer. Find the Apple logo displayed on your screen.

STEP2:It will display the list of options. In that, choose the option named System Preference.

STEP3: On the next screen, click the General setting in the System Preference window.

STEP4:Here you can see the appearance section. It shows two modes. One is light and another one is Dark. Select the Dark appearance option.

STEP5:Now your Mac computer turns into dark mode. If you launch the iTunes app on Mac, it will turn into a darker theme.

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Can you enable dark mode only at night time?

Of course. Mac PC offers the feature to enable dark mode whenever you want. Not everyone wants to work with the dark mode 24/7. If anybody wants to toggle between night mode and light mode, it is quite simple to activate as per your wish.

STEP1: Firstly, Go to the System preference section.

STEP2: Secondly, tap on the Desktop & Screen saver option.

STEP3: Thirdly, choose the Dynamic Desktop feature.

This Dynamic Desktop feature shows the icons for day and night time. By clicking the appropriate icon, your screen turns into a respective mode. Use this most recommended feature to enable the dark mode only at night time.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, this article gives the simplest method to apply a dark theme to your systems. After setting up the dark mode, your eye may not strain due to light filters. It will dim your brightness into a gray shade. So that, you can work without any troubles even at night times. It is favorable for music lovers to spend more time with the iTunes application at bedtime. That’s all with this article. Thanks for reading till the end.

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