How to Fix iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility Issues?

iOS 13 Chromecast compatibility issues: Apple has launched the beta version of iOS 13 in the mid of June 2019. It has been rolled out to the registered users to check whether the new features work well or show any issues. The new beta version came loaded with many new interesting features and also some bugs as well.

Due to the presence of the bug, some of the apps which you use would behave abnormally. This would be the best update ever given by Apple and for which the Apple users have been waiting for as it has plenty of new updated features. With these updated features one of the issues which Apple users would face will be the Chromecast compatibility issue.

Features of iOS 13 beta:

  • Dark mode
  • Updates on messages, reminders, emoji
  • Updates on Maps UI and Siri
  • Audio sharing with AirPods
  • Cameras and photos
  • Privacy and settings
  • Augmented reality
  • Official game controller support

and much more. iOS 13 beta update the iOS 13 beta version has launched in the mid of June and the public version has been promised to be released at the end of this year 2019. After updating to the beta version one of the main issues faced by Apple users was casting videos. Because the casting icon has been missing in almost all Chromecast compatible apps. This problem would be resolved in the public version.

iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility Issues
How to Fix iOS 13 Chromecast Compatibility Issues?

What is the reason for the iOS 13 Chromecast compatibility issues?

As this is a beta version definitely you might find some compatible issues with the apps you are using. If you have updated your iPhone to the beta version then it may not show casting options although you have Chromecast compatible apps. You could notice this issue especially in the Google home apps because of the version of those apps.

After the iOS 13 beta update, all Apple apps might have become compatible but the other apps should have been manually updated to the latest version. Small changes should be done with the Chromecast apps. Only then the casting feature will work fine.

How to fix the iOS 13 Chromecast compatibility issue:

There are two ways to resolve these compatibility issues. You can either go back to the previous version ie iOS 12 or you can wait till Apple rolls out the public version which comes resolved with all these issues. The problem with reverting back to the previous version is that your phone might get formatted and you have a high chance of losing your data. If you don’t want to lose any of your data then you have to wait till Apple rolls out the public version supporting all apps and features.


The iOS 13 beta version is just for testing. Soon Apple will roll out the public version of iOS 13 which supports all apps and features. You may not again face the same issues in the public version. After updating to the public version you could use all your apps, in the same way, as before.

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