How to Install Android on Nintendo Switch?[Switch Lite]

Hey guys. How many of you familiar with Nintendo Switch? Probably, there is a huge fan-base for the exciting games. That too available on hand-held device means, you should try out the wondering games, available on the gaming console. And so, many of you came across the popular console called Nintendo. If you purchased the Nintendo console, don’t miss the available benefits of it. This article particularly deals with the installation of android on the Nintendo Switch. Look at the necessary steps to be done for the successful installation.

What is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is used as a video gaming console to explore interesting games. It has a variety of games to entertain you. Moreover, it is a hand-in device. It is a great flexible and portable device. Playing the games portably seems nice, since you can play games that are usually played on a PC or home console. Nintendo Switch is made up of two modes. Namely, TV mode and Handheld Mode.

Additionally, you can insert a microSD card in this console up to the storage of 2TB. The clarity of the screen and graphics was designed well to provide better performance and visibility of the system. Overall, Nintendo Switch receives a massive response from the users on the Online market.

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How to Install Android on Nintendo Switch?

Have you ever raised the doubt as is it possible to run android on Nintendo? Undoubtedly the answer is yes. Of course. It is possible to run the Android operating system on your Nintendo console. So that, you can make use of most of the impressive android applications on the gaming console. Sounds good, right? Shall we discuss the guidelines on how to finish up the installation? Here we go.

Install Android on Nintendo Switch
Procedure to Install Android on Nintendo Switch


  • Nintendo Switch console
  • microSD card – must be empty

STEP1:First of all, you need to download the Android ROM. For that, you should download the Android zip file from the Internet.

STEP2:Secondly, select an image that is lesser than the size of your microSD card. In case, if the selected image is greater than the SD card size, it will be overwritten. So that, you should be careful to pick the proper image. It is not an issue when you have even more space in your SD card.

STEP3:Here, do not extract the image. Instead of that, you have to write the picked image on the SD card.

STEP4:After that, you have to download the Gapps for Android 8.1. For this procedure, you should use ARM 64. Place the file on your new unused SD card’s first partition.

STEP5:Make sure that the SD card should be empty. If any file already exists, the new file will be overwritten on it.

STEP6:Then, you have to download the “Shield-ifier” in a zip format. Copy the zip file on your SD card. Through this step, your switch console will identify the file as Nvidia Shield TV. Meanwhile, it will automatically install the Nvidia app.

STEP7:Now, we are in the process of booting. To finish this step, hold the Vol+ button to load Hetake and boot to TWRP. And then, select the Android configuration.

STEP8:Next important step is mount/system in TWRP. Then, go ahead with flash the GApps zip as well as all other zip files.

STEP9:TWRP prompts you to wipe up the cache files/Dalvik after installing the GApps.

STEP10:After that, reboot the Hetake. In the end, boot into the Android.

STEP11: Finally, you have successfully completed the initial steps. To get more updates on the Nvidia app, kindly check it out in the play store.

That’s it. Now you can run the android operating system on the Nintendo Switch console.

How will you return to Switch OS?

It is pretty simple to switch from the Android into Switch operating system. As you are using the Android OS from the SD card externally, your hardware console remains untouched. When you turn off the system, you will be back to the normal Nintendo OS. As you guess, you need to boot the system, whenever you want to run the Android operating system on the console.

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Final Words                                                                     

To wrap up the context, following the step by step procedures stated in this article will help to finish the installation process. So that you can enjoy playing the Android gaming applications on the Nintendo system. You may face some risky situations while installing the Android OS. Since it was not an official OS endorsed by Nintendo. That may corrupt your files and saves. So be careful to finish up the process. I hope, this article helps to resolve your queries regarding the installation of Android on the Nintendo Switch.

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