How to Install and Use Instagram on Roku? [Updated 2021]

Instagram is one of the best social media which trending all over the world with trillions of users. Actually, Instagram is available for devices like iOS, Android. But it has been a lack of Roku firestick, and much more. Most of the user wants to Use Instagram on Roku. But have no idea how to use it.

For you, we have made a short step by step guide to Get and use Instagram on Roku. Actually, it is so simple and you can get to know it by following the steps below.

About Instagram

No will there in the world without hearing out the name Instagram. It has become so craze for the users to post their photos and getting tremendous popularity and creativity in their works. It has been a good platform for creative workers to show their talents in many ways. Also, it helps the traders to sell their products on Instagram by quoting their prices.

Eventually, Instagram has launched Reels and people are looking forward to becoming popular by their acting and dancing. So, lots of user plans to watch Reels on Roku for a better experience. However, the Instagram application is not available on the Channel Store. User has to choose the different method to use Instagram on Roku.

How to Use Instagram on Roku?

Most of the users will have a doubt on this question. How to use Instagram on Roku?. But it is possible to do it by screen Mirroring method. That’s the only way to use and Watch Instagram.

Instagram on Roku
How to Install and Use Instagram on Roku?

However, you can screen mirror Instagram from Android, iOS, and even from Windows to RokuTV. Just follow the steps below to Screen Mirror Instagram for the device.

Note: Make sure that the Roku device and Screen Mirroring device are at the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring option on Roku?

Step1: Connect the Roku device to the HDMI port on your TV.

Connect HDMI Cable
Connect HDMI Cable

Step2: Turn on your Roku Device and your TV.

Press Power button | Install Instagram on Roku
Press Power button

Step3: On the Home Screen, you can find a Settings option.

Step4: Open Settings Option and select System.

Select System
Select System

Step5: In System, you can find the Screen Mirroring option.

Select Screen Mirroring mode | Install Instagram on Roku
Select Screen Mirroring mode

Step6: Tap on Screen Mirroring and click on the Prompt option.

Select prompt
Select prompt

That’s it. Now, let’s move on to the device to start Screen Mirroring Instagram to Roku.

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How to Screen Mirror Instagram from Android to Roku?

Step1: Open Settings on your Android Device.

Step2: Move on to the Wireless connection settings.

Step3: There you can find the Screen Cast option.

Step4: Tap on it to turn it ON.

Step5: It will look for the Available devices. Click on the Roku device name.

Automatically, it will begin to mirror your Android device screen to Roku. Now, you can start using Instagram.

How to Screen Mirror Instagram from iPhone to Roku?

Step1: Open iPhone.

Step2: Swipe from the Bottom and small settings will appear.

Step3: In that Click on Screen Mirroring.

Step4: It will look for the Available device.

Step5: Tap on the Roku device name.

Now, it begins to Screen Mirror the iPhone to Roku and starts using Instagram.

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Summing Up

Actually, it is hard to say that Instagram is not available on channels Store. Only you will able to screen mirror the Instagram to Roku. However, if you want to watch Reels on a big screen and it will help you screen mirror Instagram for Roku. However, it will not be like using a real application but it gives you a good quality of pictures on a big screen. Surely, you will love it.


Can you get Instagram on Roku?

Yes, you can Get to Use Instagram. Actually, Instagram is not available on Channel Store and you have to Screen mirror Instagram from Android or iOS devices.

Can You Get Instagram on my TV?

Yes, by using the Roku device you can get Instagram on your TV. Just follow the steps in this guide to get Instagram on your RokuTV.

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