How to Update Roku Device Manually in a Minute [With Screenshots]

Are you using a Roku Device??. Yes, then this is the right place to know all about the Roku. Here, you can get to know all the information about the Roku Device. In this Guide, we are gonna discuss “How to Update Roku Device manually in a Minute”.

Is it possible?. Yes, we can update the software of Roku easily. Roku keeps on updating its software version to provide user-friendly features and to resolve some bugs.

Mostly, Roku Software Update requires an active internet connection with a high-speed internet connection. However, you can check out the Roku Speed test with some applications. In the new Roku device, there are features of checking the Speed of the internet.

Ok!. Let’s Move on to the Steps to update Roku Device manually.

How to Update Roku Streaming Player Manually?

Follow the steps one by one and update Roku device to the latest software version.

Roku Device Manually in a Minute
How to Update Roku Device Manually in a Minute?

1. Press Home Button

Update Roku
Press Home Button

Take your Roku Remote and Press Home button at the Top. On the screen, you can find the Home Screen of Roku.

2. Select Settings

Select Settings
Select Settings

By using the arrow keys on your Roku remote, select the Settings option on the left sidebar.

3. Select System

Select System
Select System

In the settings option, you can find a list of option of available. In that, you have to look for the System option.

4. Select System Update

Select System update
Select System update

The system option has some of the sub-menu. Just scroll down to the System Update and select it using your Roku Remote.

5. Click on Check Now

Click on Check now
Click on Check now

Now, appears the Roku Software Update section. You can find an option as Check now. Click on it and it will begin to look for the latest version of the Roku Software.

Once it found the latest Version, click on update. It will begin the Roku Software Update by downloading and installing the files.

Mostly, Roku will automatically Update software whenever available. It will reboot the device after updating the Roku Software.

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Bottom Line

Roku is a perfect device for the streaming channels with lost of channels in it. It keeps on adding new channels frequently and makes the user engaging with new content. Roku Software Update is done to resolve the bugs and to make the device more user-friendly.

So by using this guide, you can get to know How to Update Roku Device Manually. Just follow the steps to update software and also provided Screenshots to clear your doubts. For, more tips & tricks of Roku device do visit Roku Matters.


How to manually update my Roku Device?

Actually, It is so simple to Update Roku manually, For that, you have followed some steps on your Roku Device. Roku matters have explained it clearly with the screenshots above. Just Take a look at it to update the Roku device.

Should I upgrade my Roku Device?

Yes, You should Upgrade your Roku device to resolve your Bugs on your device. Also, it provides lots of features added to the device.

How long does it take for a Roku to update?

The Roku update takes less than Three Minutes to completes the full update. Make sure that you have high speed internet connection. Because, Roku will download files for the updating the software.

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