How to Switch Back to classic design on Facebook in 2022

Switch Back to classic design on Facebook: The usage of communicating applications increasing day by day. Among the applications, Facebook plays a major role on the internet. It’s the most popular and well-known source to connect people all the time. To enhance the quality of the Facebook app, you have to keep the designs and modifications. If you are the person who used the latest design of Facebook and want to change in the classic version, read the entire article. So, let’s get it into the topic.

Is it possible to change the New version to a Classic design on Facebook?

The answer is Yes. Because of the usage of social media and especially, Facebook is the most trending application. It has numerous features and specifications. So, you can easily change the old design from the new design. The following methods are explaining the steps to change Facebook into the old design.

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How to switch back to classic facebook from new Facebook?

Switch Back to Classic Facebook
Switch Back to Classic Facebook

If you get bored with using a new classic design and want to switch back to a classic design, you have to follow the upcoming steps.

Step1: First of all, on your Facebook app, you have to select the mini white down triangle option from the top right.

Step2: Now, you have to select the “Switch to Classic Facebook” option to choose the old design of Facebook.

Step3: Then, you need to provide some feedback for that. After typing your feedback, select the “Submit” option. Otherwise, you can skip this feedback section.

Step4: Finally, your Facebook app will change into your classic design. The design will appear on your window.

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Final Verdict

This is a short and simple article. But, it provides the wonderful option to change your Facebook application into your favorite design. Many of them are not interested in keeping the new version of Facebook nowadays. Because satisfaction comes only, we keep a classic and traditional design is everywhere. I Hope, the article provides the best message and method to change your Facebook design from new to classic.

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